BlendPH Partnership Agreement With Kukuruku Chicken is Cackling Hot

May 10, 2021

Starting a business that has huge potential to generate consistent revenue is something to crow about. Recently, trusted peer-to-peer funding platform sealed a partnership deal with KUKURUKU International Franchising Corp., the company behind the first cackling hot lechon fried chicken franchise business in the Philippines.

KUKURUKU Chicken is not your typical fried chicken with rice retail business. Inspired by the Pinoy `ulam’ recipe, it is an innovative twist to the combination of lechon, or roasted pig suckling, and fried chicken that many Filipinos are so fond of eating.

Before it became a blockbuster hit overseas that is poised to make its presence felt even more in the Philippine franchise scene, chicken lechon was offered as main product at the initial KUKURUKU Chicken pop-up store in New Zealand. Enterprising Pinoy. Danny Pumarega, a certified professional food manager, knew early on he had the right “formula” for success.

Danny Pumarega and his associates took things taking things a notch higher and blended the flavor of a popular Pinoy delicacy with another fast-selling food item, which is chicken. Other items on the menu are  Lechon Fried Chicken, Krunchy Chicken Fillet, spaghetti, and fries.Danny brings over 30 decades of experience in the restaurant and bakery business.

Chicken marinated in the richest lechon flavor, covered with crispy batter, and fried to perfection proved to be very irresistible for the initial set of consumers who enjoyed the tasty lechon fried chicken product. Before long, expansion plans were underway.

To date, additional branches of KUKURUKU Chicken are set to open soon in the metropolis, followed by similar small-format quick service restaurant units in at least three US states. Plans are also afoot for the chicken lechon business venture to penetrate Dubai, UAE towards the later part of the year.

The goal, Mr. Pumarega said, is to open small but multiple units to enable franchisees a faster return on their investment. KUKURUKU International Franchising Corp. aspires to be the most preferred and trusted QSR kiosk chain providing the best Pinoy fried chicken in the Philippines.

Pinoys’ All-Time Favorite

In the Philippines, the lechon manok franchise concept is nothing new; it has been around for years, answering the cravings of lots of locals for Filipino lechon. An all-time favorite, especially during special occasions or fiestas, letchon comes in different types, like lechon Cebu. Even the late American chef,Anthony Bourdain who once visited Cebu raved about Cebu lechon as “the best pig ever.”

Lechon is  cooked in a variety of mouth-watering ways. It can be served plain, cooked in onions and garlic then simmered in lechon sauce (“paksiw”), added to veggie dishes stuffed in soft tacos, or served in other creative ways. Even leftover lechon recipe concoctions wend their way to most Filipino dining tables.

Hardworking Filipino startup entrepreneurs looking for a good product concept and raring to build their own business that can generate income for the long-term can emulate the foresight and dynamism displayed by Danny Pumarega and his team. After all, a chicken lechon franchise venture falls in the category of items that are bound to keep sell even during trying economic times.

Resilient Business Model

Most food franchisors show optimism for a quick recovery, and are determined to come out even stronger. As industry practitioners say, the franchise business model has resilience written all over it, and there are upsides to  being in business for yourself, while sharing best practices with like-minded individuals.

Noting this, an increasing number of enterprising individuals have seen just how promising a food franchise business is, and went ahead to actualize their plans, even during the pandemic. For instance, the 11th KUKURUKU Lechon Fried Chicken and the first in Quezon City recently marked its opening in Panay Avenue. Our franchisee flew all the way from Sweden to lend support. 

Small business funders or investors, for their part who are seeking to diversify their portfolio to earn a “good” return, aware of the risk that is part and parcel of any investment, can find that innovative food franchise concepts do make good business sense.

Indeed, even the tagline “Sarap ng lechon, nasa fried chicken na ngayon” sounds so enticing. It is a new way of providing value and one that caters to the tastes of Filipino consumers.

KUKURUKU Chicken franchisees are ensured of getting support as they get their business off the ground. Right now, there is the Take Out and Delivery Orders (TODO) Store which is quite feasible, relevant, and keeps up with the challenging times.

The concept is sure to be a hit with stay-at-home or work-at-home individuals who love to order and eat good food instead of cooking. It hits the spot for those who take delight in  fun surprises, like eats that can be enjoyed with loved ones in the comfort of home during Covid times.

Take inspiration for your next business. Choose the better alternative to a financial investment that is moving up, only to swerve or head downhill. Go for one that is more than a fleeting trend. Too many small business ideas are far from stable, and end up falling by the wayside before hitting a successful first, second-, or third-year anniversary.

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