Hungry Box is only one among the many business units of Excellent Food Solutions Corporation that provides ready to eat food to Filipino families nationwide who seeks for what are meals on the go. To further strengthen its brand presence of meals in a box and to go boxes, Hungry Box partnered up with Blend PH and offers franchise loans to rising business associates.

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Excellent Food Solutions Corporation

Excellent Food Solutions Corporation provides over 200 affordable and delicious ready-to-eat food products served nationwide, including ready to eat meals in a box and to go boxes containing frozen meats, sauces, juices, premium cakes, and low, medium, to high-end pastries.

Established to provide food satisfaction and delightful ready to eat meals in a box experience to everyone, the core values instilled in the Excellent Food Solutions Corporation consist of acronyms of its name: Excellence, Flexibility, Sustainability, Commitment, Optimism, Resourcefulness, and Perseverance.

The corporation also focuses on the implementation of food safety, food quality, nutritional knowledge, proper sanitation in both factory and headquarters and on the prioritization of product stability and accessibility to ensure purchase of only good quality food for ready to eat meals in a box and to go boxes.

The company has also been known as a big producer of only highly-diversified food products after being trusted by a lot of major entrepreneurs in the scene. The menu of ready to eat meals in a box, tailored especially for Filipinos who are known to have a high standards of taste when it comes to food, has been loved by a big percentage.

With excellence and food solutions combined, Excellent Food Solutions Corporation continue to grow with its ready to eat meals in a box and to go boxes.

Excellent Food Solutions Corporation is driven by two managing directors who are involved in the business development, procurement, project management, production, and administration of the entire company.

The two accumulated more than 20 years of work experience from known and prominent commissaries to offer a wide variety of delicious and affordable to go boxes that are prepared to satisfy customers of all ages.

Together, they have also put together the people working for Excellent Food Solutions Corporation that are very much crucial in the delivery of ready to eat meals in box products and services to the clients.

A comprehensive training program is put in place to upgrade their staff members’ technical and management skills and further ensure that all are equipped with the right knowledge and attitude.

With the aim to stay and persevere in the ever-changing competitive marketplace and various client requirements, the right training, along with accredited certification, and practical knowledge will assure that the staff executes their duties and responsibilities confidently.

The main office of Excellent Food Solutions Corporation is situated at No. 56 Ligtasan Street, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City, 1870.

However, it must be noted that Excellent Food Solutions Corporation has 4 business units namely: the Hungry Box, White Label, Swify Chefy and distributorship.

For more inquiries, an email can be sent to <[email protected]>.

Hungry Box: Ready-to-eat Meals for Filipinos

Hungry Box focuses on takeaway products of a wide variety of food servings that are affordable and accessible to many.

What are meals on the go? The list of over 60 products includes rice meals, pizza, pasta, fries, pie, frozen desserts, and beverages that can be ordered all in 1.

What are meals on the go? It was envisioned for customers who are always hungry and willing to have to go boxes for delectable ready to eat meals in a box.

Hungry Box and BlendPH

Hungry Box opened a franchise package for only 599K with inclusions such as initial products worth 20,000 PHP, more than 50 ready-to-eat food products, fast return of investment, no royalty fee, a unique, attractive, and high-end food kiosk, and appropriate accounting and marketing support.

What are meals on the go? The product line offered by Hungry Box includes sweet ready to eat food such as cashew, classic, pinipig, and cookies and cream Polvoron; blueberry, bravito and mango bravito, classic sansrival, strawberry cakes; mango, apple, pineapple, s’mores, and blueberry cheesecake flavored sweet pies; nutty and crispy almond de gato or creamy and buttery lengua de gato, fudgy and chewy dark chocolate, red velvet, or choco butternut crinkles, and chocolate or classic sansrival.

What are meals on the go? Ulam versions of ready-to-eat food are beef, chicken, tuna, and pork savory pies; classic, hamonado spicy or vigan and lucban longganisa; pata tim and crispy pata; paa-series such as paa-res, paa-sado, and paa-ksiw; and ready to heat ulams such as beef pares, bicol express, creamy mushroom, garlic chicken, kare-kare, laing, pork, kandingga, and beef with oyster sauce.

What are meals on the go? Pasta versions of ready to eat food are baked mac, carbonara, lasagna, and mac n cheese. At the same time, pasta sauce inclusions may be Filipino style, Italian style, Mac n Cheese, Baked Mac, or Carbonara.

Franchise Loans at BlendPH

Hungry Box partnered up with BlendPH which offers such franchise loans to those who are in need of funding for any brands partnered with them. Their way of franchise loan is through peer-to-peer funding which is an alternative and convenient way for loan applications to be made especially with it being done entirely online for the people who want to venture into the field of the startup business.

BlendPH loans amount from PHP 50,000 up to PHP 2 million, just enough to acquire a Hungry Box franchise. The terms offered even vary from 12 to 36 months, while the interest rate is a fixed 2% which is processed in 1 to 3 days.

A franchise loan is utilized by those interested in starting a franchise of an existing brand. It is usually offered in banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFI). An example of NBFI is franchisor financing, where the franchisor provides the funding and terms for the franchisee.

That makes it so that the franchisor and franchisee can have direct contact and communicate regarding the ongoing franchise.

As long as you have the complete set of information and documents, franchise loans and business loans will be easy to apply for. With all of the requirements at hand, the loan application is guaranteed to be processed and therefore guaranteed to get results.

But before submitting your complete requirements, make sure you have an average or a good credit score. Since most lenders will always check your credit score. This will be a defining factor for the loan application eligibility.

The first step in applying for a franchise loan is to use the loan calculator to check if you qualify for a loan. The next step is to create an account. Pick the brand you will be franchising then fill up and complete all the necessary requirements for your loan to be tagged as complete.

The system will automatically reject any incomplete applications for up to two weeks. Their teams will process the application by validating and verifying all the submitted information and requirements. Once the loan application is confirmed, it will be endorsed to a partner lender. Verified loan applications are sent to partner lenders for funding.

The borrower will be notified when a lender decides to fund the loan and if funds are ready to be reimbursed.

BlendPH peer-to-peer online funding platform is committed to offering both reliable and convenient loans that will not require a rigorous process and requirements. It has very flexible terms and low-interest rates which is definitely an advantage for anyone.