Frequently asked questions

What is Blend.PH?

Blend PH is a peer-to-peer online funding platform managed by Inclusive Financial Technologies, Inc. We cater to the financial needs of every Filipino all over the country. Through fast, easy, and hassle-free online loans and financial services, we live with our promise of making every Filipinos’ dreams possible through lending.
Blend PH offers the best online loans that will surely fit every borrowers’ standards. Our easy cash loans are comprised of Fast Loan, Salary Loan, Personal Loan, Seafarer Loan, and Franchise Loans. These loans are available for online application and their length of repayment and interests varies from 1-36 months with 1-8% interest per month depending on the loan product that you are going to avail. We made also made our terms flexible to cater to a broader scope of borrowers and lenders. We believe that our customers should always feel at ease about their mode of repayment to establish our hassle-free and convenient cash loans.

Since we are an online funding platform, we cater to two different audiences, the borrower and the lenders. Lenders can invest their money through the online lending option of the platform while, the borrowers can ask for quick and easy cash loans to these online lenders. Blend PH bridges the gap between the borrowers and the lenders anywhere in the Philippines by serving as a channel that processes and matches these two audiences based on each of the other’s requirements.

We, at Blend PH, follow the provisions of the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines that’s why rest assured all of our stakeholders’ information is safe with us. We are also an SEC-registered business entity that’s why you are secured with us.

How to apply?

Step 1. Apply for a loan
Compare and apply for the best loan product.
Step 2. Complete the loan application
Complete your loan application by providing the necessary information and documents.
Step 3. Credit evaluation and endorsement
Blend.ph evaluates and endorses the loan application to the chosen partner investor.
Step 4. Loan Approval
Get a call from our partner investor on your successful loan application.

What are online loans?

You can get your online loans in our peer-to-peer funding platform. Blend PH offers a variety of online loan products that you can avail of. Just follow these quick and easy steps for you to avail your desired online loan.
1. Check your eligibility by logging in to app.blend.ph
2. Register as a borrower and accomplish all the needed information for evaluation
3. Complete the loan application by uploading all the necessary documents and answering all the credit questions
4. Upon submission, underwriting team will evaluate your application and requirements for endorsement to our partner lenders for funding
5. Upon approval, your cash will be disbursed immediately. The processing time for evaluation can vary from 24-48 hours depending on the completeness of your submitted requirements and your accomplished questions from our website.

For lenders, you can also apply online on our website. These few simple steps will also help you accomplish your online application.

1. Go to app.blend.ph/register.
2. Register as an investor.
3. Accomplish all the necessary information from documents to questions.
4. Once verified, you will receive an email that will provide instructions on how you can start your Blend wallet.
5. Upon crediting your monetary load to your Blend wallet, you can now start funding online loan applications that suit your specifications.

What is the best loan app in the Philippines?

An online loan application is considered as one of the best loan solutions in the Philippines. In a country where it is hard to get credentials, despite being eligible for professional loan services, you will be denied in heartbeat by not meeting strict and numerous requirements.
However, online loans are more considerate and hassle-free when it comes to asking for requirements. Online loan providers promise more convenient processing and lesser requirements. Why more convenient? You won’t have to endure the hustle and bustle of going to a bank, and waiting in long queues while being stressed in finding that numerous paperwork that proves your eligibility.

As an online loan provider, we at Blend PH, also lives to our promise of making your online loan application safe and easy. As a trusted peer-to-peer online funding platform, Blend PH has helped a lot of Filipinos through its financial services. We aim to become the best online loan provider in the Philippines while being a part of reaching every Filipinos’ dream.

Fraud and Scam Prevention Tips

How do I know if it’s really from BlendPH?

Here are the things to consider and to do if someone claims to be an employee of BlendPH:

– BlendPH NEVER solicit fees from borrowers or lenders for their application.
– Confirm the identity of the person who claims to be an employee of BlendPH before coordinating.
– ALWAYS refer to the contact details below to have a secure transaction with BlendPH.
Please see the official contact details below:
Mobile: 09516853643
Borrower: [email protected] | Investor: [email protected]
www.blend.ph | @blenddotph

When a scammer reaches you through social media, email, postal mail, phone call, robocall, or SMS message, report it.

How to avoid scammers?

Spot the red flags. Scammers may use a corporate brand or organization’s name and pretend to represent one. If they dangle gifts, offer reduced fees, or pressure you to make an upfront investment, refuse.
Do not take the bait. Some scammers use bait, like fake tickets, to get your money. Or prey on unsuspecting victims’ emotions, then ask for fund transfer. Others state many people have accepted their offer. Avoid giving personal information/bank details.
Do not be duped by the sense of urgency they create. Scammers may use tactics, like timing their move during or after a tragedy or disaster. If the offer is too good to be true, trust your instinct and steer clear!
Verify identities. Always recheck a person’s name or company being dealt with. Is the information being provided verifiable? Confirm claims by directly calling the company mentioned.

How do I keep my account safe?

  • NEVER comment your personal information ( maiden name, date of birth) on social media posts
    -including email, Blend.PH account details (Lender id, borrower id, email, password)
    (checkmark)Make sure the site is secure. BlendPH address should start with “https” and have a lock icon next to it.
  • Beware of phishing scams. Be suspicious of emails and text messages
    – refer to the contact details below for the official contact details of BlendPH

Mobile: 09516853643
Borrower: [email protected] | Investor: [email protected]
(or other emails with @blend.ph domain)
www.blend.ph | @blenddotph