Blend.ph provides credit lines for employees of our partner companies. These credit lines can be activated anytime for efficient loan application.



Equivalent to 1 Month Salary


3% / month

1 – 6 months
24 – 48 hours



Regular employee of any partner company

Approval from their respective Human Resources Officer


How to apply for salary loan?

Create an Account

Create an account by signing up here. You will proceed with the loan application once an account has been created.

We Process

Our team will process your application by validating and verifying all your submitted information and requirements. The process usually takes 24-48 hours if all needed requirements are submitted.

Funding & Disbursement

Once your loan has been approved, it will be forwarded to our lenders for funding.

You will be notified when a Lender decides to fund your loan.


Questions? We have answers

What is a salary loan?

Salary loan or payday loan as others may call it is a type of loan where the amount of borrowed money is based on the gross amount of salary the applicant receives in his or her job on each cut-off. Unlike a personal loan, a salary loan offers smaller amounts of borrowed money.

At Blend PH, we also offer Salary Loans. Our Salary Loan is accessible anywhere in the Philippines. So, whether you are from Metro Manila or from other parts of the country, you can still accomplish your application online. Our loan application process is easy and hassle-free. Once you submitted all the necessary requirements, your application will be processed between 1-2 days only! Plus, our Salary Loan offers a low-interest rate. Grab this opportunity and apply now!

Who can apply for salary loan?

According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on their recent post that anyone in the Philippines can apply for a salary loan as long as they are employed and receiving a fixed and stable income. The loan applicant should also be a regular payee of their pension.

However, at Blend PH, our Salary Loan is exclusive for our partner companies only. The fast, easy, and hassle-free online application process together with our low-interest rate can only be availed by employee and applicant whose company are tied up with Blend PH.

How salary loan works?

Regular salary loans are often offered by banks, government entities (PAG-IBIG, SSS), and other Non-Bank Financing Companies (NFBC) here in the Philippines. This loan product is based on the monthly income or salary of the applicants and is usually offered with interest. Once approved, the salary loan has different terms of payment, it may be deducted from your monthly paychecks, personal bank accounts, credit cards, or other means and methods depending on what the applicant and the lender have agreed upon. Repayment varies from each and every lender, some require 12-36 months of the payment period, and others offer a more flexible timeframe for their borrowers.

Why apply for a salary loan with Blend.ph?

Blend PH salary loans for their partner companies offer a smaller amount of loans ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 pesos. With a smaller amount, approval is guaranteed fast and easy and repayments are definitely easier to manage. It is also packaged in the short term with low-interest rates ranging from 1-3%. So, if you are finding easy and hassle-free funding, apply now for Blend PH Salary Loan.

The application process is way more convenient than the manual application from other financial entities. Since Blend PH offers financing and lending through online schemes, every process is done and accessed through your mobile device or computers as long as you are connected to the internet. Our salary loan product is definitely accessible anywhere in the Philippines. How? Just log on to www.blend.ph and check your loan eligibility. Once done, you can fulfill all the information and documents asked. If you are able to provide every information and documents needed, we can guarantee fast and easy processing between 1-2 days. If approved, your borrowed money will be disbursed immediately. So, grab this opportunity and apply now!