Seaman or seafarer loans are loan products specifically intended for sea-based OFWs. We help seafarers secure additional funds for expenses before departure or for family needs. Apply now through our online funding platform.

₱ 50,000 – ₱ 500,000


2/3 of Contract Period
24 – 48 hours



Seaman’s book: not expired


Government-issued ID (support to passport)

Allottee form contract

Contract w/ POEA stamp

Selfie with ID

Overseas employment certificate (In lieu of notice of dispatch)

Getting a Seafarer Loan is Easy

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We Process

Our team will process your application by validating and verifying all your submitted information and requirements. Once verified, your loan application will be endorsed to our partner lenders.

Funding & Disbursement

Loan application will be forwarded to our partner lenders for funding. You will be notified when a Lender decides to fund your loan and if funds are ready for disbursement.

Questions? We have answers

What is a seafarer loan?

Seaman or seafarer loans are loan products specifically intended for sea-based OFWs or ‘seaman’. At Blend PH, we help seafarers secure additional funds for expenses, and other family needs before their departure. Apply now through our online funding platform.

Blend PH offers hassle-free loans for on-boarding seafarers. We offer Seafarer Loans with low-interest rate through the convenient loan application. You can easily apply and be approved anywhere in the Philippines through our online process. With our flexible terms and loan allowance (50,000 to 500,000 pesos), this is definitely the best online loan for you. Secure your future while you are away, fund your dream home, dream car, dream business, or your children’s education. Any reason is a good reason for you to grab this opportunity. Apply now!
Here are some of the things you can do with Blend PH’s online Seafarer Loan:

• Home or housing loan
• Car loan
• Personal loan
• Allottee loan

What are the advantages of a seaman's loan?

Being away from your family to secure the family’s finances is beyond reasonable since, it is a noble deed. OFWs like you have to sacrifice so much time being with them just for the sake of a better future. If you want to have a full-proof plan to secure your family’s future, this is the best seaman loan for you. You can call it seafarer’s personal loan since you have the option to fund anything with your borrowed money. In Blend PH, we call it simply as Seafarer Loan.

Blend PH’s offers fast online seafarer loan that caters not only seafarers from Manila but, anywhere in the Philippines. Through our online loan product, we provide secured seafarer loans, and it gets better because it does not have that many requirements and a complicated process. Skip the long lines! Apply now for our Seafarer Loan and we guarantee you 1-2 days processing of online loans with low interest rate (2.5%). Log on to and as an OFW, secure your future even when you are away.
Here are some of the advantages of Blend PH’s Seafarer Loan:

• Hassle-free online loan application for on-boarding seafarers
• No lines
• No collateral
• Low interest rate
• Flexible terms
• Accessible online anywhere in the Philippines