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A better way to invest.

Investing is, and always will be, one of the most successful ways to build your fortune and reach your financial goal. But this means you will experience some risks together with the higher rewards. Some may even experience loss in their capital investments. But what if we remove those risks and retain the rewards?

With this in mind, developed a new Investor Arrangement called Auto-investment.’s Auto Investment allows our investors to reach their financial goals and financial wellness while eliminating all the risks our investors may experience. Auto-investing with will give you a secure and risk-free 9% interest of your capital investment per year.

Questions? We have answers

How does Auto-invest differ from your previous investor Arrangement?

Auto Investment arrangement is a risk-free investment. You can earn a 9% annual interest of the principal amount on every successful investment while in the previous arrangement you can earn 6-30% interest rate of the loan amount but the lender will shoulder the risk.


Can I withdraw my investment before my maturity date?

After an investment is made, the investor cannot withdraw the whole investment until the end of its corresponding investment period unless it is a withdrawal of Pending Investment which is possible if the auto-investment is not yet active after 30 days from the date of placement.

What are the various maturity date I can select?

The maturity date you can select are 12, 24 and 36 months

What is the minimum amount I can Auto-Invest?

The minimum investment is PHP10,000 up to 5% of your yearly income if your income is less than 2million pesos. If your income is more than 2million pesos then the minimum investment is PHP10,000 to 10% of your yearly income

I want to understand this more, how can I reach you?

You may send an email to [email protected]