Know Your Client Policy


Borrower Verification takes pride in its strict KYC (know your client) guidelines to verify the identity, suitability, and risk of engaging transactions with a borrower. This is done to control the risk of fraud and risk of default our investors might experience.

Borrower Applies for a Loan

Borrowers will apply for a loan that will suit their financial needs.


Platform Assesses the Borrower Eligibilty

Upon registration, the system will determine the eligibility of the borrower using’s Minimum Risk Acceptance Criteria. 


Verify Borrower

Verification is done by our verifies by cross-checking their information that the borrower submitted by validating documents, calling the borrower’s references, and contacting their company for proof of employment


Risk Analysis

After credit report generation, the risk analyst will now determine if the borrower is suitable for the loan. If not, they will try to cross-sell other loan products or reject the loan application.


Approve Loan for Auction

After all the necessary assessments are done, the risk analyst will pass the approved loan application to the public auction that can be viewed by different public lenders.