Esting’s Bellychon signs MOA with BlendPH for more affordable franchise loans

Apr 22, 2022

Esting’s Bellychon signed a memorandum of agreement or MOA with BlendPH to offer more affordable franchise loans. It means more opportunity for those who want to venture into the franchise business and more exposure to Esting’s Bellychon. The best lechon in Manila can be the best lechon belly in the Philippines should more individuals get franchise loans for the said business. And with Esting’s Bellychon signing MOA with BlendPH to offer more affordable franchise loans, they can realize this in no more than the near future.

More Esting’s Bellychon To Go

Lechon came from the Spanish word meaning a roasted suckling pig. In the Philippines, lechon and lechon belly is one of the famous dishes and one that tops every feast. To some extent, a Filipino occasion won’t be complete without one. One cannot miss the savory aroma and taste of a perfectly crispy skin of lechon belly, not to mention its flavorful, tender meat.

Moreover, it is safe to say that lechon belly is considered one of every Filipino fiesta or party star because it brightens every event. It’s what every guest is looking forward to eating and devouring. Although many offer lechon belly in the market, they cannot compete with SM Esting’s Bellychon, the best lechon in Manila.

Esting’s Bellychon, the best boneless lechon in Manila

Overflowing with an aromatic and savory flavor from the freshly cut tender meat and finished with crispy golden skin, the hip new food trend and the best lechon in Manila, Esting’s Bellychon, opens its latest franchise in Maginhawa, Quezon City.

Esting’s Bellychon offers boneless lechon that is soon becoming the next big thing in the market, hitting the right places of every Filipino’s unique palettes. With Esting’s Bellychon’s well-crafted menu and perfectly roasted belly lechon, nothing can stop every individual from tasting this great dish known to be the best lechon in Manila.

Esting’s Bellychon’s boneless lechon is fit for people who enjoy more flavorful dishes and are more adventurous when combining different tastes. The boneless lechon has a subtle hint of sweetness with each bite, yet also has that savoriness that soon follows is pure perfection.

Aside from its boneless lechon, Esting’s Bellychon’s customers also enjoy these all-time favorites from its menu. Esting’s Bellychon Cebu Chon 500g, Bringhe Chon – Small, Chili Chon 750g, Chopsuey Chon, Chili Chon Silog, Sinigang, Tokwa’t Chon, and Sisig Chon. For those who want to try Esting’s Bellychon’s boneless lechon and its other dishes, their latest franchise location is in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Specifically, the restaurant is at LoVila Food Enterprises, Co. at 94 Maginhawa, cor Magiting, Teachers Village. The best lechon in Manila is open from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. However, service hours may vary during holidays.

The best lechon in Manila can soon be the best lechon in the country

With Esting’s Bellychon’s partnership with BlendPH to offer affordable franchise loans, they can help more people. Those individuals who want to further the business and venture into franchising. And with franchising, the best lechon in Manila also increases its prospective customers. A family-oriented Filipino restaurant since 2014, and the first to offer lechon belly in Pampanga, it is also now known to be the best lechon in Manila. With its famous lechon belly that is sure to satisfy everyone’s palette, not to mention the boneless lechon they offer, a guaranteed success is along the business’s way.

BlendPH’s franchise loans are affordable, but they are also accessible. Once applications are processed, BlendPH will forward them to its partner lenders for funding. Borrowers will get a notification indicating when a lender decides to fund their loans and if funds are ready for disbursement. Such funds are disbursed directly to the chosen BlendPH franchise partner. In this case, that would be Esting’s Bellychon. Interested applicants can start their online franchise loans applications without leaving their houses.

With available, affordable franchise loans, the famous lechon belly of Esting’s Bellychon has the potential to be enjoyed by more potential customers. Those who share the same cravings when it comes to food feasts. Not to mention that people from Pampanga and Manila will not be the only ones to savor the aromatic lechon belly during their feasts and occasions. More franchise of Esting’s Bellychon means more people that can enjoy their famous lechon belly and more people who can earn more money through it.

With many businesses starting, many are also venturing into franchising to be financially stable. And more than ever, individuals need support from lenders like BlendPH and business franchises like Esting’s Bellychon to realize such goals. After all, one cannot start by simply dreaming. They also need action, support, and determination to continue their plans. Good thing that partnerships and franchise loans exist for this very reason. And with what used to be a business that started small in Pampanga, Esting’s Bellychon also serves as an inspiration and hope to those who want to start their own business.

BlendPH’s Franchise Loans

BlendPH’s franchise loans are designed for people who need funding to franchise any brands partnered with BlendPH. Franchise loans allow the borrower to pay for franchise license fees, allowing the borrower to give products and services under the franchisor’s name and business. Franchise loans like what Esting’s Bellychon signed with BlendPH is an easier way to franchise the best lechon in Manila business. The franchisor and the franchisee could discuss how much and how often they need to settle the repayments. What BlendPH offers is peer-to-peer franchise loans funding. It is an alternative and easier way of applying for franchise loans online for those who want to try the field of a startup business.

Esting’s Bellychon, the best lechon in Manila, aims to offer those interested the opportunity to carry on their business and their product through their partnership with BlendPH, with the company’s franchise loans. True to what they signed up for, BlendPH’s franchise loans are easy to apply as long as interested individuals have their complete set of documents and other necessary information. Their applications are guaranteed to be processed and yield results with complete records. Compared to other finance business entities that offer business or franchise loans that have a more tedious and longer processing time, BlendPH’s application process is easier and more accessible because it is accomplished online. Once the borrower submits all needed documents and information, the application process is guaranteed between 1 to 2 days.

BlendPH’s online franchise loans offer loanable amounts ranging from 50,000 pesos to 2,000,000 pesos with an interest rate of 2 to 3 percent. With a low-interest rate, interested individuals can avail their dream franchise like Esting’s Bellychon and establish a business that can improve and grow their wealth. When it comes to repayments, they can be settled from 12 to 36 months, a perfect deal for business-minded individuals who want to increase their income through a franchise business. Once applications for franchise loans are approved, lenders will disburse the borrowed money directly to the chosen BlendPH franchise partner.