Four Sisters Frozen Goods partners with BlendPH, an online loan agency, to offer franchisees and resellers franchise loans in the Philippines.

  • Everything to Know About Reselling
  • Why Start your own reselling business
  • Franchise Loans
  • How to apply for a franchise loan?

With transactions becoming more accessible online, loans have joined the discussion. Due to this, the Four Sisters’ Frozen Goods partnered with BlendPH to allow their franchisees and resellers to have the best loan offers that the industry could have.

Four Sisters’ Frozen goods offer a select choice of delectable snacks that Filipinos have been craving. They started their brand by giving opportunities to young mothers or individuals who want to start their businesses in the comfort of their own homes. From the most humble beginnings of the Four Sisters’ brand, they have come a long way and want to share their products and see their franchisees prosper.

Everything to Know About Reselling

Reselling is an individual or business that buys products, increases the price accordingly, and sells them for a profit. Resellers are the middlemen between manufacturers and customers.

In his article, Will Mitchell enumerated the four different types of resellers; the first is the distributor, who buys the products from the manufacturer and resells them to either a wholesaler or retailer. The second is the wholesaler, who then purchases the products from the distributor to resell them to a retail store. The third is the retailer, who buys the product from the wholesaler to resell to the customer.

Lastly, arbitrage, more commonly known as flipping, is where the customer finds good deals and sells the items for a small markup on any online marketplace. As the products transfer through the different resellers, the original product could accumulate more value through packaging or creating bundles and promos.

In online reselling, you can make money in four ways; retail arbitrage, private label, dropshipping, and wholesaling. Retail arbitrage is where you buy products in the clearance sale through retail stores and sell them online for a profit. In private label, you purchase lower quantities of products directly from the manufacturer, add your brand and packaging and sell them on places like Shopee and Lazada.

Dropshipping is entirely online, purchasing directly from manufacturers and selling them immediately without keeping them in inventory. While in wholesaling, the idea is to buy products in bulk and sell them through any online buy and sell platform.

Why Start Your Own Reselling Business at All?

Creating a resale business involves minimal risk because you will be selling products that already have a high demand. It is a popular method to make quick money and possibly kickstart your own business. It’s an easy way to a successful business venture if used as a stepping stone.

If you plan on starting your own reselling business, here are some things to consider. Do your research. Especially if you are selling a product of a known brand, never claim the product as your creation and claim to know the manufacturer of the brand.

Franchise Loans

A franchise loan is typically a loan that is utilized by those interested in starting a franchise of an existing brand.

Franchise loans are usually offered in banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFI). An example of NBFI is franchisor financing, it’s where the franchisor provides the funding and terms for the franchisee. This makes it so that the franchisor and franchisee are able to have direct contact and communicate regarding the ongoing franchise.

BlendPH offers franchise loans to those who need funding for any brands partnered with them. Their way of franchise loan is through peer-to-peer funding which is an alternative and convenient way for loan applications to be done especially with it being done entirely online for the people who want to venture into the field of the startup business.

Their loans amount from PHP 50,000 up to PHP 2 million. The terms they offer vary from 12 to 36 months. The interest rate is a fixed 2% which is processed in 1 to 3 days.

As long as you have the complete set of information and documents, franchise loans and business loans will be easy to apply for. With all of the requirements at hand, the loan application is guaranteed to be processed and therefore guaranteed to get results.

But before submitting your complete requirements, make sure you have an average or a good credit score. Since most lenders will always check your credit score. This will be a defining factor for the loan application eligibility.

How to apply for a Franchise Loan through BlendPH?

The first step is to use the loan calculator to check if you qualify for a loan. The next step is to create an account. Pick the brand you will be franchising then and fill up and complete all the necessary requirements for your loan to be tagged as complete.

Any incomplete applications going on for up to two weeks will automatically be rejected by the system. Their teams will then process the application by validating and verifying all the submitted information and requirements. Once the loan application is confirmed, it will be endorsed to their partner lender.

Verified loan applications are sent to partner lenders for funding. The borrower will be notified when a lender decides to fund the loan and if funds are ready to be reimbursed.

The peer-to-peer online funding platform provided by Blend PH is committed to offering both a reliable and convenient loans that will not require a rigorous process and requirements. It has very flexible terms and low-interest rates that is definitely an advantage for anyone.

About Four Sisters

Four Sisters derived their concept from the Star Cinema movie entitled “Four Sisters and a Wedding” for its business name.

The Bautista siblings are composed of four sisters and one brother which is the youngest. Their names are Justine, the eldest sister, Alexis, the second eldest sister, Eloisa, the middle child, Marianne, the youngest sister, and Santiago, the only brother and the youngest among the siblings.

The business venture all started with the middle child Eloisa, who always loved selling clothes, shoes, and bags. She decided on switching her business and starting their own Siomai shop. Eloisa together with her two older sisters decided to franchise their first Siomai Business.

As time went by she decided to develop other products and services for the good of the business. Eloisa decided to create her brand with the core idea of offering business to young mothers or even any individual who wants to start their businesses from the comfort of their homes.

Thus, came along Four Sisters’ Frozen Goods. Four Sisters is currently offering the following products: chicken siomai, pork siomai, beef siomai, Japanese siomai, monggo buns, chicken asado siopao, bola-bola, and pork asado siomai. Aside from those products, Four Sisters is also about to launch more new products such as butcheron, chicharon bulaklak, corndogs, etc.

Interested individuals may also start their own frozen business for 50,000 php starting capital with the help of the partnership they made with BlendPH.

According to Ms. Eloisa, one of the owners, “Our partnership is about offering merchant selling/cloud kitchen, and franchise kasi even if asa house ka lang you can still earn”.