The leading and affordable gas LPG in the Philippines, M-GAS, partners with BlendPH to offer more franchise loans to Filipinos.

  • M-GAS, the major LPG player in the market for years
  • M-GAS offers franchising for entrepreneurs
  • BlendPH partnership with M-GAS

M-GAS, the major LPG player in the market for years

LPG, or liquid petroleum gas, is a highly efficient cooking fuel. An economical and excellent healthy capacity helps people cook their food in less time, saving a lot on fuel costs. It undergoes the process of complete combustion, producing no residue and particulate matter. Itis means minimum maintenance costs and a lesser carbon footprint are beneficial for everyone, especially the environment.

Compared to other conventional fuels, liquid petroleum gas stoves and burners require less maintenance than other cooking forms. Using liquid petroleum gas also creates the least greenhouse gas emission. So, cooking with liquid petroleum gas can help reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 70%, helping the environment.

What sets apart liquid petroleum gas from other cooking forms is that it is easy to control with its instant on and off activation at the twist of a knob, offering better control of overcooking.

To add, adjusting of intensity or size in the form of visible blue flame is easy to control the required heating rate, making it possible to cook at the desired temperature. Liquid petroleum gas can cook faster than any other fuel with such advantages.

Affordable gas LPG in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a gas LPG, not to mention an affordable LPG brand, has been leading the market for 37 years – M-GAS.

For 37 years, M-GAS has been the most trusted and has been the most affordable LPG brand for every Filipino home throughout the country. It is a vision made possible by Carlito and Cesar P. Monastrial, co-founders and owners of Island Air Products Corporation (IAPC). The company realized its goal to become the most trusted and affordable LPG brand available while making it present to every Filipino throughout the Philippines.

The IAPC aims to provide excellence and commitment to its customers and partners by giving high-quality liquid petroleum gas products and services. The corporation is also committed to working efficiently and delivering the affordable LPG brand on time, always finding solutions to problems in the most effective way, and supporting clients and partners by giving the best customer service.

Aside from this, the corporation also aims to provide Filipino entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses through franchise packages, helping them create a profitable businesses. The company also aims to provide integrity, reliability, quality, and innovation.

Franchising in MGAS

By reenergizing M-GAS into franchising, the IAPC also eliminates gas LPG counterfeits that distribute low-quality liquid petroleum gas using M-GAS’s affordable LPG brand as an unofficial name. After all, every Filipino deserves not just an affordable LPG brand but also a safe and accurate liquid petroleum gas.

The IAPC aims to achieve these by using its renowned reputation to push the increasing return of M-GAS in today’s flourishing market. Their vision states that they want to be the preferred provider and trusted business partner for liquid petroleum gas and gas solutions nationwide.

Their mission includes their customers, where they aim to provide an affordable LPG brand with excellent service to ensure the product’s safety and optimal gas function. Partners are also part of IAPC’s mission, where they aim to give revenue-generating business opportunities with complete and strong business support from the company to ensure profitability and business continuity.

M-GAS offers franchising for entrepreneurs

M-GAS, the leading and affordable LPG brand, is committed to helping entrepreneurs. Such a commitment is displayed in various services that franchise the gas LPG brand. With IAPC’s mission to give income-generating business opportunities with strong business support, franchisees of the liquid petroleum gas brand are given proper training that would equip them with the right tools for their business to ensure success.

People who decide to take on the affordable LPG brand’s franchise business have the company’s full support in developing the gas LPG brand through aggressive advertising and efficient delivery processes. Partners can set up their businesses more efficiently and begin selling and gaining the most desirable income.

Aside from helping franchisees by giving training and having the company’s full support, the affordable LPG brand also provides its partners with necessary documents, equipment, and branding to ensure that the business setup is efficient and accurate.

How to apply for a franchise

As part of IAPC’s franchise business process of its gas LPG brand, they require six easy steps to franchise their sales center. First is brand discovery and franchise offering. Next is application submission, the pre-qualification form, and financial planning.

A letter of intent is also required for those interested in franchising the gas LPG brand. The fourth step is securing a location while also identifying and negotiating lease terms. The next step is signing the lease agreement and the franchise agreement with a balance payment towards franchise fees.

And for the final step, the gas LPG brand started as a franchised outlet. Currently, this affordable LPG brand decided to partner with BlendPH to offer more franchise loans to Filipinos.

BlendPH partnership with M-GAS

With the BlendPH partnership, M-GAS makes it easier for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to venture into its gas LPG franchising business. Such a partnership means more business opportunities for those seeking income and those wanting to have a business without starting on the ground up.

With M-GAS and BlendPH partnership, franchising is easier and more convenient for entrepreneurs.

The gas LPG’s BlendPH partnership provides financial assistance to those entrepreneurs with no cash at hand.

M-GAS and BlendPH partnership means entrepreneurs seeking to franchise the gas LPG brand can borrow money through BlendPH’s Franchise Loan. It is a loan intended for people who need funding to franchise any brands under BlendPH (which M-GAS is now a part of). Moreover, a franchise loan is a financial assistance usually offered by banks and other financial entities to help fund a borrower’s business venture.

Franchise Loans at BlendPH

Under the BlendPH partnership, the company’s Franchise Loan allows its borrower to pay for franchise license fees, enabling the borrower to provide services and products under the name of the franchisor and its business.

Through franchisor financing, borrowers and business owners of the franchising brand could talk about how much and how often they need to make repayments. Under the BlendPH partnership, the company offers peer-to-peer funding. It is an alternative and a more convenient way of franchise loan applications that are done online for people who want to venture into the field of a startup business.

The BlendPH partnership means that entrepreneurs can have a loan amount from 50,000 to 2,000,000 pesos to help them fund the gas LPG brand’s franchise. And under M-GAS’ BlendPH partnership, entrepreneurs have the option to pay their franchise loan from 12 to 36 months with only a 2% interest rate. Within one to three days, the company can already process the borrowers’ loan applications.

With M-GAS and BlendPH partnership, borrowers can skip the long lines and conveniently apply for a Franchise Loan online. The lending company only has four easy steps for its Franchise Loan application to make it easier. The first is to check the borrower’s eligibility to acquire a loan.

BlendPH has its loan calculator to determine if the borrower is qualified to apply for a loan. The said loan calculator will also determine the loan amount depending on the borrower’s financial goals. Next is creating an account. Borrowers must choose their desired brand for the franchise (in this case, M-GAS) and then fill out and complete all requirements for their loan application to be tagged as complete. Note that BlendPH’s system will automatically reject incomplete applications for two weeks.

The third step is processing. BlendPH’s team will process the borrower’s application, validating and verifying all the submitted information and requirements. Once verified, BlendPH will endorse the Franchise Loan application to its partner lenders.

Finally, the fourth step is funding and disbursement. During this step, BlendPH will notify when a lender decides to fund the borrower’s loan and if the funds are already ready for distribution.