Bills Payment Business, Panalo Express, to offer more franchise loans thru partnership with BlendPH

Apr 18, 2022

SUMMARY: Panalo Express, a bills payment business, partners with BlendPH, a loan agency, to offer more franchise loans and bills payment services in the Philippines.

Given the online set-up brought by the pandemic, more and more Filipinos are looking for a much more accessible platform that provides bills payment services, franchise loans, and remittance centers in the Philippines.  

Panalo Express, a bills payment business, is the Philippines’ fastest growing electronic franchise loan service network that aims to make Filipinos “PANALO.”

Recently, through its President Ian Oliver Atienza and Treasurer Michelle Cabuso, Panalo Express secured a partnership with a reliable peer-to-peer funding platform in the Philippines, BlendPH.

Panalo Express a bills payment business

Established in 2019, Panalo Express is a private corporation dedicated to provide accessible, affordable, and essential electronic bills payment services for middle class individuals in the Philippines.

As stated in their company background, Panalo Express is a bills payment business that was spearheaded by a group of entrepreneurs initially engaged in the business of franchising.

As a bills payment business, Panalo Express has a goal to make every Filipino feel like a winner and be a winner. They do this by establishing a network of agents and various local branches that facilitate bills payment services and transactions in the local communities.

In short, Panalo Express gives opportunities for Filipinos to improve their lives. This includes not only those who use the bills payment services but also the agents or partners of the bills payment business who gains benefits from each transaction.

After operating for two years, the bills payment business grew to over 3,000 agents. The bills payment business was also strategically located all over the country, making them access a wider range of Filipinos who seek bills payment services.

The headquarters of Panalo Express is at 3008 Jollibee Plaza Bldg. F. Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. For inquiries or partnerships, Panalo Express may be reached via email at <[email protected]> or through +6328 281 0342.

Panalo Express Products and Services

To further develop a growing company of remittance centers, franchise loans, and bills payment services, Panalo Express offers various products and services for the benefit of the Filipino people.

Among the products and services offered by Panalo Express, as a bills payment business, are the Panalo Express Mobile App, Panalo Express Web Portal, and Super POS.

The Panalo Express Mobile App is available via the Google Play Store. On this application, financial and other bills payment services are made accessible to various agents.

Agents include how to load, the e-loading, or the retail mobile load of leading networks in the Philippines like Globe, TNT, Smart, and TM.

Top-up transactions to the customer’s PayMaya or GCash accounts are also made available. It is said that among the Panalo Express’ bills payment services is to serve as a partner of the Philippines’ top leading e-wallet for over the counter and cash in services, with more than 30 million active users.

Panalo Express also accepts money in transactions for the largest remittance center in the Philippines namely the Smart Padala Cash In.

Other bills payment services such as utility and bank payments for Meralco, Maynilad, and Manila Water are also included.

Panalo Express Web Portal is an alternative tool in processing transactions for bills payment services for Panalo Express agents.

The Super POS is a machine that facilitates cash withdrawals and balance inquiries of Bancnet-enabled debit and prepared cards. POS stands for point of sale. Panalo Express partnered with ENCASH to issue these machines. This machine is among the very first electronic device in the Philippines as we adapt to the fast emerging technological development in the world.

Panalo Express’ Super POS can be used for cash withdrawals and other remittance center functions.

Compared to a regular ATM, the Panalo Express Super POS offers a lower aqcuisition cost of PHP 20,000 compared to a PHP 600,000. It also has a minimal maintenance cost. Panalo Super POS also does not require investments in rent and fixed structures. A Panalo Super POS is relatively simpler to install as it only needs an internet connectivity over 3G, wi-fi, LTE, or fixed cable. Last but not the least, there is no transaction threshold required.

Aside from all of the bills payment services, Panalo Express enumerated on the about us page on their official website how they not only offer essential payments and financial services but also an award-winning and market-proven online system.

Panalo Express instantly connects with over 35,000 remittance center partners and has a twenty four hour customer service or technical support for its customers.

On their Panalo Express Agent Video, the bills payment business shared that they can provide not only affordable financial services but also additional income opportunities and new channels for established businesses.

Panalo Express Testimonies

Given their partnership with BlendPH, Panalo Express can now offer a wider range of services that satisfies more Filipino people, especially those who have businesses. Any business, no matter how big or small may be accommodated. Who would not want that?

With this, numerous testimonies from Panalo Express have proven how Panalo Express helped ease their day-to-day experiences. This includes not needing to wait in long lines in malls given the online accessibility via mobile or website.

Franchise Loan in the Philippines

A franchise loan is a kind of financial assistance that is offered by banks and other financial entities to help borrowers who need access to financial services. It also helps lenders to grow their wealth through intelligent or intelligible investing.

This franchise loan allows a borrower to pay the franchise loan license fee. This allows the borrower to provide products and services under the name of the franchisor and its business.

Today, various franchise loan is being offered for the Filipinos and by the Filipinos anywhere in the Philippines.

How to get a franchise loan?

BlendPH is among the companies in the Philippines which offers a franchise loan.

Owned and managed by Inclusive Financial Technologies, Inc, we are a franchise loan agent who aims to promote responsibility and ethics in both borrowing and lending. We serve as the middle ground where borrowers and lenders meet.

Loan terms offered by the BlendPH range from 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 months. The loanable amount may be from PHP 50,000 to PHP 2 million. There is a two percent interest rate and 1 to 3 processing days.

The net bank PH is among BlendPH’s partner lenders. Given that Filipinos never stop hustling when it comes to achieving their big dreams or greater things in life, they must also be guided in efficient planning.

With the growing culture of franchise loan agents in the Philippines, it is with utmost importance to consider which is the best one to be trusted – that is BlendPH. This franchise loan agent offers a fixed monthly interest, user friendly platform, and a hassle free online application.

More than ever, bills payment businesses such as Panalo Express must partner up with legitimate peer to peer funding platforms to have all their new ventures up and running, and backed with any financial needs.