Top Things People Are Preparing For Valentine’s Day

Feb 9, 2022

Love in the time of Covid

There are many different ways people mark the season of hearts. Most people say it with flowers or chocolates, a special dinner at a nice restaurant, or even a Valentine’s dinner at home. For countless Pinoys, Valentine’s Day 2021 had been simple yet memorable, as most people found the celebration a respite, after a long year overcoming pandemic-induced challenges. This year is expected to be even more exciting. Yet for those still wary of mingling with the crowd, thoughts like “things to do near me” on V-Day tend to lead to many creative or simple yet fun activities, from cooking and eating, to binge watching.

For Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses, a Valentines Day special sale remains a good way to reach target markets. For the benevolent, the top things to prepare are cash donations and other useful gifts to be handed to orphans, to the terminally ill, or disadvantaged beneficiaries. There are limitless Valentine’s Day ideas, but over the last couple of years, lots of people have changed most of their habits, and have become somewhat hesitant to step outside the comforts of home. Zoom parties, money transfers, take outs, online purchases and deliveries became the norm.

Across the world, an increasing number of people purchase flowers, candy or other sweet treats for themselves, among other self-pampering things to do on Valentine’s Day. After all, among the many different kinds of love is self-love. For those intent on giving themselves a great deal of self-care, the must-haves or top things to do include having a decluttered mind & soul, forgiving oneself, easing stress, and veering away from toxic relationships and toxic substances. By saying “out” with the negative or bad stuff, you are in effect ushering “in” the positive and “clean” stuff, and that requires some planning and re-stocking.

Valentine’s Day 2020 celebrations were much like the earlier years, when Covid had not yet reared its ugly head. The Pinoy ways of celebrating – or the all-time favorites when it comes to Valentines Day ideas – are giving food gifts and special presents for family members, close friends, and colleagues. These days, gift-giving is still done, even if recipients are miles away. In most cases, distance does not diminish love, and celebrating through any of the wide assortment of Valentines Day activities need not break the bank. The typical Pinoy way of marking Valentine’s Day need not be grand.  Think about super fun things to do with a friend, soul mate or special someone, like making and sharing a fancy homemade pizza or appetizing sushi at home or celebrating with your pooches. There are also resourceful things to do for valentine’s day during Covid via Zoom.

A little cash boost or money to spare can be helpful, nonetheless, in turning the best Valentines day ideas into reality.  People have varying ideas on what is the sufficient amount to allocate when celebrating occasions like Valentine’s Day. For most couples, having a truly happy Hearts’ Day need not equate with extravagance. What a lot of Filipinos value is having harmonious relationships, or being able to “keep the love alive.” Be it at home, or outdoors where safe distancing can be practiced, or in a private faraway resort, making Valentine’s Day meaningful boils down to being mentally and emotionally (not just physically) present or being sincere in spending quality time with that special someone.

Here are what some of the busy working professionals – from a fresh graduate to a seasoned photographer – can share when it comes to preparing for Valentine’s Day:

Nina, 22, a customer service representative who graduated from one of the top universities in Manila, said, “Being in a relationship during Covid is like being in an LDR with my partner, since we basically can’t leave the house.” For Valentine’s Day 2021, they gave each other presents and food, and they plan to do it again this year. Other people bake heart-shaped goodies for loved ones, but whipping up something hearty is enough to warm the soul while pleasing the tummy. Nina recounted that last year she cooked different pasta dishes for her partner, and received a D-I-Y chocolate bouquet & cake. They used delivery couriers to send out those gifts. This year, among the possible things to do on Valentine’s Day is a simple movie marathon – together.

It is not surprising to see how spending peaks during occasions like Valentine season. Yet the pandemic has taught lots of couples the value of setting aside funds for really important things. An increasing number of Filipino couples have become more practical, choosing to spend their earnings/savings on things that serve them better as a couple, like a home they can truly call their own. For couples like Justine Aaron and Tine, married for almost two years now and about to move to their new home, Valentine’s Day events/ideas are home-based. Justine, 34, a freelancer/writer, stated with pride that he will make sure that the Valentine’s  Day dinner he will make for his wife will be the most expensive food she will eat the entire month.

For ace photographer Ricky Ladia, 57, special things do on valentine’s day will most likely include “something shiny” as a present for his beloved wife, or something that her heart desires, “kung may budget.” “Basta di nawawala yung flowers,” he stated. Indeed, thinking about the little details and developing a strategy well in advance speaks volumes about how much you value your special someone, and will go the extra mile to to determine how to make valentine’s day special for that significant other.

These are but snippets of romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that a thousand other people can relate with. How about you? Do you have your own Covid valentine’s day ideas? Are you ready to think outside the heart-shaped box, or make those sweet presents yourself with supplies at hand and extra cash in your pocket? Getting ready for valentine’s day need not be nerve-racking. Get sound tips and ample financial backing from reliable peer-to-peer funding platform BlendPH.  The pandemic has certainly imparted important lessons, like developing a good money mindset. BlendPH suggests devising a system for tracking spending, and saving for things you regard as essential, like quality moments with immediate family members/loved ones, and things that can help you for the long haul.