Inch Closer to Your Financial Goals, Auto-Invest Sans the Risks.

Mar 31, 2021

There comes a point in time when the thought, “should I begin my investment journey?” has probably entered your mind.  While it makes a whole lot of sense to invest early in life– in one’s  20s or even earlier, many things fall into place when one has stayed long in a job, or started one’s own business, and set aside some investing money.

At whatever life stage, the biggest way to build wealth is still through saving. The trick is to choose which vehicle or which among a wide array of investment options will be the best fit.

There are lots of circumstances in life, including being blessed with a child, moving to a new home, caring for aging parents, that may deplete savings. However, when one has gotten back on track, investing hard-earned earnings can offer more than peace of mind. In fact, investing your money can help you reach your  financial goals sooner than expected.

Financial goals, of course, change along with life circumstances. Asked how they would invest their money if they had about 50,000 pesos, a couple of  millennials earning modest  income in a  BPO company said they would set up their own businesses – one would use it as a starter fund to open a mini grocery story in her neighborhood, while another would start a bar or club where people can hang out. Indeed, starting one’s own business is one of the best ways to invest money.

Another young working male  said he would invest money in blue-chip stocks. Investing in stocks appeals to those who are not averse to high risk, or are bent on pursuing ways on how to invest money to make money fast. Nowadays, there are even autoinvestment  options, even for stocks. Auto stock investing can be set up through an automatic transfer using bank accounts. Automatic withdrawals from paycheck to portfolio can be arranged  at the individual investor’s brokerage firm.

An older colleague said she would also narrow down  her best invest options to running her own business – food selling. She would put  three-fourths of her investing finances  in her own  food business, and put one-fourth in bank investments such as a time deposit.

All these  investment plans are just a few of the  different ways to invest money, and they vary in the risks involved and the returns. Now for those who would want to be able to track their earnings and have some control over their investments, there are automated  investing options now worth exploring. They can yield a higher return over time.

Into this mold falls peer-to-peer lending, a form of crowdfunding or alternative financing that has aided many borrowers, mostly small entrepreneurs and working individuals in need of extra funds. Peer-to-peer lending is beneficial to both borrowers and lenders.

With P2P,  the information provided is authenticated through an investigation process. Compared to traditional banks, P2P lending  can offer efficient capital allocation, lower transaction cost and competitive rates. As an investor, you can let a reliable P2P platform manage your funds and make your money grow while you focus on your work, engage in your hobbies, or translate your dream business to reality.

Beginning the Investment Journey

Money-savvy individuals know the merits of maintaining  the value of their money, or making their  investments  work for them. They do not balk when good investments opportunities emerge.  They may be looking at increasing their emergency fund balance or contingency funds, adding to their retirement fund, or simply seeking a “good” return for money investments.

Investors also want to select a portfolio allocation (a matter of not putting all their eggs in one basket, or diversifying by having a mix of money investments across different industries, firms, and geographical areas) that matches the level of risk they are willing to have. For people determined to actualize their long-term goals and have sizable funds to spare now, risky investment in  stocks may comprise a huge chunk of the portfolio. Others may try online real estate investing platforms to grow money.

Personal investing tips abound in the internet. Many of these can help individuals invest money well. Oftentimes, the best investments do not really rely on self-help books, but on gut instinct as well as investments help in the form of online advisors,  loan specialists, franchise consultants or partners.

Investments Made Easy

Modern-day investing is no longer cumbersome nor complicated. You can auto invest – allocate a certain amount month after month. You can have  automatic investment plans to remain on track with retirement contributions, and also to make your money grow.

A good enough reason to invest lies in two words: compound returns. The power of compound interest can be illustrated in a minimal investment started at a young age, like during one’s college years, which may grow in value with every passing year until one reaches the golden years. On the other hand, there are people who do their initial investing only when they have advanced in years – at about 45 or 50-plus, in which case they need to save triple than what they would have had to save had they started in their early 20s.

Both the early starters and mature investors can take advantage of one of the best ways to invest money hassle-free – through a trusted and leading P2P lending platform like

 A P2P platform’s loan interest returns signify an attractive asset class for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio. As a recurring investment, it can generate returns higher than that of a bank savings account. Indeed, it is a win-win deal for lenders who are able to fund entities/entrepreneurs who do not default, and who get returns above market rates while spreading risk across a variety of money investments.

Recently, P2P lending platform also introduced dashboard features as part of categorizing borrowers for investors/lenders to choose from. Potential investors browsing the online lending platform will also easily find two investor arrangements worth checking out. One is Auto-Investment, which offers a secure and risk-free nine percent annual interest of the principal amount on every successful investment.

The other investment arrangement lets the lender earn an average annual return of up to 30 percent, with the lender shouldering the risk. Whichever option you choose to invest your money, the important thing is to get started now and inch your way closer to your financial goals. Drop us a line at [email protected] for the starting or minimum investment amount, the process,  and other queries you may have.