Smart Way to Invest Your Money

Jan 29, 2021

People have different ways of investing money or earnings.  While some may invest in stocks, others purchase jewelry, a car, branded footwear offering maximum performance, and so on. For individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset – traditional ones or those equipped with smart investments tools and techniques for growing money in the cyber age – creating wealth rests largely on both financial and intellectual capital.

Investors may be categorized into startup ones, ever cautious, cost-conscious, and wary of business fluctuations; and the creative innovators – those who have successfully turned their own business game into billion-dollar enterprises. Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sam Walton and other titans of business may be emulated when it comes to how to invest money.  All these money investors have a sharp, intuitive mind, which helped them propel their businesses to huge success.

In the present age, you may have noted how people with enterprising minds were able to turn pandemic-induced financial challenges to opportunity. Business titan Jeff Bezos embodies that investor who is quick on the draw and get the market pulse quickly. Here are some of his smart investing money tips:

First, gain a clear grasp of the business and stick to a business philosophy that has been studied well. This may be applied to a small and simple investment or big, long-term money investments.  Mary Ann Villanueva Oppus, a single mother who converted her garden into a restaurant a few months after the pandemic struck, shared that besides the initial cost, looking at the target market and feasibility of her food business venture (if it would generate good ROI) were important.

After conducting thorough research and sticking to a business model, the second key factor or smart way to invest your money that is bound to yield positive outcomes is to keep an open mind, or to be flexible. Use technology when investing money or growing your business, for instance.

The Biggest Risk

Some tech innovations may pose risk, but would-be investors deprive themselves of the chance to flourish if they are glued to old-school thinking, refusing to change and falling behind from their more tech-savvy counterparts. The mentality of doing things the way it has always been done may be the biggest risk to investment.

Third is to partner with, or invest on, the product or service of a company led by people focusing on long-term value creation. An international senior investment analyst cited Alibaba’s Jack Ma as illustration. Besides constantly innovating, Jack Ma exhibits long-term focus plus a customer-first ethos, he noted. It is like planting seeds for new business ventures to thrive or evolve into growth drivers a few years or decades later.

Smart investments are often backed by firms or entities that stand by their commitment to deliver great customer service. A culture of service and track record of excellence need to be practiced, not just uttered. At the end of the day, customers know what a company can provide in terms of service.

Popular Investments

When pondering how to invest money, the tried-and-tested options are often topmost in mind. Investing in stocks is a clear favorite of individuals who have sufficient knowledge about that form of investment. Many persons tend to have misguided notions on stock investing, though, specifically what it takes to earn huge gains.

Astute stock market investors can comprehend the difference between a bull market and a bear market. They know the nitty-gritty on how to invest in stocks and aware of the best stocks to invest in

They also know investing money in stocks is far from a quick-hit endeavor The best way to invest in stocks is to be in it for the long haul. Index funds is a popular investment vehicle that keeps track of a market index and may help in rebalancing an individual investor’s portfolio.

In the digital age, cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are also considered among the best investments. Several financial tech companies and analysts believe cryptocurrency is the best way to invest money right now.

There are a few thousand cryptocurrency options in the market now, yet only a few of them really matter, underscoring the importance of knowledge and clarity when it comes to approaching investing money.  Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the versatile and resilient cryptocurrency options with a growing community keen on finding ways to invest money.

Also a hot investment vehicle in contemporary times is peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.  It can be considered as the best way to invest money, in so far as generating higher savings than if funds were placed in the usual bank savings account. That makes it an attractive alternative to traditional financing.

P2P lending allows the investor to review a loan request along with a few extra details like the purpose or plans of the borrower, and later on collect a certain interest rate on the return. Because the algorithms are handling much of the work for both investor and borrower, it is a hassle-free way to invest money, and may require a minimal capital. is an example of a trusted online platform in the Philippines that connects individuals or entities (willing to loan money) with  people such as budding entrepreneurs with small franchise investment or simply those in need of funds to tide them over.  It may entail just a small investment, and allows the investor full control of the investment.

Learn the hassle-free way to invest in a small enterprise owner’s future success. If you happen to be looking for smart investment vehicles or simple fuss-free ways to grow your money in a “small investments big returns” kind of way, a peer-to-peer funding platform is worth checking out.

Take a smart approach when pondering “what should I invest in?” and cast your sights on trustworthy companies that can help you along the way. can formulate an investment plan that meets your financial goals and risk tolerance. The investor simply creates an account, allocates funds to a Blend wallet, and funds the loans in auction.

Indeed, smart investment ideas definitely abound even in these precarious times. It does not take rocket science to learn how to invest. During the COVID era, investing money may seem like a risky venture, but it can pay off in the end, if you know where to invest and which things to invest in.