Introducing Labahan Ng Bayan and LaundryPreneur Laundromats by CleanWorld Community Marketing Corp

Feb 3, 2021

Trusted peer-to-peer funding platform makes a clean sweep with its franchise partnership with laundry business firm CleanWorld Community Marketing Corporation. Better known by its trademark Mr. Laba-Luvah, the company has a track record of experience in terms of having established operational systems and meeting customer satisfaction.  The laundromats specialist carries the professionally developed brand names Labahan ng Bayan and Laundrypreneur.

CleanWorld’s man-at-the-helm, Rogelio Tapang, is also the president of the United Philippine Laundry Association, Inc. (UPLA). At a recent online conference that converged representative laundry business owners based within and outside Metro Manila, there were shared insights on how to get back on track and overcome pandemic-induced challenges.

The discussion affirmed that a professional laundry business, while also facing risks just like other entrepreneurial ventures given the global health crisis, remains a viable option. “It is still feasible to open a laundromat business during the pandemic,” Mr. Tapang stated. In the course of the discussion, he offered tips for business operators to overcome challenges.

It is but normal for entrepreneurs or laundry service startup operators to have recurring fears, anxieties, and doubts, especially during these trying socio-economic times, but a positive mindset does help a lot. When it comes to sustaining a business venture, maintaining a quality-driven, customer-oriented approach is also vital.

Individuals keen on getting started on operating a laundry shop business need to consider an array of factors to get things off the ground and to succeed. Besides location and service, touching base with, or collaborating with someone who knows the `ins and outs’ of the business can come in handy.

UPLA’s head, Rogel Tapang, for instance, is a local market leader who draws insights from his vast experience. He has accumulated serious industry knowledge, particularly on how to start a laundry business in the Philippines. To date, he takes pride in his sound business model. He commends the cool, clean, and comfy branches of Mr. Laba-Luvah operators all around the Philippine metropolis, for instance.

An Essential Business Venture

In the Philippines and across the world, laundromats fall under the category of “Essential” businesses. Even with an economic downswing or circumstances like COVID and community lockdowns, the best laundromats are able to help both residential and commercial clients in need of fast yet reliable services. As things gain a semblance of normalcy, the consumer demand resurges, creating brisky commercial laundry business.

During pre-pandemic times, laundry business operators in the Philippines faced very exciting and promising growth phases. When COVID reared its ugly head, there were, of course, home based laundry business operators who reported being affected. Over time, most of them appear to have rebounded.

As Mr. Tapang and other industry players can attest to, loads of laundry can still generate the desired average cash-on-cash ROI.  It is all a matter of strong customer service. Open communication with suppliers and other key people sharing laundry business ideas is also important.

A self-service laundry shop business venture like Labahan ng Bayan, when operating at 30 days or the entire month (at around 10 hours of operations each day) can deliver a cool PhP 22,500 for each set of washer and dryer. There can be a sizable laundry business profit for fully functioning laundromats. A progressive economy and modern, fast-paced lifestyles have led to brisk business for laundromats.

Mr. Tapang stated that there are many factors affecting ROI when choosing to start a laundry mat, and that a typical Labahan ng Bayan, which requires an investment or laundromat startup cost of PhP 220,000 (including installation expenses) may deliver ROI in one-and-a-half to two years.

The LaundryPreneur professional  laundry shop setup packages, on the other hand, may require a higher “ready-to-operate” investment, with a minimum of two sets for a 15-square meter area. A three-year worry-free operations package includes shop design and construction; supply and installation of machines; three-year warranty on parts, service, semi-annual preventive maintenance; annual cleaning; free initial set of supplies or inventory, plus lifetime access to the LaundryPreneur Academy, an informational resource. The actual site conditions need to be factored in for the final laundromat cost to be assessed.

Know-how and Worry-Free Operations

The upside of following a proven business model to start a laundry mat is that the experienced company or industry player knows all stages of the business and will be able to readily identify what needs to be improved or focused on in order to move to the next level of development.

Now there will be those service business operators who focus on the operational side of things, including investing on state-of-the-art facilities and the right equipment. However, some business owners tend to find their laundry service marketing and customer service areas sputtering to a standstill. Or it an be the other way around – lots of marketing hype, but little capital inflow.

When seriously considering starting a laundry shop, note pros and cons. From the outset, the cost to open a laundromat or initial investment may be substantial, but the payoffs include huge ROI. It is important to invest on the right laundry business equipment. Industry practitioners warn against scrimping and using the usual home washing machine for laundry business, which is not for large-scale purpose.

Automation can also help. Having an environmentally friendly approach is also what most modern-day customers go for when choosing service establishments.

The other advantages of operating a laundry shop business include minimal number of employees, and monitoring the laundromat setup can be done remotely. There is greater flexibility and opportunities for growth, even when unforeseen situations — like a recession — occur.  Nonetheless, before buying a laundrymat or concretizing laundromat business plans, make sure you have a contingency cushion or backup plan for those times when things go awry. 

Running a laundry business also entails maintaining a competitive edge. There will always be competition, so the entrepreneur must learn how to highlight his unique selling proposition, or offer any specialized service or perk to stand out from the rest of the market players.

When laundry business funds run short or seem insufficient, a P2P lending platform like can greatly help entrepreneurs handle cash flow problems and go for what promises to be an excellent business opportunity.  Learn the ropes of franchising and  know which product or service will sell before you even sell.

A wise choice of business partner to work with in the long term is also crucial. The partnership of the fast-growing P2P funding platform with the service organization, laundromats specialist CleanWorld, ushers new possibilities as far as business operators pursuing their dreams and staying afloat during momentary setbacks — or hustling to improve and achieve targets — are concerned.