Ideas and Tips for Planning The Perfect Summer Holiday in the Philippines


During summer, the Philippines becomes just a little more muggy and humid than usual. With average high temperatures ranging from somewhere between 30 degrees Celsius to the low forties, rain is not overly common in most places and sunshine hours are higher.

A different kind of energy lingers in the air; never mind the extra sweat nor the parched lips.

There is the grumpy office worker who grits her teeth at the sight of a co-worker’s weekend getaway photos posted on Facebook, yet immediately smiles upon remembering that her upcoming overseas solo trip happens in two weeks.

There is an overexcited young one who’s taking a break from school and is looking forward to the next family outing with great enthusiasm, knowing that his parents had already paid for five-star accommodation.

There’s the halo-halo vendor who takes delight in seeing the paper bills in her pouch that are as colorful as the ingredients of her well-loved summer treat. Somehow, she feels extra special during this season.

Summer is bliss, no matter what your circumstance is.

An endless selection of summer destinations await you

Being an island nation, Filipinos are never far from the sea. A lot of people try to make the most out of the hot summer days by embarking on trips to the beach. Here are some of the most favorite beach getaway destinations we know:

  • Boracay. This recently reopened island paradise in the province of Aklan generates an influx of guests all year round, but tourist arrivals are at its peak particularly during the summer. Home to the best sunsets, powdery white sand beaches, luxury hotels, outstanding restaurants, and some of the most unique beach activities available in the country, this gem has always been touted by various local and international publications as one of the best summer destinations.
  • Palawan. Take your pick between Coron, El Nido, or the more central Puerto Princesa. You’ll never run out of activities and attractions no matter what area you choose. Also called the Philippines’ last frontier, it is not only famous for its spectacular beaches, but is also home to tons of untouched islands, spectacular beaches, natural wonders, and a treasure chest of teeming wildlife.
  • Caramoan. If you’re into Survivor-style beach and camping trips, then Caramoan is your best bet. There’s no doubt that the hit American reality show helped the recent tourism boost in the area and other nearby destinations, so if you want the full experience of being a castaway, then head on to this part of the country this summer.

For those who opt to stay dry and get their thrill from an adventure or two, there’s always an array of activities that could pump up the vibe. Adrenaline junkies can get a kick out of these local destinations, too:

  • Sagada. A hippie haven of sorts, this once sleepy town located high up in the mountains of Luzon offers spelunking (caving), trekking, and aimless walks amidst nature. The rewards after embarking on such activities can range from a dip into majestic waterfalls, grand sunrise views, to relaxing lakeside scenes. Don’t forget to try the lemon pie when you go!
  • A.T. Danao. An extremely adventure-packed alternative to the regular Bohol itinerary is available in the out-of-the-way town of Danao. Among other thrilling eco-adventure activities, it is home to a canyon swing attraction mounted over a wide gorge. You’ll freefall for about 70m before being swung into a few hundred meters deep pendulum swing fittingly named “The Plunge.” Scary but definitely worth it.
  • Cagayan de Oro. Aptly dubbed the Adventure Capital of the Philippines, CDO is the home of whitewater rafting and zipline activities. Moreover, there are rappelling, sky bridge, and caving activities on offer, so you can test the limits of your nerves all you want. Everything is set on eco-tourism areas so you’ll not only get a rush but you’ll also get to appreciate how nature works its wonders.

For those who opt to stay dry and get their thrill from an adventure or two, there’s always an array of activities that could pump up the vibe. Adrenaline junkies can get a kick out of these local destinations, too:

  • Baguio. Who could ever miss our Summer Capital? It’s a great place for people who just want to chill out and enjoy each other’s company. Activities range from kid-friendly to Instagram-worthy, and the food is always incredible and cheap. Recent developments in road infrastructure has brought it even closer to those in the lowlands. Travel time has been cut by half, which translates to more time for vacationers to bask in the cold Baguio breeze.
  • Tagaytay. Only a few hours from the metropolis, this place has always been a summer favorite. You can enjoy a bowl of Bulalo and a side dish of Tawilis while enjoying the postcard-perfect view of Taal volcano. It has everything from theme parks and food crawls, to hidden villas and relaxing spas.
  • Rizal. Even closer to the metro is this “province” that has its own share of unique summer attractions. If you want to go on an archaeological or historical trip, you can see the Angono Petroglyphs and find out why “it rocks.” If you want to take a quick dip, there’s Daranak Falls and Tinipak River, both in Tanay. For certified art lovers, there’s Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo and Balaw Balaw Gallery in Angono for you to appreciate. There’s always something for everyone on the east side.

Tips and tricks to stretch your summer budget

No matter where you go, you definitely deserve that break.

But whether you’re jet-setting somewhere familiar, going on your first big overseas adventure, or taking the entire family for a holiday, costs usually add up quicker than getting to your destination.

Flights and accommodation can be expensive, but you’ll also have to prepare for the cost of attraction entrance fees, activities, and eating out every day. Even your hotel room’s minibar items could amount to something significant, adding up to your end-of-holiday bill. So, don’t let these expenses limit you from making a lifetime of memories. Consider these simple and practical tips from Blend PH:

  1. Assess your summer budget so that you won’t end up overspending. Don’t commit to beach outings with your barkada when you certainly know that you don’t have the budget for it.
  2. Avoid bad bookings. Don’t bite into every seemingly fabulous travel deal you come across online. Verify first if the offer is legitimate and if it’s really worth your money. You might end up in a dingy hotel if you don’t do your assignment and do your research. Always make it a habit to gather feedback on tour providers, hotels, and the like before making a booking.
  3. Slash costs by smartly timing your bookings. For example, you can time your trip at the beginning or tail end of the summer to get cheaper hotel prices or plane fares. You can choose to skip the Holy Week exodus to avoid traffic (save up on gas!) and outrageous peak season rates. You can also plan ahead and make a booking during airline fare promotions that usually range from six months to a year in advance before the travel date. This way, you can also plan your activities ahead and save more money for activities related to your travel.
  4. Strategize and think outside the box. Hit multiple birds with a single stone. For instance, if you’re invited to an out-of-town wedding, make it a point to spend some of your time exploring the place, or even book an accommodation nearby for some R&R.
  5. Find the right partner for your travel goals. Your finances should not be a constraint to your travel plans. With services like Blend PH’s EZ Loan, you can start making the best summer memories through short-term, fast approval loans. Blend PH is where everyday Filipinos lend and borrow money from other Filipinos.

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