How to get faster approval for your franchise loan

Aug 19, 2019

Ever since traditional financial institutions started running our economy, they’ve been telling us that they want to lend money to individuals and businesses. They have been repeatedly saying that they want to grow investors’ money.

They always say they’re going to make a difference in the lives of common Filipinos. But for all these talks, you’d find that borrowing and investing in the local context has always been filled with major obstacles and setbacks.

Meet Linda the Lender

Linda Lim is a 36-year-old career woman who’s been making a comfortable income being a business development manager in Makati for the past twelve years.

At one point, she started asking, “What can I do with my extra money?”

Well, she could stick it under her mattress in preparation for an emergency, but that’s not going to get her a return. She wouldn’t be helping the economy either.

More recently, she has learned to make investments in life insurance, educational funds, mutual funds, and equities to build up her retirement fund. She considers these investments a part of having a diversified portfolio.

In reality, however, Linda has invested in stocks and bonds alone. A quick look at her investments will show that her combined returns are well below the rate of inflation, which changes every year.

Yes, she could put all her money in a bank that she trusts. But if they’re not giving her a fair return, then she might as well keep her money under the mattress, right?

She thought, “Maybe I should start putting my money to good use and do something that can make a real difference, right?”

This is the main reason why she’s constantly been on the lookout for more diverse and safe investments that offer a lot of returns and at the same time, liquidity.

Meet Barry the Borrower

On the other side of Manila lives Barry Bautista, who needs a loan for a home improvement project. He is planning to renovate a part of his main street property to rent it out to potential business tenants.

He is looking to get a loan quickly, preferably with an interest rate lower than other traditional sources.

There are many others like Barry who are looking to borrow money to fulfill various needs like small business expansion funding, college funds, unexpected emergency medical bills, and more.

But neither Barry nor the others would opt to borrow from traditional sources like banks, friends, and typical money lenders because of high interest rates and lengthy loan approval processes.

Barry awaits the day when he no longer has to wait long or pay unjust interest rates and hidden fees. He just wants to borrow money at a great rate on the basis of his future rental income.

He’s always been an individual who works hard using his bare hands, pays what is due, and thereby deserves the chance to make a good living.

If only enough institutions back hardworking, ambitious individuals and businesses with good ideas like Barry, they will be able to grow and employ people and return the money they owe at the agreed time to keep the money circulating and help the economy remain vibrant and afloat.

Enter Blend PH, your newest partner in online loans and investments.

Here at Blend PH, we let Linda, Barry, and others like them get what they need from a growing peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace for borrowers and lenders.

Blend PH ( was developed as an online platform to connect both Filipinos who need access to a financial institution to fund their goals and Filipinos who want to grow their money through intelligible investing.

We are paving the way for Filipinos to take the opportunity to avail of flexible, low-interest loans and to learn how to make smart, clear-cut investments, which break away from the traditional financial institutions and complicated investment markets that most people are accustomed to.

Our company envisions to help every Filipino become more financially educated, especially in the midst of all the emerging financial technologies present in the country.

So what’s in it for Linda and other lenders like her?

Blend PH presents Linda with a great opportunity to help borrowers like Barry who have been screened as creditworthy. Here’s how it works.

Each borrower is assessed and validated when they post their request on our website. This gives the investors like Linda some peace of mind and a level of comfort, knowing they have the best chance of receiving a healthy return on the money they’re lending.

Approved loan applications are then pooled to the auction list. Borrowers that are deemed unsuitable are screened out of the process.

Linda can choose which borrower to fund and then bid an interest rate on the loan application based on the approved range for the borrower. This means that she has full control over where her money goes.

There are a wide variety of interesting loan products to fund starting with just a PHP 5,000 minimum investment.

Barry and other borrowers can apply for loans online, wherever and whenever.

Barry can borrow money by applying for a loan online using his Blend PH account. He will be asked to provide his details and upload some requirements.

Blend PH will then decide whether or not the loan is approved upon validation and verification of all the details and requirements submitted by the borrower.

When a loan is approved, it will be posted as an auction so that Lenders like Linda can begin to fund it.

Barry will then be asked to choose which bid he prefers and will be asked to approve it. Once done, the loan will be disbursed to the borrower.

The monthly repayment from the borrower will be credited to the lender’s digital wallet.

Fast approval. Fast funding. All online.

This is people power at its finest. Lenders can spread their money to maximize returns and at the same time choose to help the borrowers they really want to succeed. Borrowers can turn corners with great ease and flexibility and maybe eventually change the face of the business landscape.

Crowdfunding has already been proven and is a growing phenomenon not just in our country but all over the world.

At Blend PH, lenders will enjoy safety, liquidity, and great returns. Borrowers, meanwhile, enjoy low interest rates, transparency, and the flexibility to use loans for any need or purpose.

Join the revolution by signing up at today!

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