How to Earn With P2P Investment Under

Mar 1, 2021

Once in a rare while, many of us want to earn a little bit more, to upgrade our wardrobe, improve the home, or perhaps make even bigger purchases for the family. With all the disruption we have seen in 2020, most average-earning people have taken time to rethink their finances. Some have approached kin or friends who can lend money, while others have gravitated to financing alternatives like peer-to-peer lending.

With tough realities like furloughs, downsizing and cutbacks in work hours, the need to have a contingency fund during lockdowns or unpaid leaves has become even more crucial. While there are  individuals who do not seem perturbed, appear happy with the current state of their finance, and even invest in loans, a thousand others do not seem to be able to save enough, and seek a crowdfund loan.

A crowdfunding investment or peer to peer lending has the investors as key players, co-financing projects by lending money to borrowers, usually startup business owners, or project owners, in return for interests.  Across the world, particularly in Europe, this is known to generate returns significantly higher than other investment or savings vehicles.

Those who have recovered quickly from pressing economic times point out that there are limitless opportunities to make more money. It all begins with knowing which money-making options are worth the time and effort to pursue. Peer lending has also gained huge support. Private individuals that loan money and generate higher than average returns once the loan money is repaid can reinvest their funds.

The Importance of Saving Early

A poll conducted on women in their 20s and 30s, with varying incomes and across industries, mirrors how many young people tend to be in the same boat when it comes to managing finances. While some are rebounding from being out of work and rebuilding savings, others still feel like they are drowning from debt, and constantly seeking ways to pay it off.

A number have realized that if there was one thing they could have done sooner, it was to save. One other finding is that some people do learn the hard way and find ways & means to build an emergency fund. Others are left with no recourse but to borrow, but money lending requires an assurance that the loan will be paid off in due time.

Some peer to peer lending platforms help people avoid late payments through features like auto-debit. As far as investors are concerned, micro loan investing can pay off. Go with a peer-to-peer lending platform that is reliable, innovative; has a track record of experience; can clearly present the facts on saving and investing on p2p loans; and shows indications of being around for the long haul, not merely mouthing platitudes.

Where People Stash Their Cash

Money-savvy persons think long-term when it comes to money matters, and so eliminate much anxiety when unexpected events – like a pandemic – occur. The big question is, do people still stash their cash in a savings account with relatively lower returns, or a high-yield investment product? It depends on the individual’s risk tolerance and targeted returns.

Stock market investments and crypto financial investments may not be for the fainthearted. These investments have `highs and lows’ that send some people panicking. Yet some asset managers say cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, may possibly supplant gold as a hedge against inflation.

Growth-type stocks (sectors such as healthcare, tech, energy, and building materials and food) are among the options for investing money to brace for inflation. Repositioning or rebalancing one’s portfolio will also pay off when preparing for unfavorable scenarios like inflation.

There are other investment vehicles, of course, that people have embraced, among them crowd sourced loans that can yield a good annual return, for as long as lenders do not default on their payments.  Nowadays, tech-backed  p2p lending  has eliminated hassles like queuing at the bank for hours.

Having Full Control While Making Money Grow

Investors who want to make their money grow now simply seek a suitable return profile for their cash-out, based on their individual needs. What many look for is performance, not tottering company, nor a vehicle that offers lackluster interest rates.

Some may prefer a consistent ROI or income over the next few years, and consider p2p lending returns higher than a typical savings plan. Investing via a P2P or peer to peer lending platform, a financial innovation that has skyrocketed over a decade ago, has become widely accepted. As with most financial investments, there is a level of risk with P2P funding.

The good thing about it is that borrowers are screened first by the P2P lending platform, and then by the investors themselves. Borrowers found to be creditworthy are able to use the loan granted to them to adapt, in times of disruption, by boosting their cash flow. 

The prevailing optimism on the recovery of business enterprises in a post-Covid scenario augurs well for P2P players and the fintech sector as a whole. Indeed, taking the P2P route has been a reliable way for people to stay on track toward meeting their financial goals. 

Investors are able to track their earnings from their P2P investments. How to find the most reliable or the best peer to peer lending firm? Do a thorough online search on peer to peer investing and ask  questions. The wisest investors have learned to avoid “sins” of omission and know when not to let a good opportunity pass them by.

Generating Passive Income

In the US, P2P lending has long been around. Most of the loaning sites show how these companies have helped thousands of small business enterprises access funding to grow their ventures. Some p2p investing platforms’ historical annual returns (for investors) range between five to seven percent.

Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines have also seen the growth of peer to peer lending platforms. One of them is, which has connected lots of investors in search for rewarding investment options, with qualified borrowers.

By lending money online, investors  get to earn passive income, while borrowers are able to avail of a loan to tide them over, and pay it off in a convenient manner (via auto-debit), thereby avoiding late payments. It can be a win-win situation.

Invest in peer to peer lending now and grow your money. It all starts with creating an investor account the hassle-free way.  Once you have opened an account where funds may be deposited, you can begin reviewing potential borrowers. You can lessen the risk by investing small amounts in multiple p2p loans, diversifying your investment.