Follow the Green Light, Earn Big in the Comfort of Home

Mar 19, 2021

5 Ways to Make Money from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Ready to follow your instincts in earning money  and also pursue your passion – in the comfort of home? If you have long been working the daily grind, but getting nowhere near your desired financial goals, working from home may be a great alternative.

People in various stages of life – from plucky kids and ambitious teens to those in their prime or even approaching their sunset years, can attest to the many ways to generate income while enjoying all the comfort of home. Compared to working a 9-to-5 shift in a corporate setting or site, working and investing from home is like taking a dip in the ocean –anything goes, but at the end of the experience, you can bask in the achievement. Testing the waters on how to make money from your home, especially in the post-Covid era, is a smart move. Here are five good ideas to earn big bucks without having to go far:

1. Bake & earn. Start simple and small. Begin simply by pursuing a favorite hobby, like baking, and utilize the power of positive word-of-mouth as well as social media tools to build a captive clientele. These days, lots of startup entrepreneurs thrive with businesses like pastries and packed meals. Other small- to mid-sized businesses that have generated brisk business, even during the pandemic, are home services and supplies.

2. Online surveys. Lots of people who have explored how to make money without leaving home have, at some point, tried legit online survey jobs. Some online survey taking options produce a miniscule payout, but it is an easy way to earn extra bucks during your downtime. Sites like Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, and several others are worth checking out. Before you can proceed to see for yourself what websites like Swagbucks can offer, though, you need to give consent to storing of your personal data on secure servers in the US, and similar turns of use While you are checking sites and apps, you might as well look at survey apps to make money. The proliferation of sites and apps for survey taking points to one thing: Your opinion makes money.

3. Vlogging and hosting. Making money using a high-speed internet, with all the comfort of home, can be done in different ways. One way may be through quality vlogs, in which case you need to zero in on a specific area you are familiar with in order to attract a sizable following, and bring in ads. Most vlogs may require you to step outside your home, while others can rely on just what you have at home. You also need to go into the nitty-gritty of editing, hosting, and promoting content. Another way is through the cloud-based communications app Zoom.

How does Zoom make money? While using the platform for video conferences covering up to a hundred participants is free, the company offers various subscription packages for larger, lengthier conferences. The enhanced Zoom platform provides the virtual venue for events or regular activities that used to be conducted outdoors, like a walk through Humboldt Redwoods State Park in California.

4. Engage in an online business. An online business may range from offering professional services like website design, online tutoring, consultancy, customer service job in the comfort of home(which may require extra gadgets like a quality noise-cancelling headset, wired internet connection, plus tons of patience) or even selling pre-loved items. When cases of Covid-19 soared, stay-at-home orders and arrangements have led to even more people finding ways and means to generate steady income from home. When mulling over ‘how to make money with your house’ or in the comforts of home, without heading to an office, take a moment to see what each online job or business requires. If you happen to be adept at managing a broad range of tasks, for instance, becoming a virtual assistant may be a suitable online job.

Yes, you can build earnings steadily through online work, be it through blogging/vlogging, selling products, through online consultancy, or other ways.  When offering consulting services in the comfort of home, you need to be ready for the continuous flow of work that would come in, which may be through live calls and/or email management, video chat hosting, and so on.  Having extra energy, and all the tools at your disposal is just the start of it all.

5. Peer-to-peer lending. There are modern-day investment options that have moved at warp speed, and peer-to-peer lending (P2P) is one of them. Lots of borrowers looking to consolidate debt, fund a child’s education, or pay off bills like sudden medical or home-related expenses turn to reliable P2P lending platforms for support.  It is not just borrowers on the winning end, give n the ease of applying and speed in securing a loan via P2P lending platform.

Lenders win by getting returns above market rates while diversifying or spreading their risk in a variety of investor transactions. In the Philippines, one of the leading and trusted P2P leading platform has been attracting both borrowers and investors even during pandemic times. Its advice is to exercise caution when choosing which vehicle to invest in, yet make the decisive move now. As with most investments, there may be short-term gains or losses. offers two types of investor-arrangements to choose from. The P2P platform has introduced new features to its dashboard, suited for investors  who want to carefully choose which loans to shell out funds for. Investors visiting the investor section can filter and zoom in on specific borrower profiles that suit their criteria.

On the whole, there are numerous promising income-generating endeavors that can be done in the comfort of home. Certain individuals who realize the risks may go for the solid returns of stock market investing.  Selecting stocks that pay dividends is not for everybody, though. Other people go for investment options that allow them some control, eliminating much guesswork as well as undue stress.

When choosing among an array of possible money-making opportunities, determine the most suitable one for you based on your interests and skill sets. Certain money-making opportunities that deliver higher than traditional returns would even match your investor personality type – whether you are the conservative, laidback, or go-getting type. At the end of the day, the money-savvy investor should be reinvesting earnings. Let compounding interest and the passage of time work to potentially increase investment returns.

It is high time you devise an investment strategy Ask us how you can kickstart your way to earning a steady income from home.