Tasks are what keep the work going and employees are what keep the company successful.

Employees are the basic unit of a company structure, no matter how great the head of the business is, if the employees cannot follow suit, failure is something to expect.

Resignation and absences without leave are sometimes rooted in negative workspaces or irritating managers that usually demoralize workers. To stay on top, the business or the company needs to ensure that the employees also stay in top shape, especially in the competitive sector.

Rehiring and retraining new employees cost a lot for a company to sustain and it adds more work to other employees who could utilize the time retraining others for other tasks.

  • What Affects Work Performance
  • Create a positive workspace
  • Stay trustworthy
  • Take action when dramas ensue
  • Rules through company guidelines and critical thinking
  • Be supportive

As an employer, you need to build a good relationship with your employees, and here are some tips as to how.

1.  Create a positive workspace

Know your employees. What kind of workplace do they best work in? Are their work performance better with a different atmosphere? Set a positive workspace.

It does not need to be a colored office with pastel paints. If it would not disrupt other employees, try to let people personalize their workstations. Smile more and communicate more with team members while assuring that they are focused on their own tasks and ready for the day.

A positive workspace must be full of smiles but must be under professional standard. You can credit which employees did best and introduce healthy competition for their career growth. The quality of their work performance can be affected by competition so use it to your advantage as an employer.

Give them the freedom that is monitored under company guidelines. Let them enjoy work but also keep them in check if there are any crossing the line. See to it that your comments could make or break them so structure your words with sincerity and only concern to help them improve.

2.  Stay trustworthy

The employer is one of the few people an employee can go to in dire situations. Handle their concerns well, if they open up to you, keep your words under surveillance and if you stated any promises, take action.

The more you became trustworthy in their eyes, the more likely they communicate to you on a longer basis keeping all information in check. When an employee scorns you, they usually want to spend the lesser time you make sure that your communication with them is minimal as possible. You should avoid this type of scenario as much as possible.

Your produced work is their standard. Try to make all your work as perfect as possible. If you make a mistake, show what solutions you take to solve it and what other options there are. Show them your experience as an employer and the things you know about employee management. Appeal to them as professionally as possible.

Do not do anything that would break their trust. You should put how they see and what impressions they have of you as a long-term project. Stay consistent in how you act towards them to make it clear that you only have the best intentions for them.

3.  Take action when dramas ensue

Limit gossip as much as possible. Dramas are a concern when they start to affect the quality of production of the employees. Oftentimes, the reason for the resignation of some workers is their colleagues.

Understand every employee, do not look at just one and decide. Absorb as much information you have about your employees and if an issue sparks, try to kill it with the best you can. Colleagues need to bond to build their relationships so if you have existing recreational and retreats, utilize them for improving relationships.

Consider analyzing your employee for their work culture and their ethics. Communicate your concerns about their behavior, if there are any, and look for solutions based on your concern. A landmine is better when it is out of the ground so try to keep it in check before it destroys everything after being planted.

Be receptive to the employee’s issues towards one another and try to work with them through known methods such as one on one talks, and open forums, and if you could design one that works, try that. Value the employees that you have and their spiritual and mental health, you would find yourself working with them for years.

4.  Rules through company guidelines and critical thinking

Every company has a company guideline, make sure that every employee knows that. Usually, new hires read the company guidelines and read them thoroughly with the fear that they would be terminated after a mistake while past hires do whatever they want especially against minor ones.

If it is not helping the company, then some rules need to go. Help your employees adapt to change and if possible include their suggestions for new rules or eradicating existing rules that do not help the company or sometimes burden the employees.

Do not suddenly change existing rules. Adding new rules or restructuring company guidelines must be done either quarterly or what’s best in a yearly manner. Company guidelines are just a speck of what your employees need to accomplish for you, not the whole reason why they are in the company, to begin with.

5.  Be supportive

As an employer, you should be a support for your employees. Make sure that your employee’s achievements are known by the company, do not hide them in the shadows, and always value what they bring to the table.

Create a culture of moral support within the company.  Respect your employees and become worthy of their trust. If they have mistakes, take action and guide them to learn from their failure. The more you focus on the wrongs the more they lose their confidence to produce good results which often leads to lesser quality in their production.

Be supportive when needed and make your goodwill worth it by creating positive expectations toward employees. Normalize working on attainable goals and give them enough time to use their creativity and prowess.

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