’s new franchise partner is Rizal’s booming brand, Goca Tea & Coffee!

Sep 4, 2020

Franchise Opportunities Await Through the Hot Collaboration of and Goca Tea & Coffee

Utter the words ‘milk tea’ at any crowded place and Filipinos will surely look at you. What once was an unknown term is slowly becoming a staple in the country. Perfectly cold to help you chill out in the heat of the Philippines, with tasty toppings like boba to give you something to chew on, it’s hard to say no to an iced-filled cup of milk tea. Perhaps a cute packaging is also included, making it perfect for the camera and social-media addicted Pinoy.

If you’re not a fan of tea, coffee might be the beverage to capture your heart. Imagine a warm cup in your hands whenever the temperature drops or a yummy Frappuccino when it’s hot out. The best part of it, after all, is the delicious tastes you get and the boost in energy that follows soon after.

Whatever your mood might be and whatever flavors you might enjoy, coffee and tea are both irresistible beverages that can cheer you up even in the most hectic of days.

Goca Tea & Coffee: Your Local Beverage Source

So, if you love curating your experiences with these drinks, here’s a thought to ponder on. Why not create your own tea and coffee business?

Let’s take a look at this homegrown brand, Goca Tea & Coffee, and see how they are making waves in the local café scene. Goca began as the brainchild of Arch. Godie Masaganda and Ms. Catherine Forneste, thus, the name Go-Ca. But the best thing about their venture is this. With just one year of existence, this brand has 12 branches around the country and it is also on the look of opening more in the years to come!

Do you have an entrepreneurial desire, or a forgotten dream to manage your own business venture? This might be the sign you have been looking for!

Goca Tea & Coffee is open for franchising. You get access to the brand, the products, the training, and other things that you need to get the jumpstart you need to manage your business well. Plus, the management is also focused in monitoring everything to ensure that the products and services will remain consistent and high quality.

Let Help You Get the Funds You Need

Does opening your own branch of Goca Tea & Coffee sound good to you? If funding is the problem, we might be able to help you! Because signed a partnership deal with this up and coming local brand, you can get access to’s franchise loan to establish your Goca Tea & Coffee branch!

All you have to do is to apply now through the online platform. Provide all the necessary documents we need, wait 24 to 48 hours for our team to assess your profile, and get the results! If there’s a go signal, will transfer your loan amount to the Goca Tea & Coffee team, so they can work on turning over your franchise right away!

Talk To Us!

For more information on Goca Tea & Coffee franchise packages, you can shoot them an email at [email protected] or contact them at (0928) 847 8507. Should there be questions on how the franchise loan works, you can talk to us at [email protected].