Blend PH partners with Save5 in offering robust laundry solutions

Dec 3, 2019

Blend PH, the Philippines’ fastest growing P2P borrowing and lending marketplace, embarks on yet another exciting franchise partnership in the service-based sector with Save5 Laundromat, a revolutionary concept in self-service laundry that tags itself as “Ang Paboritong Labahan ng Bayan.”

Save5 Laundromat aims to provide a totally new, bright, and modern feel-good environment, allowing customers to save up on five (5) important things with the use of highly efficient and durable commercial washers and dryers. Save5 says the company’s number one priority is to help people in their daily lives and uplift lives through modern ways of living.

Save5 promises to help customers on the following:

  • Money – Full-service laundromats can charge up to PHP 50 per kilo whereas Save5 charges PHP 65 for a full load which is equivalent to roughly eight (8) kilos. This means that every kilo is around PHP 8, which is a lot cheaper than most.
  • Time – Because of the industrial-sized washers available for use, customers do not need to load the machines multiple times, so you can finish your washing in as little as an hour. Compared to washing at home where you have to do two or more loads with each lasting for an hour on average, you can save half of your Saturdays and spend quality time with your loved ones instead of using up your entire day just washing your clothes.
  • Space – No need to buy bulky washing machines and expensive dryers. No need for washing lines because your fresh laundry can go straight into your closet.
  • Water – Save5’s washers are manufactured in the United States, so you can expect to use top-quality, efficient machines. Your water bill won’t go up because you’re not using a lot and there’s no wastage.
  • Electricity – Normal home-based laundry equipment are not as energy efficient, which can cause an increase in your electric bill.

Save5 offers various services including professional and affordable dry cleaning that guarantees utmost care and concern for your precious wardrobe, industrial laundry to meet every bulky or challenging washer load, and pick-up and delivery for selected branches.

Investing in Save5 Launrdomat entails many benefits such as the capability to offer robust machine-driven laundry solutions to customers, proven performance and reliability, highly trained and customer-focused team, system-wide marketing, and resistance to recession.

Blend’s partnership with Save5 is ideal for Pinoy entrepreneurs who want to start their own self-service laundry business. Through the tie-up, franchise applicants can apply for franchise loans on Blend PH to get the capital they need or to top-up their existing budget to get their laundry franchise going at their target location.

While loan approval is still subject to the discretion of the lender on the platform, the franchise application process will become simpler since the transaction will happen between Blend and Save5 Laundromat once approved. This means that the new franchise owner can focus on the operations and processes involved in the business instead of spending most of his or her time labouring over the financials.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out to explore investing on a Save5 Laundromat business and contact Blend PH for your finance options.

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