Blend PH partners with Mangogoolat to keep Pinoys cool and refreshed for all seasons

Jun 24, 2019

Blend PH, the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) loan marketplace in the Philippines, joins forces with MangoGoolat, a fast-rising food cart franchise that features mango coolers, in providing franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to start their own small business.

MangoGoolat is a food cart operator that opened in the fourth quarter of 2018 in Tagaytay. The business offers mango-flavored items, particularly the Mango Graham Float that features a home-grown premium ice cream recipe.

Owned and operated by couple Jairo and Dianne Jaque, the brand initially started offering their products by joining different pop-up stores and bazaars around the metropolis. Currently, they have branches all over Luzon and is looking forward to open 30 more by the third quarter of 2019.

The name MangoGoolat was inspired by Maine, the owners’ Siberian Husky, who goes crazy upon seeing mangoes. As such, the dog became part of the company’s promotional logo – “Maine-go-goolat.” Meanwhile, the “goo” in MangoGoolat stands for the creamy and milky experience people will get from the artisanal vanilla ice cream featured in every cooler.

Aside from taking advantage of the mango craze, the main goal in starting the business was to attract and put a smile to people’s faces whenever they see the name and quality of MangoGoolat’s offerings.

If you’re interested in getting a MangoGoolat franchise but find yourself exploring options for financing, then consider getting a loan from Blend PH. Our P2P platform is filled with a network of Pinoy lenders willing to extend a helping hand depending on what your needs are.

Check out and take advantage of our partnership with MangoGoolat to get started with your mango craze franchise business!