Blend PH opens doors for future partner companies to cater employees’ financial needs

Jun 19, 2020

Owning and managing a company is indeed a humongous responsibility. You have to be an all-around employee to keep yourself always on the loop with what’s happening. You have to understand the function of each and every department and employees. Without a doubt, being a company owner is tedious and exhausting.

However, if you look into the bright side, you will realize how much you know your employees and their work. You will better empathize with them, and you will be able to address their needs based on your personal understanding. Hands-on guidance and interaction with them makes your company’s working dynamics more flexible thus, it also allows you–the company owner–to be a better leader.

One of the common problems that companies usually face is the lack of additional financial resources. This problem often goes back from having just enough money to sustain their business, and to provide for its employees. In some inevitable cases, there’s the need to shell out extra cash to cover unexpected expenses like broken machines, lack of supplies, short in manpower, and even, employees personal emergencies. As a company owner, you would always want to deal with these problems even if it meant altering your supposed budget. Aside from fixing stuff and making sure everything goes well, employees should also be one of the top priorities of the company; and when they experience distress, regardless if it’s out of the company’s business, help should always be offered. How can your company help your employees make both ends meet if you, as the company owner, struggles with the same problems as well?

Just like how the old saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” and Blend.PH, your hip Peer-to-Peer funding platform in the Philippines, came up with just the right answer to a company owner’s mind-boggling problem of finding an additional source of funds. Blend.PH has opened its financial solutions for companies who seek a helping hand. The company’s peer-to-peer lending has helped hundreds of employees from different companies situated in Metro Luzon.

Companies who agreed for a tie-up with Blend.PH were offered with easy, and convenient Salary Loans for their employees. How is it easy? Partner companies have several advantages when it comes to granting Salary Loans for their employees. First, active employees of partner companies will have their own personalized link that they can access when applying for a Salary Loan. Once they access their personalized link, the Human Resource officer of their company will automatically approve their Salary Loan application. Then, Blend.PH will immediately disburse their borrowed funds. Aside from that, their monthly repayments for the loan are way more convenient. Their company’s partnership with Blend.PH, allows their repayments to be processed through auto-debit  from their office payroll bank account.

Some of the companies who partnered with Blend.PH were able to help their employees financially through Blend.PH peer-to-peer funding. These companies are First Future Education, an online teaching company; RFC Visionary, a food stall branding and food product company; Varda Foods Corporation, the founder of hit burger joint Varda Flame Grill, and; Tapawarma Inc., a Fil-Mediterranean restaurant. Indeed it stays true to the saying, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

These kinds of help have gone a long way and it has strengthened the owner and employee relationship in these companies. Blend.PH aims to help every company in finding the financial stability equally weighed with strong employee relations by offering financial solutions. With this, Blend.PH also offers you the same benefits that your company and your employees can get through this partnership. In that sense, well-supported employees can yield a more productive and efficient company. Caring for your company is also caring for your employees, and Blend.PH is here to help you build that family.