Blend PH celebrates a huge partnership with True Franchising World

Apr 23, 2020

Your local peer-to-peer funding platform, Blend.PH has announced another huge partnership with True Franchising World this April 2020 in providing unique business concepts for aspiring entrepreneurs all over the Philippines.

True Franchising World was founded by a group of entrepreneurs whose mission is to endorse and advocate franchising to all business-minded Filipinos. They are offering 11 unique food concepts for franchising and these are Kumapares, Tearrific, Ca’fe Cars N Coffee, Super Lomi, BarbeeQ, GotoMe, 24 Seven Tapsi, Miss Samalamig, Scottea, and Bananaque Republic. Other than that, they are also offering two other services, Spa and Beezee Carwash.

With TFW’s full-proof business model and franchising concepts that aim to cater the local Filipino market, it is a guarantee that fast Return-On-Investment (ROI) is one of their many promises that will always be fulfilled. The line-up of franchise stores offers unique and affordable food products from Barbecues, Gotos (Rice porridge), Pares, Pinoy beverages, Milk teas, Coffees, and Pinoy Tapa to even Filipinos’ favorite dessert, Banana Cues. TFW envisioned the market’s need for on-the-go food products that’s why the tend to these instant needs immediately.

With their partnership with Blend.PH, TFW is now trying to expand their brand to every aspiring entrepreneur out there. Their franchise packages start from 1.5 Million to 5 Million pesos—a business that garnered different awards such as Awardee for Top Choice Pares Meal Franchise Chain, Most Outstanding Affordable Pares Franchise, Business Excellence 2015, Most Trusted Consumers Brand Award, and People’s Choice Award for Best Authentic Original Pares Dishes. Their franchise packages vary depending on the amount that you wish to avail, and these are the inclusions, the use of brand name, marketing and training assistance, franchising fee, seminars, business operation system, pre and grand opening assistance, 5 pillars of ROI, and many more.

Blend.PH partnership with TFW will help you reach your dream of owning a franchise. You can now avail franchise loan through our peer-to-peer funding platform. Just log on to and check your eligibility. Then, you can sign up and submit all the necessary documents and requirements. If you have provided complete requirements, your franchise loan application is guaranteed to be processed between 1 to 2 business days. Once approved, your borrowed capital will be disbursed directly to TFW franchisors and which means you can now give your 100% focus in starting your own franchise through TFW.

For more questions, you can reach us at [email protected].