With the rising popularity of Korean dramas, idols, and fashion, no wonder Filipinos have started to crave the taste of Korean street food. What’s best is that Seoul Blvd is just around the corner to offer the experience.

The K-fever is in the Philippines.

The new partner of BlendPH presents the most authentic Korean street food in the Philippines.

  • Seoul Blvd: The Authentic Korean Street Food Business
  • Everything to Try on Seoul Blvd
  • Seoul Blvd and BlendPH partnership
  • BlendPH business loans and how to apply

BlendPH is now partnering with Seoul Blvd to deliver the Korean taste everyone desires. Whether you are craving to try the foods you could only see on your screen or wanting to eat the mouth-watering Korean street snacks you’ve tried before, Seoul Blvd is a place for you.

There are a hundred reasons to try the authentic South Korean food culture, and there are a million reasons why you and other small businesses should partner with BlendPH.

Seoul Blvd: The Authentic Korean Street Food Business

Lester Andrada started the food business after experiencing the rich culture of Korean street foods. He wanted to share the excellent taste he enjoyed through building Seoul Blvd.

Pojangmacha was the inspiration for the food business, which is small Korean street snack stalls. Koreans visit these stores to buy affordable street foods and enjoy them with a bottle of soju after a long work day.

You do not need to buy plane tickets to try the taste of authentic Korean street snacks as Andrada brought deliciousness to Calamba, offering a number of must-try menus. With outstanding service and memorable flavors similar to its country of origin, Seoul Blvd continues to prove its authenticity.

Seoul Blvd assures that the Korean street food offered by the management is close to its country of origin South Korea. Prepare your taste buds for the Korean flavors by visiting the store and trying out the perfect Korean dishes for you to try.

Everything to try on Seoul Blvd

After a day of watching Korean dramas and Idol’s variety program, you may have a list in your notes of what food to try from South Korea in the future. Have a taste of it on Seoul Blvd, where you can find authentic South Korean street snacks.

The store serves its patrons the best and most authentic Korean street foods in Calamba. The following are some of the tasteful must-haves on their menu.

You may have seen it already, but Tteokbokki is a Korean rice cake shaped like small logs in the size of a pinky finger. Often served spicily, this dish is one of Korea’s most favorite. The food even won the title of South Korea’s number one comfort food. Choose how you want your rice cakes by their varying flavors, from mild to spicy and creamy-thick-styled bowls.

Try japchae or Korea’s stir-fried glass noodles with mixed vegetables and well-seasoned meat. This popular dish is enjoyed alone or above a heap of rice, perfect for Filipinos who can’t live with the supple white grain. The sweet and savory flavor lingers on the tongue. Only in Seoul Blvd could you enjoy this taste plus the crunchy vegetables to balance the soft noodles.

Bulgogi is Korea’s ‘fire meat,’ made with high-quality beef’s most delicate and delicious part. The Koreans often grill Bulgogi or stir-fry for variations. The majority of Seoul Blvd’s patrons highly recommend their Bulgogi for its savory meat and crunchy vegetables.

You can also taste the authentic Kimchi loved by the customers. Kimchi is a staple in every Korean household. The food is served and is enjoyed by Koreans with other snacks and dishes as the flavor ranges from sweet, spicy, or sour. The Kimchi could also be a condiment, an additional ingredient for different courses, and a side dish.

You are served lots of vegetables and meat Bibimbap, which is famous in South Korea and other countries for its healthiness and versatility. Enjoy the platter with Kimchi as your topping and gochujang or other Korean condiments to add flavor. You could also add mandu to your order for added savor.

Seoul Blvd also offers desserts from rice cakes to corn cakes with drinks to pair. Expect excellent quality service from the staff. It’s not just the products but also the service that the customers enjoy.

Visit Seoul Blvd now, and do not forget to try their fish cakes, corn dogs, ramen, and ramyeon for the whole experience of Korea’s street snacks. You could read how the patrons enjoy their meal from Seoul Blvd through Restaurant Guru. Don’t miss out on the five-star experience.

Seoul Blvd and BlendPH partnership

Seoul Blvd is one of the small businesses that took advantage of the genuine lending partnership offered by BlendPH to boost their restaurant. Their establishment has existed since 2019 and is now continuing its service in the food industry.

Through the partnership, Seoul Blvd can continue its mission to provide Filipinos with a memorable and authentic South Korean street food experience. The store could now continue its excellent quality service and cater to wider audiences with the help of BlendPH.

The connection with Seoul Blvd and BlendPH is a communicated contract to fulfill their needs for additional funding. With the low-interest rate loans offered by BlendPH, the authentic South Korean experience could strive for longer.

You and your business can partner with BlendPH. For any needs in the capital, financial support, and emergency fund, BlendPH is a place to go.

BlendPH business loans and how to apply

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