A new partnership by Blend.ph & Mr. Tentacles aims to bring takoyaki to more hungry tummies!

Sep 23, 2020

Mr. Tentacles grasps franchise partnership deal with Blend.ph for all takoyaki lovers

Filipinos love everything about our neighboring Asian countries – and that extends to Japan. Aside from their obvious influence during the time they reigned over the country, Filipinos remain fascinated with everything about Japanese culture even until today. From their fashion and lifestyle, to their anime and music, Japan will always have a special place in the loving Pinoy heart.

With the boom of travelling and tourism in the recent years, Japan’s street food flew its way to the Philippine shores. One of the new favorites among the locals is the takoyaki. In simple terms, takoyaki is a snack in the shape of a ball. It is created by combining octopus, vegetables, and a wheat flour batter using a special pan with a round-shaped mold. With its sweet sauce and savory flavor, it is the ultimate treat to capture our food-loving hearts.

Arising From The Love Of A Japanese Snack

This amazing Japanese creation is a very promising business venture to explore in our current times. And that’s served as the inspiration for the owners of Mr. Tentacles. With four years serving delicious takoyaki to people from the South of Metro Manila and Cavite, this food biz just began as a passion project from someone who loves eating this Japanese snack a lot.

The idea for this business, simply put, is to share the love for takoyaki and let Filipinos know this new dining experience. Eventually, this mission evolved to bringing the authentic baby octopus takoyaki in the Philippine market. Starting from one branch in Kawit, Cavite, in front of the Aguinaldo Shrine, Mr. Tentacles has now evolved to seven branches.

At present, Mr. Tentacles offers three main products.

  • First off, the baby octopus takoyaki that you can get in an original or spicy sauce. It is also enhanced with some seaweed and bonito flakes.
  • The second item on the menu is the ebiyaki, which is one of the crowd favorites. It is created with a shrimp and a quail egg with their takoyaki batter.
  • Finally, they also offer the Mr. Tentacles Overload, which is a takoyaki that has baby octopus, a crabstick, and a shrimp in one ball!

You Can Open Your Mr. Tentacles Store, Too!

Now, here’s the good news. The Mr. Tentacles team is looking into expanding their brand through franchising! And for some better news, if you’re feeling like you are a little short on your budget, you still have a chance! You can get some funding for your capital through linking your application with Blend.ph.

With Blend.ph’s partnership with Mr. Tentacles, you can sign up for our franchise loan – with a fully online application process. Just visit the Blend.ph site and check your eligibility to become a borrower. Should you get positive results, you just have to upload the additional document requirements and wait for the notification on whether you are approved for the application. The waiting time will just be 24 to 28 hours. Once you get approval, the fund will be directed to Mr. Tentacles and you’ll be on your way to open your new takoyaki food cart!

Open the possibilities and start your own Japanese street food business venture. For more information, you can inquire on the franchise process by emailing [email protected] or visiting Mr. Tentacles FB Page. If you want some clarifications on how a Blend.ph loan works, you can talk to us at [email protected].