5 Uniquely Pinoy Business Ideas for the Summer Season

Apr 30, 2019

Although summertime is always associated with travel, beaches, and getaways, the burning hot sun can also be a great source of inspiration for some people. The warm weather can present a slew of seasonal business opportunities that can be of interest to many enterprising Filipinos.

Whether you have extra time on your hands or you just want to start making money, consider the following business ideas detailed below. When executed seamlessly, these ventures can set you up not just for this season but also for the rainy days and beyond.

Cold Food and Beverages

What is summer without dessert items like halo-halo, fruit shakes, and ice cream, or the plain old neighborhood staples ice and iced candy? These are practically necessities when it comes to combatting the burning heat of the sun.

Since they are summer staples, almost everyone have tried making and selling them. Therefore, you have to stand out when venturing into this kind of business. For instance, you can invest on an ice machine that makes “powdered snow” for your halo-halo. Or you can diversify your offerings when selling shakes – milk tea is a popular option while mango float is the craze nowadays. It could also be as simple as perfecting your iced candy recipe; really, whatever floats your boat.

Your starting capital would depend on what you’re selling and the materials you’ll be bringing in. A halo-halo business can be a PHP 2,000 venture, while a basic frappe or milk tea cart can require a PHP 80,000 investment (or greater, depending on the offering).

Barbecued Items

While food remains a significantly huge industry all year round, it is especially a hit during the summer when families and friends get together on the beach, in public parks, or the simple neighborhood side streets.

Tasty food items cooked over the grill such as BBQ, steaks, chicken, burger patties, pork chops, and hotdogs are particularly interesting to patrons especially when the sauce is great. Paired with ice cold drinks like beer or soft drinks, they are great everyday items that can be profitable for starting business owners.

This is a fun and enjoyable business venture that can keep you busy this summer. Barbecued items are easy to make, plus they require a low capital while providing great margins. Some business owners have reportedly started with as little as PHP 2,000 to 5,000 as capital. Most of the money would go to the marinated meat, ingredients for the sauce, skewers, and charcoal.

You can spend another PHP 5,000 for materials like a good makeshift griller and a metal base to put the charcoal in. You can have someone make these things for you out of scrap metal for a cheaper price.

Water Refilling Stations

The demand for drinking water is much higher during the summer, but a water refilling business is generally good especially for densely populated areas at any time of the year because water is a basic commodity.

But aside from the fact that water supply is historically lower during the summer months, the recent water supply crisis has also provided another rationale for venturing into this space.

For as low as PHP 150,000, you can start your own water refilling business with all the materials you need included. However, if you’re planning to franchise a known water refilling station, you can expect to spend up to PHP 250,000 depending on the type or size of equipment needed.

Overhead expenses and location rental are not yet included in these prices, so if you have your own space measuring 20 to 25 square meters (and above) that you can convert to support your operations, setting up shop can be a little easier and cheaper.

Vacation Rentals

Living near a beach or a popular summer travel destination can be a great way to make extra money. Consider renting out your property to tourists when you’re not using it, or try to open up a homestay if you have an extra room or two in your place. Thanks to marketplaces like AirBnB and outlets like Facebook, listing your space for business has become extremely easy nowadays.

Furnishing a bare unit could send you close to spending PHP 100,000 in one blow. This still excludes permits, maintenance and upkeep, service fees, and your monthly overhead. Nevertheless, you’ll be in for great margins if you rake up reviews or get popular through word-of-mouth. You could make as much as PHP 50,000 a month minus all expenses if you’re booked most nights and if things go as planned.

Setting up your place as a homestay accommodation can be more economical and less bureaucratic. You’ll be earning less, but you’ll be gaining some sort of a passive income. It will be as if you’re just entertaining guests for the night; you’ll only have to prepare breakfast for them the morning after.

Fashion Retail

Let’s admit it – people want to look cool for the summer. Printed shirts, shorts, sundresses, and sunglasses are hot, so it’s best to take advantage of the season by selling seasonal RTW clothes and accessories that are both trendy and utilitarian.

Depending on your budget, you can get volume discounts from wholesalers in Divisoria or Taytay to build your inventory. Take your cue from this seamstress who built a million-peso garment startup by taking out a PHP 5,000 loan.

You can offer these fast fashion items at summer bazaars or you can even choose to sell them completely online. Back these up with heavy social media promotion and enticing product photos, and you could be running out of stock in no time.

Whether you’re setting up a short-term business during the summer or you intend to keep it running all year round, you’d need capital to get it off the ground. If you don’t have the funds to pursue it, you should look into P2P loans as an option.

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