YenMarc Food Cart Partners With BlendPH, Offers` Right Ride’ for Enterprising Pinoys

May 3, 2021

While many industries were hit when the pandemic happened, some enterprising Pinoys just rolled with the punches, and got smart. Some of them have hitched their wagons to the food franchise cart business.

YenMarc Food Cart, which recently signed a partnership agreement with (one of the Philippines’ leading peer-to-peer funding platform), is tapping that go-getting breed of Filipino entrepreneurs to be its long-term business partner.

If you look around you, you will note that the food and beverage cart business is undoubtedly one of the most active yet challenging small businesses nowadays. As many people stayed at home, missing the bustling restaurant scene, their attention was drawn to food sellers that sprouted and began offering their products online.

Love Affair With Comfort Foods Rekindled

Most Pinoys are comfort food lovers, and during pandemic time, it did not take much to rethink one’s relationship with food. It was one of the essentials. Most folks even find food – and those who offer it – an emotional lifeline. Fun – in the time of Covid-19 – can happen, when there is good food and drinks at home.

Notwithstanding the adversities or  chaos unfolding in everyday life, you can always have that favorite item, and for many individuals, it is a favorite snack or beverage. All-time favorite drinks like milk tea, or eats like dimsum, noodles, pizza, to heavier fare like lechon manok or samgyup meal combos easily get a following, and these are the items YenMarc decided to offer via the franchising route.

Throw in all-out marketing, plus the fact that most determined and business-minded Pinoys can readily hone skills when it comes customer relations and retention, and you have a good mix to spur business. YenMarc Food Cart ensures a complete package, including a high-end food cart, complete set of equipment, use of trade name, logo, and the business system, not to mention initial inventory, operations training and marketing support, among others.

Those mulling over starting their own food/beverage franchise cart business may choose from a pizza food cart, waffles food car, “litson manok” food cart, Urbanitea milk tea/fruit tea or samgyup on the go food cart. Touted as guaranteed clean and delicious, these food offerings by YenMarc Food Cart easily get core groups of regular customers.

As small businesses continued to flourish, a kind of micro nonprofit that started from what was dubbed the “Maginhawa Community Pantry” was born, and YenMarc joined the community spirit as it took part in this initiative.

Queries revolving around food options of sellers are usually done online. Prior to the pandemic and until now, shoppers want to know if online providers have what they need right away, and official company sites in popular social media have been effective ways to reach out to target markets.

Hurdling the Challenges

The continuing pandemic has been a big financial setback for sure, but for Pinoys left with small savings and calculating how long their remaining funds will hold them over, the food cart business makes good business sense. YenMarc’s rallying cry: “To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

The captive market is there. Whether it is time-crunched parents you are looking at, or millennials working and staying at home, or any other people simply on the prowl for their favorite beverages or snacks, food cart franchisees can answer the consumer demand by supplying food and drink needs of a populace.

Beyond ensuring a good product, food cart franchisees would benefit from a good attitude, and a mindset that is ready to strike seemingly never-ending  items off a mental to-do list. Many new business owners encounter the birth pains, and have to deal with just about everything, including a “now” deadline.

Can you thrive under pressure, develop methods to get the most work done in the least time seamlessly, yet make everyone feel so enamored by a unique brand of customer service that buyers want o order again? If you are up for the challenge, then the food franchise business may be right for you.

The advantage of starting a food franchise cart (that may later on be expanded) over a brick-and-mortar food establishment is that there is very minimal staff required. Unlike a regular food establishment where a lot of spaces need to be maintained and employees trained & reminded to adhere to safety protocols, a food cart is very, very manageable.

In the Philippines and across the world, a local foodservice provider can continue to cater to the resident market over time, but in other instances, often because of financial pressures, the business shifts its focus away from the residents to  visitors or other areas of the city where it operates.

Food businesses that continue to operate reflect the twin traits of resilience and hard work. As a food service operator had remarked, “When you navigate from a place of scarcity, you don’t stop to look at what could be possible.” The options and possibilities are limitless, if you just keep working hard.

It may be hard for people to feel at ease right now given the health crisis, but eventually, as financial experts and business operators themselves opine, the markets are going to come back up.

Filipinos, for their part, never stop hustling to provide for their family’s needs, in some cases by starting their own business.  Reassess your financial goals and ask for the funding assistance you may require when opening your own food cart business