White Dragon Taiwan Milk Tea Enters Into Partnership Deal With BlendPH

Nov 24, 2021

Make way for bubble tea entrepreneurs

Does your heart always sing for milk tea? Milk tea names have proliferated in the metro since pre-pandemic time, but it takes grit for a small business to create a recession-proof business plan during pandemic, and aspire to be the best choice milk tea brand in Greater Metro Manila. Such is the case with White Dragon Taiwan Milk Tea, which recently signed a memorandum of agreement as franchise partner of BlendPH.

The partnership will benefit more new franchisees who may require financial backing to get their dream brown sugar milk tea business off the ground.  BlendPH is a pioneering peer-to-peer (P2P) funding platform in the Philippines, providing simplicity, ease, and security in P2P loan transactions. With BlendPH as franchise partner, the franchisor is counting on bringing more franchisees into its fold and impart bubble tea know-how through a proven business model.

Creating the Right Mix

Standing out from the crowd and satisfying tastebuds are twin challenges that a startup brown sugar boba milk tea shop may face. Milk tea strikes lots of people as fun, flavorful, refreshing, but on the operations side, small business owners need to go deeper than what instantly comes to mind. There needs to be a higher level of service in the world of bubble tea/caramel sugar milk tea selling. Besides things like turning a profit after all the incurred costs, the right mix of ingredients and sourcing are important.

Meeting the flavor and functional needs of the target demographic is key to a high margin-earning business. This is something White Dragon Taiwan Milk Tea has taken seriously. Noted for its palate-pleasing varieties of brown sugar milk tea, White Dragon Taiwan Milk Tea started in late September 2020 amidst the COVID19 Pandemic.

The brown sugar milk tea company traces its humble beginnings to a shophouse in Batasan Hills, Quezon City. In just one month, the brand became a crowd favorite, aided by a strong social media presence, consistent market approach, and delicious products that suited local tastes, flavors. It can be said that White Dragon Taiwan became a true dragon. How was it able to pull it off?

For starters, the company used real ingredients in place of artificial powdered flavorings and flavored syrups commonly used by many sellers operating in the marketplace. White Dragon Taiwan Milk Tea Shop® is a family business model owned, conceptualized, organized, structured, and managed by its proprietor, Justin Santos Atendido, who ensured that premium, authentic, healthy, affordable, flavorsome Asian-inspired beverages reached consumers.

White Dragon Taiwan Milk Tea Shop uses real and natural flavors and ingredients for its milk tea recipes. The brand catered to individuals with simple to finicky tastes, and those who are embracing healthier beverage options. Real cow’s milk is used in place of typical non-dairy powdered creamers. White Dragon also uses organic Muscovado sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup commonly used by almost all other milk tea brands in the market.

The wide assortment of milk tea in the market can keep customers busy for several minutes just choosing. There is brown sugar boba milk with add-ons like cream mousse, a delicious combination of tea, milk, plus chewy pearls. Though some options do not have sweetness level adjustments, the milk tea sugar content is an important thing for individuals who adhere to mindful eating and drinking. The White Dragon brown sugar boba menu indicates sweetness level as “normal sweetness,” “less sweet,” and “very less sweet.”

Black Sugar Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea & More

Overall, milk tea “has become a mainstay in the Pinoy refreshment scene.” Yet there are still some people who have yet to experience first-hand the authentic taste of traditional boba tea. For the uninitiated, the question, “what does brown sugar milk tea taste like?” is best answered by drinking one.

Brown sugar milk tea is one of the most popular flavors falling under the classic ones.  The indulgent, dessert-like beverage has a base of fresh milk, brown-sugar syrup, and chewy pearls. Most bubble tea distributors offer classic favorites or brown sugar boba milk tea along with well-loved options like Taro – with its sweet, earthy, vanilla-like flavor and purple hue – and Matcha.

Across the world, milk tea names have evolved but it was a Taiwanese entrepreneur who thought about riding on the tea shop trend by adding translucent tapioca balls to milk tea. Black pearls milk tea was also among the early concoctions. The entrepreneur’s recreation of a traditional food was ingenious; it led to a very lucrative business.

The term “bubble tea” was used because of the appearance of “bubbles” that are actually the soft, chewy tapioca pearls sitting at the bottom of a glass of the delightful drink. Before long, bubble tea gained enormous popularity throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, US and Europe. Boba tea in the traditional sense is similar to sweet & strong Hong Kong milk tea, Thai tea, Malaysian milk tea, all of which have black tea as a base, sweetener and a milk ingredient.

The best seller milk tea flavor in Philippines keeps changing, though milk tea fanatics would often single out standout options from highly frequented stores. There are Tiger Sugar milk tea delights as well as fast sellers from other drink franchises based in Taiwan such as CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice and Chatime. A customer may go for the Serenitea best seller, then shift to a Gong Cha option or Infinitea best seller or a Black Scoop milk tea like brown sugar latte boba the next time around.

Netizens sometimes indicate flavors they immensely enjoyed in popular social media sites. One milk tea lover shared, for example, that roasted Okinawa milk tea from Dakasi with extra pearl and extra oreo is splendid. Okinawa milk tea taste is not too rich yet enticing with its roasted brown sugar flavor. Individuals who may prefer something a little sweeter and deeper in flavor profile may go for Hokkaido milk tea.

Milk tea can be regarded as comfort food, though health buffs may point out that sugar can be a real enemy, which is why the sugar level milk tea specification counts for something.

Quality Product, Strategic Pricing

Whether as part of a leisurely lunch or snack with girlfriends or as an addition to tucking in healthy eats, brown sugar milk tea with an authentic taste can be a real treat.  It can add another dimension to the classic drink given the swirls of brown sugar, and tummy pleasing add-ons thrown in.

Companies go to great lengths, such as throwing in blockbuster movie characters to lend a cute twist to beverages served.  As far as one of the best authentic Asian-inspired milk tea cafés in the Philippines is concerned, White Dragon Taiwan continues to innovate. Apart from offering a suitable mix of ingredients, it adhered to strategic value pricing, and an effective food delivery system. During the pandemic, the company catered to customers’ milk tea cravings by delivering right to their doorsteps.  Currently, the man branch in Batasan Hills, Quezon City delivers in that area, as well as to Marikina City and San Mateo, Rizal. White Dragon also operates in North Caloocan City.

Lots of reviews, including fresh and natural ingredients used, sugar level of milk tea options tried, to milk tea best seller standouts, have been written. At the end of the day, the yumminess factor as well as the right ingredients mix zoom up the list of crucial factors, and then there is the pricing. What if the beverage company hits all the right spots? Well and good.

Let committed and bankable milk tea names in the Philippine beverage scene, like White Dragon Taiwan Milk Tea, show the way not only to every milk tea lover’s heart, but to a viable franchise business. For financing a new venture that can pave the way to being your own boss and eventually gaining financial independence, turn to trusted P2P funding platform BlendPH, which offers franchise loan or business loan at flexible terms.