Things You Need to Know About Investing from the Get-Go

Apr 16, 2021

Ever tried old-school ways of investing money, or modern-day ideas that have huge potential of leading to enormous profits and much-desired financial freedom? On the prowl for a relatively “safe” investment with high return? Or content with a low-risk option with a modest return on your money?

Whichever route you take for your financial investment, there are investing facts and rule to keep in mind. Probe and check out everything there is to know about new investments that seem promising for you. You can glean insights and learn how to invest from seasoned business owners or entrepreneurs that.

The first rule of thumb when making an investment decision is not to jump on the bandwagon. Just because there is much buzz about the latest cryptocurrencies, for example, does not mean you will earn money fast the same way. Nothing can be farther from the truth, especially if you know little about how things move in the crypto space.

Sure, you simply want to gain control of your finances, or make your earnings grow, and perhaps also help startup business grow with your capital infusion, but it is crucial to conduct exhaustive research based on facts, not on  hearsay nor popular opinion.

Good investments do not just land on your lap. You need to seek them out, closely monitor,  and see which ones would be worth holding on to.

 You must not plunge into or accept an investment recommendation without doing your homework. For instance, you may be tempted to take a crash course on how to invest in stocks but there is no guarantee that the organization or entity whose stock you invest on will grow.  On the other hand, you cannot be forever just speculating. Knowing how to play the stock market requires knowing your risk appetite.  Investing 101, particularly a stock investment, entails being equipped with sufficient knowledge, including clever strategies and foresight to cushion blows.

If you are considering to invest in stocks for the first time, then you need to look at it from several angles. Take a moment to let this fact  sink in: you may have to  deal with the trade-off between how much time you are willing to spend and how much money you want to make.

Not your cup of tea? Fret not, because stock investing is not the only way to grow your money. Apart from the stock market, there are other lucrative platforms for buying and selling.

There is social media, where much selling of goods is taking place nowadays. There is also peer-to-peer (P2P) funding platform, an underrated yet promising way to earn at above-market rates. Barring unforeseen circumstances, P2P investors may enjoy a higher return on their money compared to what a high-yield savings account, certificate of deposit (CD), or other traditional  investments can offer.

A P2P funding platform can be a good way to diversify one’s portfolio, or to spread risks across several investments. That brings us to the other commonsense facts everyone should know before shelling out funds. Know what you are saving up for, and the main goal you want to achieve. Is it to fund your children’s education, support your aging parents, or save for your retirement? Ask yourself that, along with other questions, like which investment is best for someone who is likely to need cash soon?

If you need to be liquid, you can consider investing money in a variety of short-term options. Cash management accounts are low-risk investments that offer liquidity.  Once you have narrowed down your options to the most suitable financial investment, and learned the fundamentals, begin investing now, even with a modest amount, or a little at a time.

Your investing journey of a thousand miles will begin with that single step. Those small amounts will add up to a hefty sum over time. You just need to ‘stay invested.’

Another good way of investing money is to start your own business, not in a pompous, nor impulsive manner, but in a simple but calculated manner. You can start small, get good ideas from successful entrepreneurs who started from scratch, and perhaps even get a consultant or investments help. See to it that you have not lost sight of one important fact, which is to invest in what you know, or something you have a passion for.

Risk Averse or Up For the Challenge?

All investments have varying levels of risk. Are you up for the challenge? Or do you think you will just be stressing yourself out no end? There are rewards and pitfalls when embarking on your investment journey.  From the get-go, you need to assess and reassess your comfort zone in taking on risks.

Risks may range from external factors like inflation to business downturns arising from unexpected events, like the global pandemic. Apart from weighing the risks, in selecting investments consistent with your goals, you should consider as well the amount of time it will require from you, and the control you can have over your funds.

Most investors need to keep track of their investments. Is there an automated way of selecting and monitoring your investments? Automation streamlines processes, and will prevent you from having to devote more time than necessary to get your financial investments off to a smooth and secure start.  Having some control over the investment you make is also ideal. If you are able to take control, you are in effect gaining a semblance of certainty over your financial future.

These are two things you can benefit from when you make an investment via a reliable P2P platform like, one of the leading and continually growing players in the Philippines.

Overall, it does not require massive wealth and many years of study to learn how to invest. With so many informational resources on the web and testimonials of individuals who have successfully reached their financial goals by using the right investing fundamentals, contemporary investors have all the tools and resources at their disposal. They just have to harness them, and focus.

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