Take a Bite of the Silog Craze With a Bacologan Food Cart

Sep 22, 2021

Hearty silog meal takeouts are all the rage. This pandemic time, determined entrepreneurs are bringing all-time Filipino meal favorites to diners of varying ages and generating income via the franchising route. Such is the case with Bacalogan Tambayan, which recently inked a Memorandum of Agreement with leading peer-to-peer funding platform BlendPH.

Bacalogan Tambayan started business operations in 2019. The very first branch was opened in a place noted for its colorful culture – Silang, Cavite.  Today, the company is poised for expansion.

Good taste is among the top considerations why consumers prefer certain food brands over others. Placed alongside a good marketing strategy and attentive customer service, companies are able to soar.  In the case of Bacalogan Tambayan, tasty local ingredients that comprise a “silog” meal and the homespun Pinoy values they evoke were the elements that drew the attention of many buyers.

The popularity of silog dishes in many communities in the country can be attributed to Filipinos’ love for rice. Make that garlic rice – resourcefully made from recent leftover rice served with sunny side up egg and a protein, which may be beef, pork, chicken, luncheon meat, hotdog, or any desired accompaniment to complete the silog meal.

Successfully figuring out how to create and add value for customers sets some companies apart from the rest of the pack.  Bacalogan Tambayan, for its part, not only appealed to the tastes of its target customers, but also devised catchy names for food options that varied based on their appetite/consumption level.

The core product, a silog meal, is amusingly called “Gutom,” “Gutom na Gutom,” and “Gutom na Gutom na Gutom,” with the latter containing heftier servings. Realizing people’s love for snacks, Bacalogan Tambayan also offers merienda items like buy 1 take 1 burgers and cheese sticks.

The franchise business is thriving today, amidst the towering presence of big-name fastfood restaurants. Bacalogan may not have the same brand magnetism as its much bigger and much more established counterparts in the food service industry, but the very simplicity of its operations and the affordability of the franchise business (that makes it surprisingly within reach of Pinoys eager and ready to take the small franchise business route) added to its main strengths.

Affordable Franchise Packages

A franchise venture offers the advantage of a proven business model, but it is the passion, inner drive, strong work ethic and positive mindset of the franchisor that help anchor the business. To date, business owner Stephanie Umali Custodio ensures that the company’s recipe for success is well-concocted.

Bacalogan Tambayan, as of this September 2021, offers discounted prices for its basic cart, mall type, kiosk type, and booth/outdoor type franchise packages. Interested franchisees may make hand a reservation payment to avail of the slashed rate of a franchise cart or bigger options.

The success of any of the franchise types lies on several factors, including quality maintenance, and the ability of frontline staff to deal with customers on a day-to-day basis. Ingraining the values of entrepreneurship and good treatment of staff members in such a way as to make them feel they belong to a family can motivate them to care for the business, seasoned entrepreneurs share. 

The importance of running the business well cannot be emphasized enough. Running a franchise venture also requires learning how to resolve issues with unhappy customers and win them back, as well as attracting new ones and retaining them.

Thinking outside the box, a hands-on approach and a flair for communicating with people may also be quite useful, particularly if one is bracing for competitive advantage, or to create a top business franchise venture that can weather not just changing business cycles but crises, such as the onset and resurgence of Covid-19.

Utilizing social media and P2P

Bacalogan Tambayan, like most modern-day small franchise businesses seeking to gain ground, utilizes popular networking sites to make its product offerings and business packages known to interested individuals.  

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