Seafoods Restaurant Don Carlos partners with BlendPH

Apr 4, 2022

SUMMARY: Don Carlos’ seafoods restaurant partners with BlendPH, a peer-to-peer online funding platform offering a franchise loan that everyone around the Philippines can instantly apply for.

Seafoods Restaurant Don Carlos eases beyond the city 

Summer is around the corner, which means a lot of people are flocking to the beach. And as everyone knows, the beach is where the wondrous and umami-tasting seafood plates are. But unlike summer, savoring dishes of seafood is not seasonal. That is why searchers like “seafood restaurant near me” are also abundant. Many seafoods restaurants are making their names known and are flourishing all year round. In Iligan City, DC Crabs by Don Carlos has been making significant steps to become the go-to seafoods restaurant of many. 

Don Carlos’ seafoods restaurant partners with BlendPH, a peer-to-peer online funding platform offering a franchise loan that everyone around the Philippines can instantly apply for. Such a franchise venture is a clear sign that the seafoods restaurant is off to a great course in growing its business and accommodating more seafood lovers beyond the city. After all, there can be no more than enough seafoods restaurants nearby. With Don Carlos’ seafoods restaurant, the increasing seafood business is only gaining another gem with its unique spices and raved sauces featuring the best of Asia. 

When one searches for “seafood restaurant near me,” franchise businesses, like what Don Carlos seafoods restaurant is currently building, are what users usually get. Franchise ventures make it easier and possible for companies to get their brand and services known and eventually become one of the nation’s favorites. With BlendPH’s franchise loan offer, seafoods restaurant Don Carlos is given a chance to carry out its business across different locations. 

Usually, a franchise loan has a limit on its loanable amount, interest rate, terms, and length of processing. It allows its borrower to pay a franchise license fee, allowing the borrower to provide services and products under the franchisor’s name and its business. With BlendPH’s franchise loan, people who want to venture into the franchise business can easily do so with the company’s brand partners. Like any other applications, people need to accomplish and submit all the requirements for the franchise loan to be completed. The team will process the franchise loan application and validate and verify the submitted information and requirements. Once it’s done, the company will endorse the franchise loan application to the partner lenders for funding. 

Compared to a franchise loan offered by banks and non-bank financial institutions where the franchisor financing and franchisee converse on how much and how often they need to settle repayments, peer-to-peer funding – which BlendPH offers – is a more alternative and convenient way to complete a franchise loan application online. 

Seafoods Restaurant that is DC Crabs

DC Crabs is a sub-brand by Don Carlos, a business that started as a small café store in Iligan City. In June 2018, Don Carlos started offering mini-sized donuts with local flavors like durian, ube, mango, pinya, melon, and coconut. Eventually, the business grew to include beverages like coffees and milk teas best paired with their soft and fluffy donuts. Food lovers or foodies loved the idea, making the concept a success where the business made three branches in less than a year. 

To better serve their customers, Don Carlos added meals to their menu the following year. And to cut above the rest, Don Carlos created DC Crabs, a seafoods restaurant. The idea is to serve seafood paired with desserts and milk teas. Once again, the concept worked. Now they are one of the leading merchants under the food-delivery service Foodpanda and one of the resto cafes that thrived during the pandemic. They are also included in the results of searches like “seafood restaurant near me.”

The seafoods restaurant slash cafe has Grouphie Treats consisting of seafoods, donuts, and drinks, which a group of friends or family can share in an aesthetically pleasing restaurant vibe. People rave about the seafood restaurant is their abundance of sauces featuring the best of Asia, such as Singaporean Chili, Indonesian Sambal, and Red Thai Curry. Such a concept made them unique and stand out from their competitors. 

If one is to search “seafood restaurant near me,” Don Carlos will pop up in Iligan City. Their main branch is located at the De Leste Building, De Leon Street Corner Burgos Street, Poblacion, Iligan City. The seafoods restaurant is beside Morsons Home Industries and Papa Jim’s Pizza Haus as landmarks. They are close to Aruma Café and Kumon Iligan Center for nearby establishments. 

Like the Sea, the Seafoods Mania is Never Ending

Looking for the best “seafood restaurant near me” can sometimes be taxing, with many options that may pop up. On the contrary, having lots of options may also be suitable. Getting to know many seafoods restaurants that offer different services, menus, and unique concepts can help further the horizon of those who want to try out new, up-and-coming businesses in the market today. Grilling, sautéing, and serving seafood is, after all, a never-ending mania that everyone seems to enjoy and savor. 

Locally, there are hundreds, even thousands, of businesses when people search for “seafood restaurant near me” that foodies can dine in and enjoy. However, businesses were hit hard due to the pandemic. Many of them decided to suspend or close their shops permanently. As time progresses and the situation eases, many seafood businesses get back up with their new concepts and ideas. Many are also looking for a “seafood restaurant near me” as safety protocols become lenient. Like Don Carlos, who recently signed up for a franchise loan and partnered with BlendPH, many consider the franchise business as it is easier to secure financing. Franchise businesses also have established names and brandings suitable to generate profit and customers. 

Adapting is the key for businesses to strive despite the challenges and unforeseen circumstances. Like Don Carlos, having original and unique concepts and ideas can go a long way. Their franchise venture also made them one of the results when people search for “seafood restaurant near me” because their business is located in different parts of the country. 

On the other hand, leading to a path that most do not cross can also be something that benefits businesses. Most are afraid or worried about applying for a franchise loan, thinking that the business may not grow and be stagnant. However, looking at how the franchise market today is thriving, it is something that business owners should turn and venture into. Especially when today’s generation is always searching for a “seafood restaurant near me,” having a seafoods restaurant franchise is essential. 

Online searches for “seafood restaurant near me” is never-ending. Businesses that pop up on such searches are growing. Aligned with Don Carlos’ vision to become the leading seafoods restaurant in the country that provides quality foods, pastries, and beverages to its customers, franchising is the way to go. The closer they are to achieving their mission of bringing families and friends together through their delicious and savory menu services, the more seafoods restaurant franchised by Don Carlos. The more their business franchise grows, the more results they can get from searches like “seafood restaurant near me.”

There are many “seafood restaurant near me” that everyone can try out. More than ever, local businesses need the support for their businesses to recover and soon become what they used to be and more. New ventures also need the backing of money – like a franchise loan – which legitimate peer-to-peer funding platforms like BlendPH can offer.