Right Choice Finance Partners with BlendPH to provide lower business loan rates in the Philippines

Apr 19, 2022

Right Choice Finance adds another trusted partner and affiliate

Similar to what colors are to cars and shoes, interest rates are like that of personal loans. They are one of the people’s considerations when looking to borrow money from a financial institution or company. So, it is only wise to search for a bank or a financial company with lower business loan rates in the Philippines because this will be the basis for how much monthly amortization and annual payments will cost. The lower the interest rate, the lower you’ll pay on top of your loaned amount. In addition, business loan rates in the Philippines can also help save money because they keep the interest payments low over the loan’s duration.

Lower business loan rates in the Philippines help fund any emergency expenses, projects, or businesses someone may have. It can also help with consolidating debts or funding a child’s education. So, doing research and thoroughly evaluating one’s finances before getting and applying for one is crucial.

Talking about cash loan Philippines, Right Choice Finance, the easiest, most affordable way to get a loan, transfer money and build wealth, announced its partnership with BlendPH to provide more business loan rates in the Philippines.

Right Choice Finance aims to provide the right choice for everyone with its comprehensive, market-leading business and personal solutions to help them thrive. The company encourages everyone to grow and organize their business effortlessly with its right choice of smart solutions. Right Choice Finance also makes it easy to apply for a loan, manage one’s finances, help run one’s business, and build wealth for the future. The financial company’s wide range of product solutions allows its customers to thrive. Such solutions include a market-leading HRIS SAAS platform, customizable personal and business loans, an e-wallet with full digital banking functionalities, and flexible investment options.

On the other hand, BlendPH is an online platform that connects borrowers who need access to a financial institution to fund their goals. The company also helps lenders who want to grow their wealth through intelligible investing. As one of the pioneers of peer-to-peer, BlendPH’s social responsibility thrust is to promote responsible borrowing and ethical lending in the Philippines. Because of this, BlendPH does not only encourage the use of flexible, low-interest loans. The company also advertises empathy and camaraderie through investing and financially assisting each other. As a peer-to-peer institution, BlendPH acts as an avenue where investors can grow their money while helping them lift the lives of their fellow men.

With Right Choice Finance and BlendPH’s partnership, they aim for cash loan Philippines to have low-interest rates to help individuals, especially businesses, ease their finances and eventually grow their wealth.

Lower business loan rates in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a business loan can be a financial support for different needs of a business like expansion, starting a business, payment of debts, or other expenses.  

Business loan rates in the Philippines differ. Business loan rates in the Philippines differ. However, businesses can hit two birds with one stone when they take out business loans with low-interest rate in the Philippines. Taking a cash loan Philippines with a low-interest rate can fund what an individual needs to buy or pay for. It can pay off the loan in affordable monthly payments as well.

When it comes to the best business loans with low-interest rate in the Philippines are usually offered by government agencies and banks. However, financial and funding companies like Right Choice Finance and BlendPH offer such cash loan Philippines with low-interest rates. Recently, both financial companies have partnered with each other to provide Filipinos with personal loans with low-interest rate in the Philippines.

For BlendPH, the company offers lower business loan rates in the Philippines. BlendPH is a great financial company to apply for cash loan Philippines because of its fast and convenient processing time. Within 24 to 48 hours, personal loans may be approved through online applications and processing. Similar to BlendPH’s online application for lower business loan rates in the Philippines is Right Choice Finance’s offer. The company provides an online lending system to give borrowers convenient access to cash for their personal use. Individuals can get cash loan Philippines from Right Choice Finance starting from 10,000 pesos and up with only an interest rate of 1.5% to 5% with a rebate of up to 1.5%. The company also has customizable loan options, an easy and online application, has track evaluation progress, fast approval, digitized funds disbursement, and a dedicated account executive.

Quality and Trusted Partnerships

Throughout Luzon and Cebu, Right Choice Finance provides comprehensive smart solutions for small businesses and individuals to meet their financial needs. The financial institution’s group of companies has also been serving the Philippine community for over 50 years now. With Right Choice Finance’s mission to inform the public of its outstanding services, they have collaborated with some of the trusted companies in the finance industry and online marketplace to offer customers an easy, cost-efficient, and secure way to manage their business, meet their financial needs and help them thrive. Some of the company’s trusted partners and affiliates are Autodeal, SeekCap, Right Choice Payments, foodie.ph, Lynx, Vasu, Nook, and their newest partnership, BlendPH.

As Right Choice Finance continues with its efforts to provide convenient and easy online applications for lower business loan rates in the Philippines, its partnership with BlendPH only proves to be essential. After all, BlendPH’s online personal loan is one of the options individuals consider when finding the perfect cash loan Philippines. The company’s online personal loans are accessible as long as they have their computers or mobile devices connected to the internet. The company also provides one of the most flexible terms and rates for their borrowers, not to mention their offer of low-interest rates at a wide range of options. Such offers are advantageous for everyone who wishes to fund their dreams and grow their wealth. BlendPH’s peer-to-peer online funding platform is committed to offering convenient and reliable online cash loan Philippines that do not require a rigorous and tedious process. The company also does not require numerous loan requirements.

Banks and government agencies provide lower business loan rates in the Philippines. However, with very strict requirements and processing times, that can even take quite a while. On the other hand, there are other cash loan Philippines like BlendPH and Right Choice Finance, that offer a more convenient online loan application with still low-interest rates. But choosing the financial institution and funding company is still up to the borrower. Simply ensure the financial responsibility to pay for the dues when it is time. And as long as one practices financial discipline and maintains a good credit history, one can easily qualify for low-interest rates and eventually save money on interest payments.