Raian’s Takuyaki Partners With BlendPH: The Right Combo to Please Filipino Palates

Jun 9, 2021

Food-service operators working from home or using the franchise model continue to create lots of buzz this pandemic. To date, a takoyaki franchise venture offering the authentic Japanese taste, like Raian’s Takuyaki, has gotten the public nod of approval. Anywhere you go, you are bound to encounter a Pinoy or Pinay wondering, “Is there a takoyaki near me?”

As Raian’s Takuyaki opened its doors to more franchisees, the company also signed a MOA with a new partner – Blend.ph, one of the leading peer-to-peer funding platforms in the Philippines. The partnership spells excitement and signals positive developments, particularly in bringing about greater financial inclusion for aspiring Pinoy entrepreneurs wishing to generate a steady income stream.

As franchisors in a similar food category state, “people will always need to eat” so the demand is there. People may be ever watchful of what they buy and consume during pandemic times, but they will always buy food. Hence, enterprising Pinoys have tried learning how to make takoyaki and other fast-selling items.

Interestingly, most food carts in the Philippines and other parts of the world were able to weather the pandemic storm mainly because they were designed as ‘to-go’ orders. It can be noted that food carts or food service carts in a pod or open-air setting have not been battered as bad as sit-down restaurants by the pandemic. They just had to pivot and adhere to health guidelines like all other establishments.

The Takoyaki Craze

It certainly helped that during the years before the pandemic struck, takoyaki had already soared in popularity. This is takoyaki country, and there is bound to be somebody in a typical Filipino household who will try takoyaki recipe pinoy without much prodding. Takoyaki, Philippines’ delight, falls in a different level from  famous Pinoy street foods as fishballs and squidballs, since many ingredients add up to the delightful bit-sized balls.

For its part, Raian’s Takuyaki ensures brisk takoyaki food cart sales by offering delicious, budget-friendly takoyaki and refreshing drinks like iced tea and pineapple juice. The main product line comes in sweet and spicy flavors, and a cup with three takoyaki balls can be enjoyed for only PhP25, while a box with nine takoyaki balls can be savored for only PhP75. It is low-cost but poised to be the best takoyaki in Manila. This 2021, Raian’s Takuyaki is wending its way to Luzon and Visayas.

Deriving inspiration from the Japanese street food concept, Raian’s Takuyaki is entrepreneur Ryan Cabatingan’s brainchild. It first created a stir in General Santos City. It has also made its tasty presence felt in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu before the pandemic.

Food Franchise Venture On the Rise

Raian’s Takuyaki is a clear-cut illiustration of a ready-to-go business with anytime guidance from a responsible franchisor. There is an assurance of support from start to finish for takoyaki franchise startup operators. The  typical takoyaki franchise inclusions are approval of the proposed site; use of trademarks; training for franchisee, supervisor and sales staff; procurement program; operations manual on loan; research and development; and opening assistance.

Interested franchisees simply need to signify their interest by dropping a message at [email protected]. It will be reviewed by the franchisor, who will then fill in the interested party with the franchise package descriptions and related information. Later on, the proposed location will be visited and checked and if all things fall into place, the franchise agreement will be drawn.

The franchisor lends full support for a wide range of things including setting up the takoyaki franchise outlet, training key staff, or from pre-opening to grand opening, and beyond.

Starting a food franchise venture like a takoyaki food cart or a bigger kiosk entails capitalization. One of the big hurdles first-time franchisees run into is cash, or lack of the needed funds

A small franchise operator may be undercapitalized at the start. The good thing about a takoyaki food cart  is that it is affordable. The extra funds or loan assistance can be worked out with a franchise partner like Blend.ph.

The franchisor will also happily oblige a  one-on-one franchise consultation with individuals intent on investing in a food cart or minimum four-square meter space, preferably in a high-traffic area. Beyond the financial requirements, individuals seeking to actualize their food franchise dream need to weigh the benefits as well as challenges.

A person keen on setting up a takoyaki food cart may not know how to make takoyaki, but the willingness to learn the business must be there. The product per se must maintain quality to retain a captive market.

“It is very important to offer a unique, affordable, and delicious food,” franchisors affirm. Small food franchise operators also attest to the fact  that the initial phases of getting the business off the ground entails lots of  learning and innovating.

Indeed, operating a franchise is not for everyone, but here are clear benefits, including an established brand and customer base. The parent company has laid the foundation and done some of the hard work, particularly  the business concept, logo design, and marketing collaterals.

The takoyaki franchise owner and franchisee invest not just money but also time, both physical and mental abilities to carry out the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that come with business ownership. It takes lots of energy, passion, dedication and the capital to operate and sustain a takoyaki food cart. Are you up for the challenge?  For funding assistance, visit the Blend.ph online platform. Register and get your own franchise business now!