No Label (But) Has a Pulse of the Market

May 31, 2021

MOA Signing of BlendPH, No Label Milktea

If the idea of a beverage favorite like milk tea with chewy pearls, frappe or iced latte, plus some takoyaki makes your heart sing, would it also propel you to start your own milktea and takoyaki business? In the case of entrepreneur Mary Flor Tan Felix, it is one business that can fly, and even soar.

From the brand itself, it can be deduced that the business owner uses out-of-the-box thinking, or looking at things from another perspective. The business owner realized early on that investing on a growing niche alone will not suffice when aiming for business success.

A franchise business operator needs to look at things from all angles, to prepare before bringing it to market, and to be creative so as to set the business apart from others offering the same product category. When Ms. Felix created her business, it so happened that there were no printing shops available, so she improvised, and the name “No Label” was born.

The name resonated with a lot millennials who liked the `no label’ concept. In terms of product offerings, No Label Milktea does not scrimp on quality.

The company made it its mission to provide the best quality and tastiest products in the milk tea industry without breaking the customer’s budget. The creative tagline also says it all:  your satisfaction in every cup.

Living up to its selling proposition, No Label Milktea offers not just the traditional milktea flavors, but also enticingly rich concoctions like milky matcha mania, overloaded chocolate, and creamy strawberry. No Label Milktea’s business owner gets ideas for milktea flavors based on what she observes about consumer preferences, and from her own creative knack.

In the mood for a fun frappe? If you happen to be in Las Piñas; Malibay, Pasay; Imus, Cavite; Daet, Camarines Norte; or Naga, you can head straight to the No Label Milktea stores. Or opt for opt to have it delivered to you.

Small, simple beginnings

No Label Milktea started from a home-based shop in the heart of Las Piñas. In no time at all, Ms. Felix and her team expanded to several places in Metro Manila as well as southern Luzon.

Ms. Felix started her milktea business at a time when it was beginning to be wildly popular. Milktea lovers were everywhere, not just in the Philippines, but also across the world. Bubble tea stores had a huge following in US states like New York and Los Angeles. Tea-based fruity drinks have likewise been hot-selling in Europe.

Even now with the pandemic, with most establishments required to impose social distancing and safety measures, the demand for milktea has remained. It is easy to buy milk tea and takoyaki – another product offered by No Label Milktea — without going to the physical stores.

Interested franchisees who may want to keep the No Label Milktea brand on their radar can contact the company at [email protected] or through Facebook direct messaging at the specific sites. Aspiring entrepreneurs keen on keeping their startup costs low will do well to consider a freestanding cart or even kiosk, or a mobile cart format. 

Must-have traits of  food franchisees

One of the traits that will help a food franchise operator sustain the business long-term is passion. While some people may want to get into something new, outside their scope of interests, an innate passion will see them through. Willingness to learn the business is vital.

Just as there are many food franchises catering to people who need quick but satisfying full meals, there is an entire segment targeting consumers who want to satisfy their milktea/beverage cravings. Competition can be tough, as those who have operated meal or beverage franchises know, and food franchise ownership is not for the faint-hearted.

Being hardworking will pay off, too. Food costs and people’s tastes fluctuate, but one thing remains constant: long hours that the business operator needs to put in. The income stream is there, but as No Label Milktea franchisor advises franchisees, one must be “ready to take on the challenges of managing the business.”

Open-mindedness and people-handling skill also come in handy when dealing with both employees and customers. Though staff may exhibit competence to meet work standards set by the franchisee, tasks that tend to be mundane and routine may contribute to high employee turnover. This is where training and to an extent, a family business culture valued by employees may come in.

A franchise ownership advisor with food service experience says that if the food franchisee can handle those things that need to be dealt with in food service, “the rewards can be high… (This is) especially true if you’re able to secure more than one location.”

With so many small food businesses that have sprouted or reopened, most of them able to present customers an online ordering platform (with curbside pickup or delivery options), it certainly pays to think out-of-the-box and have a competitive edge.

Promotional offers that are sure to be snapped up by budget conscious customers or those who want value for money, may be one way to attract customers. No Label Milktea always has something cooking in that aspect.

Things to Check

Before venturing into the beverage/food franchising arena, franchisees will do well to check what kind of help the franchisor can provide. No Label Milktea franchisees are ensured of being guided, not only in the purchasing of supplies, but also in the training of personnel, which is crucial. There are other forms of pre-opening assistance that will be extended to new business operators.

When you take on a franchise, being well-informed and knowing what will be right for you will pay off in the end.  Most successful franchisees have reaped the benefits of being part of a network or association, which can be a huge comfort and help. 

Some food franchises’ initial fees are low, yet if additional funding is what is stopping you from pursuing your dream business, turn to trusted peer-to-peer funding platform for support.