Looking Beyond COVID-19: Investment Opportunities in the Next Few Years

Dec 16, 2020

If there is one thing the entire world is wishing for, it is the day we finally say goodbye to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did it kill hundreds of thousands of lives, it led us grasping for stability in economies and have hurt, if not killed, a huge number of industries all over the world.

With many big pharma brands rushing to form a vaccine, we cannot deny the rise in hope in many economic circles. The question in everyone’s minds is, “What’s the next big investment opportunity after COVID-19?” Well, we’re not fortune tellers, so we can’t promise anything. But, here are some theories by economists and investors that might be perfect to consider.

E-commerce or Retail Technology

In the new normal, physical shopping is one of our favorite habits that we had to give up. One thing that saved the life of retail businesses is retail technology or the e-commerce world. However, it can be noted that this industry has so much room for improvement – RetailTech has a long way to go. That makes this industry ideal for investors looking for something to fund.

Digital Transformation for Traditional Companies

The world has been crying for digitizing the traditional way many corporations work. But because of COVID-19 and the transition to working from home, companies can no longer afford working with manual systems that require physical contact. The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic woke up entrepreneurs as business vulnerabilities became highlighted.

Nowadays, the need for integrated systems for human resource functions like payroll, collaborative working, and team communication has made change crucial for many companies. If corporations opt on embracing the digital possibilities and upskilling their workforce, they open their people and their company to growth and continued operations despite the threat of these volatile environment.

Health and Wellness + Digital Medicine

The pandemic showed us how precious life is and how important it is to improve healthcare systems all around the globe. More than that, people are more health-conscious in their approach to life. In our way to get out of this pandemic, funding is really needed for clinical trials, vaccine development, and technology like 3D cell printing and diagnosis machines.

This industry is calling for innovation that will improve the quality of treatments, especially in countries in need of medical resources. Imagine, once efficient technology has been made available all over the world for public use, huge expenses in the healthcare system can be avoided.

Fintech or Financial Technology

In the middle of an economy that has been shaken, the limitations of traditional financing firms are highlighted. With people leaning towards staying home more instead of going out, the demand for online services are higher now more than ever.

For instance, people are now more inclined in using digital payment wallets, online lending services, peer-to-peer funding systems, and mobile banking apps. Fintech solutions also offer investment opportunities at the palm of your hands – allowing people to make passive income with lesser effort and fully online.

Cloud Infrastructure

As every industry in the world is dependent on the internet to operate, what’s the best place to invest and care for? Well, all industries depend on a stable internet connection and high-capacity servers, so that’s where we should put our eyes on. Cloud Infrastructure needs more investors as it requires huge upgrades from time to time to withstand the volume of usage of the world.

Environmental Solutions

Another thing that 2020 gave us aside from COVID-19 is an extensive list of natural disasters. All of these are influenced by how we have treated nature terribly. So, an aspiring industry to support are those that offer sanitary solutions and startups offering GreenTech or CleanTech products.

Education Technology

Families treat education as the best investment they can offer for their children. This means that there’s no space for pausing the journey of gaining knowledge because of the presence of a pandemic. In fact, while people are at home, yes, even the adults, many leaned towards education technology to improve themselves. From webinars to online certification courses, education has never been more accessible from the comforts of your home.

Final Thoughts: Focus on Building the Future

The concept of investment is guided by the idea of finding better solutions today that will make the future brighter. If you’re unsure about where to start, or are leaning towards an investment opportunity that won’t cost you too much, we are inviting to try the Philippines’ top P2P funding company.

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