Live the Life of Planning Weddings by Applying for a DL Weddings For Less Franchise

Oct 22, 2020 ties the knot with event management business, DL Weddings for Less

Every person has their own dream wedding. There’s nothing you can compare to that feeling when you walk down the aisle and say your vows in front of all your friends and family. But, if you can notice, wedding trends have changed in the recent years.

With many additional things like aesthetics and same day edit videos, people now have this image of weddings having to be expensive. Most of the time, this ends with people taking in loans just to make this come true or delaying their special day to gather more funds to fulfill everything they want to achieve.

The same thoughts were what Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Lyka Bincal encountered during their own wedding. As they were planning for the big day, they got a glimpse on how expensive things actually got – and that inspired them to make weddings more budget-friendly for other Filipino couples.

After they had the firsthand experience of seeking affordable home needs suppliers, the couple came up with creating budget friendly “all in” packages for as low as ten thousand pesos! At that, DL Weddings For Less was born.

At present, DL Weddings For Less offers complete and customizable wedding packages, wedding officiant arrangements, marriage license processing, wedding coordinators, and documentation services. If you have additional budget, you can also ask for specific services like hair and make-up artists, catering, venue styling, bridal cars, lights and sounds, event hosts and entertainment, florists, and photobooth. Again, the couple can set depending on their budget.

In their two years’ operating in the field, the lovely couple and their team have serviced weddings in Metro Manila and nearby provinces like Cavite and Bulacan. But as their customer base is expanding, they have decided to open their brand for franchise last 2019 to reach even more people and help them fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. In fact, the company jumped in on the Filipino International Franchise Association, as their commitment into turning this business into an empire.

What’s in a DL Weddings For Less franchise? Mr. and Mrs. Bincal are eager to share their business concepts to people who have an eye for events management and are eager to make people’s dream weddings a reality. In their franchise package, aspiring entrepreneurs can get marketing training and support, connection to suppliers, financial systems, planning assistance, and legal aid to help them be the best wedding agency they can be.

And here’s some great news! DL Weddings For Less has signed on to become a franchise loan partner. This means you can apply for’s franchise loan to start your own wedding planning business in the Philippines. Just register on our site, complete the requirements, receive credit approval, and will work with DL Weddings For Less to process your new business venture!

If you love seeing happy endings and happily ever afters, this might be the sign you are looking for. Make your creativity and inspiration become a new income generating opportunity.

For specific inquiries on DL Weddings For Less franchise packages, you can send them an email at [email protected]. If you want to learn more about’s franchise loan, email us at [email protected].