Let’s Make It Easier With Paynamics!

Aug 10, 2020

Here at Blend PH, we are constantly looking for new technologies that will make the process of borrowing and lending as comfortable as it can be for all our valued customers. The best people deserve the best systems – so we are working hard to make all our processes easy to understand without the slightest complications and the boring or lengthy procedures.

Because of this, we are so excited to announce that Blend PH is partnering with Paynamics! Paynamics is a trusted payments provider throughout the country and they boast accessibility with ease of use. They will be our partner for disbursement of loans for our borrowers, as well as collecting deposits or funds from our investors.

With Paynamics, the Blend PH family of borrowers and investors will easily process their payments through the use of credit cards, ATM cards, mobile wallets, over-the-counter transactions, and Bancnet-enabled connections. This will make payments quicker to accomplish, while ensuring accessibility, security, and convenience for all users.

As Blend PH grows even larger, we are committed to continuously make your overall experience the best that it can be. Do you have questions about Paynamics or suggestions for improvement? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to clear things out for you!