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Over recent years, one of the types of businesses that are starting to become popular is eat-all-you-can restaurants like unli-wings and Korean samgyupsal.

Seoulmates Korean BBQ and Buffet had a gradual rise to popularity while the latter rode the Korean craze of “Mukbang” in the Philippines and dramatically became one of the most common go-to Korean spots of the locals.

  • Korean Samgyupsal rises to prominence
  • Seoulmates Korean BBQ and Buffet
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Korean Samgyupsal rises to prominence

Korean Samgyupsal became popular in the Philippines for business owners and consumers for multiple reasons; Korean culture hype, price per seating, food taste, and experience.

Korean Samgyupsal is a South Korean delicacy consisting of pork belly (three layered meat), an expensive cut of pork in the country. It is believed that the dish became popular in the 1960s when the price of soju decreased and residents needed the perfect dish to go with it.

This dish is most commonly accompanied by raw garlic, lettuce, egg, green onions, and kimchi, along with two traditional dipping sauces. It is also traditionally cooked in a special pan designed to let the fat run off the sides, located at the dining table.

The number one reason Korean Samgyupsal is popular in the Philippines is the hype of Korean culture. Korean Drama, Korean Pop Music, and even personal maintenance products like skincare have dominated both the younger and older population in the Philippines. These then became an indirect promotion to Samgyupsal restaurants, a common type of eatery in Korea among the locals which offered authentic Korean food and Korean spots.

Another reason that pushed Korean Samgyupsal to the forefront of restaurant industries in the country is its price per seating. It costs about 300 PHP to 500 PHP per seating in an average Samgyupsal in which the customers are allowed to eat all the food they can eat within a specific amount of time, depending on the particular restaurant.

This method of eatery ensures that the customers will be leaving the restaurant fully and satisfied. It is also a fair value to mid-range consumers for celebrations, meet-ups, reunions, and other events; making it a really popular Korean spot for middle and upper classes Filipinos.

However, Korean culture and fair pricing are not only the reasons why these Samgyupsal restaurants thrive in the Philippines, it is also the taste of the food they offer.

Authentic Korean Samgyupsal houses grilled pork belly mix, shrimp, squid, hotdog, crab sticks, kimchi, and lettuce; authentic Korean food that is commonly eaten by Filipinos. Because of this, more locals are familiar with the food offered by these restaurants along with new experiences on how to consume them.

Moreover, grilling meat has been a custom in the Philippines, especially during family trips, outings, or beach vacations, but not specifically inside a restaurant where they can order an unlimited variety of meat cuts along with colorful side dishes.

This product of globalization adds another layer to Filipino cuisines wherein it increases the potential of the locals to merge the authentic Korean approach to cooking with homemade food over time.

This means that Korean Samgyupsal would not leave the Filipino premises soon, instead, it would be a catalyst for more experimental dishes that the locals may come up with.

This also implies that over time, these restaurants would just become better investments for aspiring and actual business owners as they may most likely appreciate in cultural value as it integrates itself into the Filipino culture.

This is where BlendPH becomes important as it provides a way for aspiring business owners to acquire a franchise of one or more of these Korean Samgyupsals that offer authentic Korean food to Filipinos. With BlendPH, these businessmen will be able to try out these restaurants by investing in them which may benefit them in the long run.

Seoulmates Korean BBQ and Buffet

Amid the pandemic, in October 2020, Seoulmates Korean BBQ and Buffet was established with a vision to be the leading Korean Unlimited Samgyupsal resto chain in the country and even abroad.

Its mission is to provide customers with a satisfying, memorable, and authentic Korean samgyupsal experience by offering affordable, delicious, excellent quality, authentic Korean food, Korean spots, and other services.

Seoulmates Korean BBQ and Buffet is an eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant that offers a budget-friendly package of a wide variety of menus such as unlimited meats of beef, pork, and chicken; unlimited Korean side dishes, vegetables, drinks, and even ice cream desserts.

To further offer authentic Korean food and a satisfying “Unli Samgyup” experience, Seoulmates Korean BBQ and Buffet also recently added Unli Mixed Seafoods to their menu. They also offer bento boxes and all-day breakfast meals both available for dine-in or deliveries.

Korean Samgyupsal Restaurants and BlendPH

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