Kahatea continues to offer unique milk tea flavors in the Philippines

With the taglines “It’s more fun in the Philippines ‘pag may Kahatea!” and “Ang pambansang milk tea”, Kahatea aims to bring honor to the Philippine heritage by promoting local delicacies re-created in their specialty drinks with unique milk tea flavors and upholding the use of traditional Filipino design elements in product and store designs.

The name “Kahatea” also highlights the Philippine trait of “Bayanihan” which is also behind their selling promo that every drink is bought one take one.

To further power up their business, Kahatea teamed up with BlendPH to offer every Juan a healthy, affordable, and comforting companion of drinks and snacks that are close to a true Philippine heart.

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Kahatea Foods Corp

The SEC-registered Kahatea Foods Corporation launched its flagship Philippine brand milk tea shop named Kahatea last July 2020.

It is the brainchild of Angelo Horfilla and Angela Valdez, two great friends who share the same love for traveling the entire country and tasting Philippine food. Their experiences together brought them to stir quite a unique and homegrown milk tea concept that aims to stand out in this generation’s rising and competitive milk tea flavor market.

Among Kahatea store branches in Metro Manila are located around Palawan St., Quezon City; Total gas stations in Merville and Severina, Ayala Malls Circuit and Market Market, Cedar Crest Condo, Kalawaan Pasig, Bangkal and Nicanor Garcia Makati, and Pasay City. The provincial branches are situated in San Fernando, La Union; Pampanga; Cebu City; Siargao Island. Meanwhile, branches in Tagaytay City, Antipolo City, and San Pedro, Laguna are soon to open.

Kahatea was also featured in ABS-CBN News, Philstar, Rappler, Tribune, and now the BlendPH blog site.

Kahatea Milk Tea Flavors and Promos

Starting at 85 PHP, Kahatea Milk Tea pioneered plant-based and dairy-free ingredients where customers get to enjoy coconut-based creamer or soymilk-based beverages. Angelo and Angela also aim to raise wider awareness that there is no harm in being vegan. Hence, their brand is also well-received by the vegan community.

To further explore the Phillippine milk tea concept, Kahatea offers Philippine milk tea flavors in their well-loved “Wow Utaw!” soy milk-based milk tea flavor series which includes Leche Flan, Ube Halaya, Iskrambol, Tsoko Mani (Chocolate Peanut Milk Tea Flavor), Kundol (Wintermelon Milk Tea Flavor), Panutsa (Brown Sugar Milk Tea Flavor), and Tablea Milk Tea Flavor.

Their unique milk tea flavors made with casein-free ingredients are also named after famous Filipino cities. Divided into the three main island regions, Byaheng Luzon includes Laguna (Kesong Puti/Cheesecake Milk Tea Flavor), Alfonso (Dark Chocolate Milk Tea Flavor), Pampanga (Honeydew Milk Tea Flavor), Baguio (Ube Halaya Milk Tea Flavor), La Trinidad (Strawberry Milk Tea Flavor) and Quezon (Ube Macapuno Milk Tea Flavor).

Byaheng Mindanao consists of fruit teas named Vinta Kahel, Luntian, Mabaya, Bughaw, Kalimbahin, Kayumanngi, Esmeralda, and Kunig. Lastly, Byaheng Visayas offers Bohol (Buko Pandan Milk Tea Flavor), Cebu (Binignit/Taro Milk Tea Flavor), and Guimaras (Mango Lychee Milk Tea Flavor).

Kahatea also has a “Taho Po!” series offering classic taho milk tea flavor, strawberry taho milk tea flavor, and ube taho milk tea flavor for 169 PHP a bundle, and 109 for solo orders.

For coffee lovers, Kahatea also offers the “Matapang, Masarap, Ala Kape Eh” series including Barako Ala Klasiko (Classic coffee), Barako Ala Tsokolate (Chocolate coffee) Barako Ala Banilya (Vanilla coffee), and Barako Ala Kastanyas (Hazelnut coffee) for 89 PHP solo order.

Among their famous promo is the ‘Kahatea Bundles’ with a tagline “Doble ang saya ‘pag may Kahatea!” which provides customers 2 cold treats including sagong itim and sagong puti, with the bundle price of 189 PHP, saving up to 20%. Meanwhile, Walang Kahatea can still enjoy the product with kesong puti, for as low as 119 PHP.

“Sultan Kudarat” with the tagline “Halo-Halong sarap” mixes add ons such as kesong puti, nata de coco, sagong itim, and sagong puti for 219 PHP for the bundle and 119 PHP for solo orders. These add-ons can also be bought for 30 PHP in any kahatea drinks and 20 PHP for Walang kahatea drinks.

Kahatea Milk Tea and BlendPH loans

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