Here’s Why Building Good Credit Score Pays Off

Jan 24, 2022

There is good debt, and there is bad debt. Falling into debt at some point in time may not be a favored situation, yet it is the way you approach it that can make a big difference. There can be lots of misconceptions about getting into debt. What is not stressed enough, though, is that responsible borrowing can lead to positive outcomes, including a good credit score.

What is a good credit score? Why do credit scores even matter? The answers may stump most individuals, or worse, lead them to jump to conclusions. Consider this scenario: You find yourself in a tight financial fix, like losing your main source of income, being unable to pay your mortgage and other bills, or perhaps your child’s tuition fee. You are able to get qualified for a loan, but because you have yet to secure a job with fixed payouts, you fall behind on the monthly payments. Worse, you max out your credit card and incur additional debt in the form of the added interest.

Individuals with poor credit ratings are regarded by most lenders as high-risk borrowers. That classification may negatively impact future chances of obtaining the best rates for a loan or getting approved for the best rewards credit cards. That is because lenders and card issuers look at potential customers’ ability to pay back debt. All is not lost, though, because even if you find yourself falling in the category of bad debt and your credit score takes a hit, you can pay down debt and boost your credit score. It would be best to handle debt well from the get-go, of course.

Yes, there tips and strategies on how to build credit and improve credit score.  Keep two words always in mind: good debt.

Ensuring that all of your accounts are current and maintaining a manageable credit mix  (successfully juggling different types of credit accounts, like a personal loan, credit cards, mortgage loan) can be favorable for credit scores. It can indicate to lenders that you can handle different forms of debt at the same time.

Consumer credit reporting company Experian suggests knowing which common actions may bear impact on credit score and necessitate steps to fix credit score fast. Among these are:

  • Too many credit request inquiries in a short span of time. Lenders see this as a signal that a person or company is in dire financial situation.

Chances are, the individual or entity may be continually being denied new forms of credit, and therefore turning to several other options.

  • Defaulting on loans or accounts.Negative account information such as loan defaults and foreclosure can severely hurt an individual’s credit.

Buckling down to how to improve your credit score is a long-term process, but being decisive about it offers numerous advantages. If you happen to be a multiple credit card user and overlooked some payments, your missed payments may create a negative impact on your score. A credit score help may be in order.

If you are a young working professional who still has not established or does not have a credit score yet, one of the ways to get going is by securing a credit card, but you need to be a responsible plastic card user. Strive to use the credit card only for making small essential purchases and make it a point to settle bills in full, or ideally, before the due dates.

Certainly, seeing to it that you can consistently make on-time payments, regardless of how little or how big your loan obligation is, is one of the best ways to improve credit score.  It may also be high time you banish misconceptions and face the facts on how debt can have a huge impact on your finances, particularly when it comes to credit scores.

If you are intent on using the best strategies to improve your credit score, start with responsible behavior when handling your debt. If you need to catch up on past due accounts and also consolidate debt via a personal loan that comes with flexible terms, turn to a trusted peer-to-peer funding platform like BlendPH. 

With a clearer understanding of credit scores, good planning, and an ounce of determination and grit, you can significantly change and build good credit score. Check out suitable loan products at and arm yourself with credit booster insights and tips featured in the company’s official social media site