Helping Hands: BlendPH Partners With Forbes Lending Solutions Corporation

Aug 4, 2021

Have huge goals that you are aiming to achieve, like being a frontline medical practitioner, but financially challenged at the moment?  Fret not, because you can count on financial partners to lend some assistance. Trusted peer-to-peer funding platform BlendPH and Forbes Lending Solutions Corporation (FLSC) recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement.

The team-up broadens market reach for both parties. It is aligned with BlendPH’s plans to work with other financial service providers to provide customers quick access to financial products and, on the long term, break ground in the personal finance industry by anchoring new services onto its existing transaction infrastructure. Right now, as business partner, BlendPH will be generating the leads, having acquired the muscle in terms of customer base. 

Financial Partners With Similar Thrusts

Both companies identify strongly with each other’s commitment to efficiently deliver financial services to consumers.  Both use innovative technology. Both firms strive to deliver fast service to Filipinos who need loan assistance, yet want to borrow – and repay the funds availed – in hassle-free manner.

Life, after all, can be stressful enough, and unanticipated events, such as a sudden increase in bill amounts, family or work-related expenses, and also the pandemic, do happen. BlendPh and FLSC can offer a helping hand and address the money woes.

Whether you are a full-fledged physician or still in residency and in need of funds that can be availed with a flexible repayment arrangement, or a car owner with an urgent cash need, you can get qualified for a loan by FLSC. Touted as more than a lending firm, FLSC takes pride in its service quality and transparency.

Similarly, BlendPH continues to strive for progress in those two crucial aspects of operations., to date, has a growing reach of registered borrowers and lenders, with their varying needs, aims and fund requirements. Strong risk management framework, good level of transparency on loans, and high service levels are factors that most fintech companies aspire for, and once attained, go the extra mile to maintain.

At a time when obtaining a cash loan online has become commonplace — with lots of lenders pitching their products and services in the Philippine marketplace — issues that tend to inconvenience customers (like harassing borrowers whose loans become past due) have been experienced as well. Both FLSC and BlendPH deviate from such unsavory practices, and uphold professionalism tempered with compassion during customer interactions. 

Through its website and official social media page, BlendPH customers are also encouraged to improve their money mindset; be responsible borrowers and follow the payment schedule; strive to allocate part of earnings for needs, financial obligations, and unforeseen events/emergency, and if insufficient, to find a side hustle or passive income, and later on, even invest with confidence.

Startup entrepreneurs keen on preparing to launch their small businesses are encouraged to follow their dreams, but with their eyes wide open. They can learn best practices and lessons from their more experienced counterparts.    

Forbes Lending Solutions Corp. likewise encourages physicians just starting their practice to show good money management, with an initial (and in some cases, subsequent) cash help. The loan assistance can be allotted for living and relocation expenses, debt consolidation, and personal expenses.

FLSC requires no collateral nor guarantor. A doctor’s loan may be availed at an interest rate as low as two percent, and the payment term can be from six months to a year.

FLSC also offers car loan, suited for car owners in a financial bind. Interested individuals need to be ready with their vehicle Certificate of Registration and official receipt. Inquiries may be emailed to [email protected], or visit the Forbes Lending Solutions Corp. website for further details.

Alternative Financing

In years past, banks have largely been the mainstream lenders. However, many banks adhere to strict criteria, often ferreting out borrowers labelled as `high-risk’  and denying them access to funding. Since fintechs have been zeroing in on products and services banks once cornered, and offering them even to the underserved, online lending sites and platforms have been gaining an increasing market share.

Compared to banks, most P2P lenders in the Philippines are not that big yet, and majority of loans may be filled/funded in smaller increments by “regular” individuals who want to earn by lending. These investors are attracted to returns that are better than the paltry interest rates provided by a traditional bank.

Online loans’ main advantages are fast and secure online process, quick approval time for creditworthy loan applicants who have complied with the documentary requirements. Through a P2P platform, lots of information can be seen at a glance. With, the array of loan products and corresponding interest rates are visible on the platform. Existing customers are also able to course their queries and concerns through direct messaging on the company’s official social network page.

Fast loan or emergency loan is a kind of funding usually processed at faster time than other loans, like, say, a franchise loan of a bigger amount.  FLSC’s fast car loan and doctor’s loan are disbursed through checks and direct deposit. For clarifications or questions on applying for a loan, interested individuals may chat with a Forbes Lending Solutions loan advisor online.

Today, the sustained collaboration between lending organizations-with-a-mission and P2P/fintech partners that are making their mark in the Philippine business scene augurs well for end-consumers and the fintech industry’s growth in general.