Finding Surefire Ways to Earn Extra Funds

Apr 23, 2021

During unstable or trying circumstances, we cannot be complacent. While it may be good not to be too worried about things in the face of Covid, for mental health’s sake, it is not wise to be too smug. We need to find ways how to make money, even during community lockdowns.

A number of factors may discourage most individuals from making money the usual way – heading to an office, commercial establishment,  or factory to earn a monthly income. The threat of Covid still looms.  

As Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world, puts it, “Covid-19 is unlikely to end suddenly.” It also stated that while most well-meaning companies’ response had placed emphasis on health & safety, and the virtualization of work and education, many are still preparing for various outcomes of the pandemic, which ranges from mild to harsh, and severe. An underlying message here is that while workplaces are being reinvented, you need to start rethinking work, or ways to make money, right now.

Turning Things Around

These are changing times, and time waits for no one. Whether you have adopted stay-at-home measures or  on-site work is your income source now, it is high time you explore multiple streams of income. No need to keep waiting until the country climbs out of the economic hole it is in and adopt a wait-and-see attitude until the pandemic is brought under control, because that can take months or over a year.

The least you can do is to fire up your laptop and check out the many ways to make money online. You may also use your smartphone to look into top investing tools, apps, or social media sites to explore side gigs online. The passive income ideas you may stumble into can even be fun. If you have certain skill sets, you can utilize them and get paid to do things you are already doing.

So what is passive income? It can be any, or a combination, of numerous ways to let money come in even as you pursue your primary job or own business venture. With passive income, you get a sense of security that comes from generating extra income and being able to save for future needs.

Passive income streams may come from rental income, selling stuff online, or an online lending platform. A peer-to-peer funding platform like  lets a lender earn by way of interest payments made on the loans.

Money making opportunities actually abound, and you just need to find out how the best ones work, and begin making extra dough. Some good side jobs that many people have tried are driving for ride-hailing services/grocery shopping for others, renting out their van. The list goes on.

 If you have funds to spare, you may also invest in companies that pay dividends. While most investors tend to be  attracted to stocks that pay dividends, from well-established companies, they may not offer much in the way of growth potential.

Nonetheless, dividends offer an investor one way to diversify his/her portfolio. Learning the nitty-gritty on how to make money investing in dividend stocks and other passive income ideas makes good sense.

Make Informed Picks

If you are bent on reaching your financial goals through passive income, the best way to go about it is to make an informed decision. If your goal is to complement or increase your current income, passive income investments using just your gadgets at home and internet connection may hit the spot.

 If you want to start a business via the franchising route, glean tips and insights from experienced franchisees and a franchise consultant as well. If you want to earn by lending, take the P2P route, with help from knowledgeable loan specialists.

P2P lending is also ideal for investors who want to hit two birds with one stone: earning an annual amount from loan repayments, and  supporting entrepreneurs and the local community. Individuals who have tried creating residual income — a full-time income from more than a single source – can pave the way for financial freedom.

If you have accumulated bills to pay, need to consolidate your debts, looking for quick ways to make money, or simply want extra funds to invest on another income stream, online side hustles may help you a lot.

Note that even if you are allotting all funds as you earn or living from paycheck to paycheck, you can still find ways to have multiple income streams. Once you set your mind to an investment like peer-to-peer lending, for instance, you can allocate even a small amount and let it grow.

Yes, you can make money with  small, short bursts of capital. Ask us how you can get started even if you want to start small, and also track your investment results.

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