Fast Loans for Pinoys in Need of Quick Cash

Aug 6, 2019

When you need to secure funds immediately, you can turn to Blend PH for funding. We can arrange a loan for you from PHP 10,000 to PHP 40,000 when you become a borrower on our platform. Application would only take 5 minutes of your time and the entire process is completely online. Plus, it’s all online so you can get the funds transferred straight into your Blend Wallet within two days of applying.

We understand that you need the cash quick. Time is of the essence and you want an instant cash that you can use right away. We can provide you with an immediate solution that can help you overcome life’s unexpected hurdles.

If you want to replace a broken household appliance, or you have an upcoming due date for your bills and don’t have the cash for it today, or if you want to have your car repaired, talk to us. An instant, fast loan from Blend PH would be the perfect option for you. It’s easy and straightforward, so make that move and become a borrower today.

Get the funds you need fast

Once you sign up and apply for a fast loan, our team will review your application. Once approved, it will be put up on our marketplace where lenders can review and fund your loan. You will then receive offers from these investors, and then choose the one you think will best suit your preference in terms of interest rate and repayment terms. The lender you choose will then be able to release between PHP 10,000 to PHP 40,000 into your Blend Wallet that you can immediately encash through different channels like major banks or outlets around your vicinity.

Unlike other banks in the Philippines, we won’t be relying entirely on computers to decide the outcome of your application. While we do have a bespoke and technologically advanced system for filtering people applying for loans on our platform, our staff also employs a manual check to better evaluate applicants on the basis of their current financials and ability to repay loans.

Immediately, you could see if the money you need is on its way within 48 hours from the time you applied. All you need to do is take a few minutes to complete our application form and provide the necessary documents such as your COE, company ID, latest payslips, government issued IDs, and proof of billing. It’s so easy to apply so don’t delay it further.

Why choose Blend PH

Being a purely Pinoy startup, we completely understand the financial demands that go with living in the Philippines. We’ll treat you with a personalised service, outline your best options, and give you a fair loan amount with fair interest rates from 5% to 8% per month, payable from one to six month terms best suited to your personal circumstances. You are even welcome to visit us in our Ortigas office.

Designed to suit your needs

You can potentially save a lot of money with a fast loan from Blend PH. Unlike other instant online loan providers whose per day interest rates go as high as 2.18%, our rates are extremely competitive and are designed to suit your budget and lifestyle. You can be rest assured that when you apply for a loan with us, you’re improving your financial situation instead of adding just another financial burden on top of your already burdened shoulders.

Real people, not robots

Blend PH is run by real people, not robots. When we consider your application, we will be reviewing your current situation and ability to pay. We can even offer you with a flexible option if we find out that you fall under a high risk tag. We won’t judge you solely based on your financial situation or your financial past.

Sample situations

Here are a few situations where you might need a fast cash loan from Blend PH.

  1. Susan needs PHP 30,000 to furnish her home. She currently has her hands full because she manages a catering business during the day and has to take care of her children while in the middle of a major home renovation. She is missing some furniture for her kids’ bedroom so she signed up on Blend on a Thursday to apply for a loan. Her loan was approved the next day, just enough to squeeze in an encashment and a visit to the furniture store on Saturday morning.
  2. Michael got into an accident after getting his car rammed by a delivery truck. It was obvious that his car needed urgent repairs, but his insurance policy expired last week. He was a busy company manager who doesn’t have time to get these documents sorted during work hours. The erring driver was already in a bad financial state, so he couldn’t pay for the damage, and only promised that his boss would pay for it as soon as he gets back from a two-week business trip to China. Michael needs PHP 20,000 to get some of the car parts replaced, so he had the driver apply for a loan on Blend PH (which was later paid for by the truck’s owner) while Michael received the amount in his bank account after a few days.
  3. Brian lost all his possessions when the flat he was renting burned down while he was away for work. He had to immediately move to another rental but the landlord required one month’s rent in advance and two months’ deposit as with any other apartment. The problem was he kept his cash in his previous rental, and everything went down in flames. Good thing he had his personal documents in his office drawer, and he was able to apply for a fast cash loan on Blend, which allowed him to find a new home and recover on the same weekend.

If you want to talk to us about applying for a fast loan, contact (02) 503-6611 or email [email protected] during office hours. Otherwise, explore our website at to see the loan options available to you.