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Sep 1, 2020

What makes us your credible platform?

The need for extra money is something that won’t go away. Especially now when we are going to the sixth month of being under community quarantine, financial demands remain, if not increase, as the days go by. It’s also no shock, come to think of it, that more and more people appreciate the beauty of trusting a peer-to-peer lending platform.

Okay, okay. But, what is it exactly? If you’re not someone who follows fintech and updates, you might probably be missing this booming financial solution and how you can benefit from it.

Personal Loans, But Better

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is another innovation that was born through the principles of “sharing” to make life easier and lessen costs. Simply put, it follows the concept of Grab or ride sharing, and AirBNB or home sharing. Now, the sharing economy also does that in a financial platform.

Meet We are a P2P lending platform here in the Philippines that seek to help Filipinos do two simple transactions: borrowing and lending. What’s the difference, though? With a platform like, you get access to borrowing or investing money without needing a bank with tons of requirements and a long process time. We eliminate the need for too much paperwork and waiting too long, making it easier for people to gain instant cash – perfect for emergency cases or unexpected expenses.

Here’s How We Do Things was created to broaden the reach of financial platforms in the country – allowing people all over the country to gain access with easier lending processes, while removing banks from the equation.

Why do we do that? The situation of local banking in the country involves a lack of available branches in rural areas, making financial solutions inaccessible for many. Not only that, you should also think about high interest rates for loans, partnered with higher requirements that only a small chunk of people get approved for.

With, anyone who has access to internet can also gain access to our financial products. People are given the fair chance to lend money or borrow money, depending on whether they meet our assessments. By the elimination of a financial institution, the interest rates are now dependent on the ability of the borrower to pay for their loans.

After we go through the assessment of a borrower, they get connected to a roster of lenders. So, on the other side of the equation, we have people with extra money that are looking to earn passive income through interest. This peer to peer connection offers a mutual benefit for both parties – and that’s the beauty of this opportunity.

We Are Not Just An Online Lending Company

Filipinos have this image that all financial companies that operate online are all the same. But in reality, online lending can involve government agencies, credit companies, and other entities aside from banks. But, here’s the thing: online lending companies allow people to borrow money for a certain interest rate with a fixed term. does that as well – but the difference is that does not take its own money to provide funds for the loans of the borrowers.

In the P2P lending format followed by, a lender or an investor that signs up in the company will be the one to fund your loan. This means that will connect you to a person and you will own the said individual and not is also technically not an online lending company because it has other products on the investment side.

The Online Lending Fiasco? We Don’t Know Her!

The Philippines has its own arm that checks out and monitors lending companies that are shady in nature. You might have heard it from the news a few months ago – the Securities & Exchange Commission closed down a few online lending apps in the country. They acted on the complaints by many customers of the said apps and the reasons stated are unreasonable terms and conditions, high interest rates, privacy violations, harassment, and other similar things. These questionable companies were given time to fix everything, while others were totally shut down.

Was involved in this issue? No. advocates for responsible handling of your finances – and in our collection process, we admit that we will contact borrowers if they miss payments but never to the point of invading the privacy of our clients. Our entire collection process is disclosed to our clientele through our terms and conditions page. Is Committed To Be Your Safe Space

We know how important and sensitive finances are – we feel the same way with our own money. This is why we treat the trust of our lenders and borrowers with utmost priority, especially as borrowing and lending are both sensitive processes.

In our platform, we seek to perfect the part of maintaining a smooth process through each of our transactions. The first thing we put emphasis on is identity verification for each of our lenders and borrowers. Aside from the algorithm of the platform, we also have a dedicated team of assessors that check on each person’s background to prove their eligibility on the platform.

This is also why the application and the profile are essential for anyone interested to be a part of the platform. Being careful and thorough on the details that you provide will make verification easier and background check so much better. Cares For Your Financial Future

Here at, we know we are worthy of your trust. We believe in the strength and power of the Filipino. Our main goal is to assist people in their financial needs so that they can work their way to financial freedom and reach their dreams. One strong way that we do this is through building partnership with local franchise companies and help Filipino entrepreneurs get the jumpstart that they need to launch their new venture.

Aside from this, we regularly feed our stakeholders will relevant information on everything about their finances. We create blogs, email updates, magazines, and webinars on self-improvement, especially on making smarter money decisions. At the end of the day, all the team wants is to make sure that you are in-the-know with market trends to better help you become equipped with whatever life might throw at you.