Cheap but Fun Date Ideas in 2022

Feb 11, 2022

“Tipid” Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Well-known author Maya Angelou once stated, “Love recognizes no barriers.” It sounds empowering, but for the practical-minded or for those who are barely scraping by on their salaries, a simple yet ‘enriching’ celebration of an occasion like Valentine’s Day can be quite meaningful. If you are among those couples pondering, “Where should we go on a date?” without using a big chunk of earnings or savings for a rainy day, you need not look far. Think of gifts of experience that need not cost a hefty amount.

Consider a date and time in Philippines’ history, for instance, and take a culture trip then visit a food haunt nearby. Unknown to some, there is an Intramuros historical carriage tour. After reliving the past via a walking tour inside historic Fort Santiago and Rizal Shrine Museum, head to some of the dining destinations in Manila, such as the Binondo district. Regarded as the oldest Chinatown, it has long been an active place of commerce for Chinese traders, before it became noted for the so-called Binondo Food Crawl, one of the best dating ideas particularly for couples, families or “barkadas” who love to eat a medley of delicious food.

Allot ample time to visit a few other areas or pasyalan sa Manila. If you’re the type who wants to have a “chill out” evening plus some shuteye before embarking on longer tours (like heading to go-to destinations like Laguna or Tagaytay), you can get a bargain deal on accommodations or reasonable rates on overnight staycation through safe booking sites like Choose a place where you can easily head to your favorite restaurants with a romantic or cozy ambience, and also a stone’s throw from food outlets where you can take out desserts like Banapple cake or ice-cream. Makati and Quezon City, for instance, have a wide array of casual dining restaurants that serve mouth-watering food for diners with varying personality types from easy-to-please and laidback, to artsy & sophisticated.

If you and your special someone are the homey type who are happy enough with milk teas or coffee with great conversation, or spaghetti & fried chicken from the nearby fastfood joint, then by all means have them delivered to your home or selected staycation hotel. Pandemic date ideas for couples may seem un-exciting but it is up to individuals to enliven the experience by choosing the best sellers. Samgyupsal or Japanese food lovers, for instance, have a wide selection of startup enterprises operating in Metro Manila until Antipolo they can order budget-friendly yet flavorsome meals from.  Say the word Antipolo and thoughts of delightful breakfast meals or nice dinners with stunning views come to mind – also one of the best places to date.

Perfect date ideas can be found practically anywhere – it all depends on your interests, inclinations, and admittedly, just how much your budget is. Art-loving Pinoys can enjoy the art works of artists at Pintô Art Museum for five hundred bucks in entrance fees for two adults.

Want to enjoy some couple retail therapy and dine out afterwards? You can have a fun but tipid” Valentine’s Day date by strolling around the Mall of Asia vicinity or experience riding a gondola at Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig, just where a lifestyle mall is. For those who want to simply celebrate the occasion at home, still among the best dating ideas is a romantic, ideal at-home Valentine date lovingly (not hurriedly) prepared with just a few items, including some lighting/candles, having some nice music, and fresh ingredients that may include quality meat, dairy, seafood, and fruits, plus a delectable dessert

As for those couples who have been working themselves to exhaustion and are looking for a respite farther than Metro Manila, wonderful date places abound in key provincial cities as well. Keep an eye out for special airline deals in time for Valentine’s Day or any other day within February.  When traveling, be careful with your valuables and practice safe distancing, for Covid still lurks. Still on the topic of saving and getting good deals – whether for Valentine’ Day or beyond — popular mobile apps not only allow easy, contactless transactions, but also good discounts. Fully verified mobile app users are also able to take advantage of money-saving features and programs, apart from avoiding long queues at payment centers when settling

While it is important to tuck and later on make your memories tangible, it is just as important to keep adopting healthy safety measures.  Quarantine date ideas Philippines-style simply requires resourcefulness. Once out of quarantine, keep adhering to safety protocols even as you scour nearby cities for the best places to date, and make a mental note for anniversary date ideas.

At the end of the day, a special Valentine’s Day gift need not be an exorbitantly priced item like a signature bag, watch, or jewelry. Quality time, a simple gift like a scrapbook that includes mementos of trips and previous dates, can be more precious. Video compilations and slideshows using one’s smartphone can be done as well. Now if your partner badly needs a handy new phone, then it may be high time you shell out funds, or get a fast loan from a reliable peer-to-peer funding platform like BlendPH, and get an affordable gadget plus enough spending money for a trip or Valentine dinner. Once your other half gets her new phone, she can begin storing in the phone’s gallery lots of photos and videos of your shared moments. Do remember, next time the question, “Where should we go on a date?” (in an enjoyable yet not-too-pricey manner) pops up, it can be your favorite nook at home, at your favorite beverage shop, mall, staycation hotel, or in far-off places where you can spend some quality time with your beloved. With planning, you need not even scrimp too much.