Business Ideas and Opportunities In The New Normal

Sep 8, 2020

What’s Next?: Post Corona Opportunities and Prospects

The COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near over. Aside from the public health impact, its damage on all industries and economies must be defeated as well. Therefore, now is the perfect time to strategize on how to bring them all back up and help reach recovery. When trying to think about what lies ahead, all we can do is speculate on what rising up will look like. For businesses in the new normal, it is important to gain that switch from surviving to thriving once this pandemic is over.

Looking at all the possibilities, here are some opportunities and prospects that might interest you for the future ahead.

  1. Online Education

No matter the situation, the need for learning never ends. Therefore, this entails a need for additional innovations and technology to sustain the requirements for distance learning. From the traditional way of being in school, the demand is now in creating learning management software and being fully digital.

Opportunities await innovators like course designers, digital content creators, even developers – to find ways to make online education much easier. Teachers also see a switch into learning new things and diversifying their approach to teaching – saying goodbye to the classroom-type learning we have been using for decades.

  1. Digital Fitness

The fitness industry is one of the sectors that endured extreme damage from the pandemic. People can no longer visit fitness centers to prevent spreading the virus, so the shift to online fitness sessions is the way to go. Digital fitness will be dependent on recording content, live classes, media, and subscription offerings.

  1. eCommerce

In the country where people love being on their phones all day every day, eCommerce is expected to be the one that defies all other industries. Imagine for the United States, which is kind of doing this already for quite a while, eCommerce still saw a jump of 14% growth in March 2020. Here in the Philippines, we had to switch to buying everything online – even our basic needs, because of the strict quarantine protocols, especially when it all started. Everyone, including the aging population, learned how to buy and sell online, making use of selling platforms, even social media, to stimulate retail activity in their own localities and thrive even at this trying time.

This opens the door for many Filipinos to appreciate the value of sales and let them unleash their entrepreneurial mind set. Just a few minutes scrolling through your Facebook feed will show you how creative and innovative marketing strategies are to infiltrate the short attention span of the virtual market. If you’re not jumping into this new trend, here’s still a lot of time to catch up and launch the business of your dreams!

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4. Delivery & Other Logistic Services

As we transition more into eCommerce, another need emerges: delivery. People stay indoors more and couriers will be the middlemen connecting the online retailers to their customers. Third-party delivery apps will remain on the rise. The business of perishable goods (food), medicine, and other basic needs are highly dependent on same-day, if not same-hour, delivery services. Aside from that, the need for couriers is still rising, as people buy everything, from appliances and home décor to clothing and jewelry (and everything between) from online shopping platforms.

In the years to come, opportunities lie in creating automated technology to deliver goods. Perhaps, drones or robots?

5. Health and Wellness

Because of the pandemic, people feel the need to take care of themselves more than ever. The growing trend is eating healthier and having better health decisions, so the future, definitely, is in this industry.

Aside from the fitness boost, telemedicine is also a booming industry. Basically, this means switching from having to go physically into hospitals for a consultation to receiving medical assistance through online apps, chatbots, video calls, and the like. Also, an undeniable boom will be seen in the health supplements industry, people leaning into the natural side of things, instead of going fully pharmaceutical.

6. Financial Technology

Fintech remains as important as ever, especially now, when traditional banking is limited by mobility restrictions in the pandemic. Now and in the years to come, people will see a boom in the sectors of mobile payments, digital currency, and peer-to-peer lending platforms.

Financial vulnerability and volatility threw the world out of balance, as nobody was really expecting a hit like COVID-19 to ruin 2020. Financial technology is a great solution to provide support to millions of people all over the world who are unbanked, underbanked, or basically, people who do not have access or who do not want to access traditional banking institutions. There’s no denying that fintech revolutionized the financial game – allowing people to settle payments online, make deposits online, earn from investments, and borrow money within the safety of their homes.

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From these examples above to the hundreds we have not even discussed, we remain hopeful that Filipinos and their world-famous resiliency will sustain and generate income to thrive no matter what the years to come will bring.

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