Burger Bomb-BlendPH MOA Signing Signals Growth

Feb 7, 2022

Burger Bomb Detonates in NCR, Braces for Expansion

Creative and tasty burger sandwiches or sliders, as some people call them, can be the ultimate comfort food. Instant hunger appeasers, burgers can deliver a full food experience , making them all-time crowd favorites not just for personal consumption but as a business option worldwide. In the Philippines, one of the burgeoning burger businesses that has gone where few startup businesses have dared to go, satisfying Pinoy palates with creative and filling fare is Burger Bomb.

Business is visibly taking off, and the company’s recent team-up with pioneering peer-to-peer funding platform in the Philippines BlendPH signals readiness to respond to the clamor not only for delicious food but a viable franchise venture. Fact is, one can never get enough of a burger meal.  One is bound to find the best burgers in Manila in just about every major thoroughfare or neighborhood corner. They range from the omnipresent McDo or Jollibee burgers, or a Zarks best seller, to other fastfood chain offerings. Not too finicky Metro Manilans occasionally head to an Angel’s Burger branch, a Minute Burger franchise outlet, or instinctively think, “Is there a burger stand, like a Burger Machine near me with its buy 1 take 1 burger offer to ease hunger pangs?”

For those keen and ready to start a business, part of a typical franchise burger package are free consultation and thorough discussion of requirements, the business pre-orientation, even free product tastings and initial inventory, burger food cart (depending on the franchise type), marketing collaterals/signages, plus support from pre-launch to post-launch, among others. Aspiring entrepreneurs can search for the best deals, and seek franchisors who can provide the packages they want along with the necessary training to kickstart operations.

Burger restaurant Philippines startup costs, as those who have explored such options know, can be astronomically high. The more established the burger name worldwide, the higher the cost. On the other hand, burger buy 1 take 1 franchises have become popular owing to affordability and captive market that point to a huge potential to keep cash registers ringing.

 No doubt about it, a buy 1 take 1 burger is budget-friendly and enticing to the masses, but what about consumers who desire something more creative, or a burger packed with savory filling?  Think juicy, flavor-packed sliders that have become all the rage in countries like US and UK.

Planting Bombs

Here in the Philippines, Burger Bomb has gotten nods of approval from burger lovers who want something more than a dry sandwich with a slab of cheese and patty. It stands true to its tagline of not being your “typical burger” – what customers get are killer nibbles consisting of fresh burger buns with real meat and other ingredients that add to an explosion of flavors. Hence, the name. Leave it to Filipinos to create such catchy burger name ideas. Burger Bomb serves up palate-pleasers at an affordable burger price. It offers burgers several ways – classic burger style or original series (cheeseburger bomb, hickory bbq bomb, pizza bomb); fruity series (mango bomb, pineapple bomb); or special series (creamy pork floss, creamy spinach). A customer may opt to add hot Arabica coffee or a fruity beverage to an order.

Where can you find a boxful of these juicy morsels from Bomb Burger? There are stores in Tunasan, Muntinlupa; Mandaluyong; Marikina; Navotas; Las Piñas; Manabat, Biñan; Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Sto. Tomas, Batangas; among others. Two recently opened branches are Cainta and Mariveles, Bataan. The first branch was set up in Tunasan, Muntinlupa, and to date, there are 13 franchisees.

The enterprising owners – John Ryan Pangilinan, Mark Mendoza, and Chef Ainer Ebue – who set out to offer enticingly delicious burger options with flourish, were prompted to venture into the business by three important factors: God, whom they thank for giving them the ability to create a business; their families, who inspire them to push further; and people who have been with them for a long time now. “We created this concept and opportunity from their respect, loyalty, and faith,” the business owners said.


With all elements falling into place, Burger Bomb is poised to expand in the near future. The company has received numerous inquiries from Visayas and Mindanao, a clear-cut illustration that good food burger news travels fast. As part of its thrust of making its best burgers an income-generating business for more Filipinos, Burger Bomb recently inked a partnership deal with BlendPH. It is an opportunity to turn a dream franchise into reality, the owners said.   Since its inception in 2019, Burger Bomb, without batting an eyelash, has banked on a quality product, the uniqueness of its burger bombs with all the fixings, and very reasonable price points. It also has a big commissary


No Stopping the Burger Craze


Whipping up the best burgers — whether from one’s favorite  street food burger joint,  or from one’s backyard BBQ or creating homemade versions using  burger patties for sale in supermarkets topped with a dollop of ketchup and mayo – has become an indulgence.  There are, of course, those individuals who prefer getting fresh patties (not the frozen ones), with particular focus on getting quality protein.


In the country, contributing a huge chunk to the phenomenal business of burger shops in Metro Manila and just about every key city nationwide, whether they offer simple burger street food or delightful combos that include 100 percent beef grilled to perfection on a bed of tomatoes, lettuce onions, & condiments – are students and working professionals, as well as households with food-loving kids who grew up with hamburger-loving elders. Alongside the fastfood giants, newer kids on the block started offering “oh-so-good” handcrafted burgers tweaked to attract a following.

When Covid variants were unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, the restaurant scene was hit hard, just like most businesses. With more time to experiment at home during the pandemic, foodies lost no time learning how to create meals or prepare comfort food for themselves. Or they started ordering using apps to order takeout food more frequently. Hence, during pandemic – when most people working at home and/or their household members  get burger cravings — take out burgers & beverages with a twist, prepared with ardor by such small to mid-sized business operators, could not be happier.

Pandemic times definitely have changed the way most people behave and get their food.  Rather than stepping outside their homes to enjoy fancy burgers with all the trimmings, notwithstanding the high price point, and  complete with the ambience, in a restaurant, they can look for sellers offering burgers of gourmet caliber and look for the numbers to call in social media like Facebook. A case in point is Burger Bomb. “The pandemic,” the owners stated, “taught us to adapt to (and accept) the changes from different regulations given by IATF and local government.” There were clearly changes in the number of dine-in customers and operating hours were compressed, but the company took these all in stride. Like most forward-thinking establishments, take-out counters were set up. Burger Bomb pivoted and made its business pandemic-proof.

Support local business and check out affordable burger franchise packages from industry players like Burger Bomb.  New ventures need the backing of money; aspiring franchisees can learn how to get qualified for a business loan, and acquire tips on responsible borrowing, saving & investing from  reliable peer-to-peer funding platform BlendPH.