BlendPH’s New Franchise Partner Beamarry Presents ‘Crowning Glory’ Innovations

Jul 13, 2021

When do beauty lovers unite? When there is a product find that lets them say goodbye to bad hair days, and ‘hello’ to beautiful transformations. That is the case with peer-to-peer lender‘s newest franchise partner, Beamarry.

Clean beauty, which makes use of botanicals or naturally formulated ingredients, is more than a fleeting trend. Beamarry from New York realized that early on, and put out in the market an innovative line of versatile shampoos that cleanses without stripping away natural oils from the hair. 

Fortunately, Filipino entrepreneurs have brought the brand to the country, with pricing that is consumer-friendly. The Beamarry experience illustrates that taking care of hair need not be a costly, tiring and ho-hum routine thing.  

Natural hair care lovers have been snapping up the botanically-infused variants of the shampoo line.  Lending support to Beamarry in the country, as it focuses on early stage and reseller expansion, is trusted peer-to-peer funding platform understands the unique characteristics and requirements of entrepreneurs in different phases of the business cycle. Hence, it is a solid tandem. Both companies are growing and bracing for the gradual reopening of the economy that has been affected by the pandemic.


Small Businesses & Resellers Gain Ground 

During the pandemic, a number of brands and companies, especially those in the essential products category, demonstrated resilience. In the hair and beauty sector, there have been firms that also retained their luster.

Keen observers say the pandemic is as good a time as any for small business operators to take inventory of their skills, uncover sales & distribution channels and other “intangible assets” to bring in revenues.

The challenge is for small businesses to reinvent themselves, gain customers, and create new revenue streams with very little new investment. Stepping out and raising capital may pose time constraints, but for franchisors or business operators that are first in the market, and who are creditworthy enough, the extra capital for startup expansion can be readily obtained through  an online platform.

With the funding that they need, small businesses or resellers such as Beamarry distributors in the Philippines exhibiting entrepreneurial traits have moved on to retool and offer their unique product strengths. Beamarry, being a clean line of shampoo that does not only clean and soften hair but also nourishes, has easily been gaining a following.

The product line is cruelty-free, color-safe, and formulated without parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil. The different variants’ main ingredients are derived from nature

Shampoo Bars with Nature-Derived Ingredients

Lots of manufacturers can formulate shampoos to remove all the dirt and sebum that have accumulated in the hair and scalp. However, not all shampoos are created equal. Many commercial brands tend to leave hair dry, unmanageable and even unattractive.

Shampoo has come a long way, and is expected to beautify hair and soothe or nourish the scalp. However, among the typical preservatives in shampoos, one that has stirred controversy is paraben. Natural beauty advocates, or individuals who want to embrace “clean beauty,” veer away from chemical-laden products and opt, instead, for those enriched with botanical extracts.

Yes, an attractive array of ingredients including vitamins, protein, and botanicals like tea tree oil is added to certain types of shampoos. Riding high on this hair industry trend, and offering exciting possibilities of transforming looks, is Beamarry.

Consumers can find an enticing array of Beamarry shampoo variants suited for normal, fine & oily, dry & damaged, thin & fine, or colored hair that needs repair. The options include Macadamia Argan Smooth, Vitamin Honey Volume, Coconut Milk Moisture, Tea Tree Hemp Energy, Keratin Protein Repair/ There is also the Ultimate Hair Treatment for all hair types. The shampoos help detangle hair and hydrate it, while retaining moisture, while also restoring dry, damaged & chemically treated tresses.

Beamarry New York handmade high-quality shampoo was designed and formulated in New York, USA. With such natural product finds enhancing the look and texture of hair, it can be easy committing to a regular routine using Beamarry shampoo depending on one’s hair condition.

To date, the product array has already generated lots of interest in the Philippine market. Among the positive testimonials in popular e-commerce sites like Shopee are the nice aroma and the effectiveness of the hair care product in boosting softness and shine.

Some of the variants, such as the Coconut Milk Moisture shampoo, have ingredients with touted anti-microbial properties and vitamins that help strengthen hair. Another variant with antibacterial, hydrating and growth-stimulating properties, the Tea Tree Hemp Energy shampoo, do a good job nourishing hair root.

There are a number of hair care business opportunities in the Philippine market today, but only a handful have taken the natural route.  If you have the inner verve and sustained interest to be a reseller, or would want to test clean beauty products first, then you need to set aside some funds to complement your beauty arsenal.

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